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Brick by Brick

Ntenyo Primary School; Ruhango District, Rwanda In collaboration with the local government, church, and community, Sanejo & YGAP are helping to facilitate a community development program with the primary focus of improving all facets of the educational experience for those … Continue reading

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The Ntenyo School Photos

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Ntenyo School Latest Update

New Fresh Volunteer Powers Arrive!! After sad goodbyes with the volunteers from Group 1 returning home, the coordinators and the remaining volunteers could luckily welcome new, fresh forces from United States, Australia and Denmark. After their long travels, the six … Continue reading

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Week 2- Ntenyo School Project Update

After a delayed start to the day due to volunteer celebrations of the Portugal thrashing of Korea and the late night arrival of Elliot Costello to Kigali, the volunteers had to pull themselves together for Tuesday. A new dimension has … Continue reading

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Week 1- Ntenyo School Project Update

After months of preparation, excitement and passion from afar, Sarah and David, the co-founders of Sanejo, landed in Rwanda to join forces with Laura, the Rwanda Coordinator from our partner organization Y-GAP. The week, spent organizing volunteer logistics and the … Continue reading

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Ntenyo Primary School Funding

As many of you (hopefully) know, Sanejo is just about to start the reconstruction of the Ntenyo Primary School in Rwanda. Our very first project! With our partner organization, Y-GAP, we have managed to accumulate sufficient funds to cover the … Continue reading

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Sanejo Co-founder Gives Keynote Speech at Y-GAP Asante Sana Ball

Sanejo co-founder, David Mwambari, was granted the privilege of being the keynote speaker this week at the First Annual Asante Sana Charity Ball hosted by Y-GAP in Melbourne, Australia. Mwambari’s speech on October 24th, focused on the importance of international … Continue reading

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David Visits Ntenyo Primary School, Sight of Ruhango Project!

Sanejo, “building tomorrow’s generation”, was launched in Rwanda on June 21st in the community where the first project will be based. In launching the non-profit organization, Sanejo founder and executive board member David Mwambari, expressed the interest of him and … Continue reading

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