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This is a continuation of additional information not included in my first mannequin buying guide. The first guide explained the different styles of mannequins (realistic, abstract, headless and bendable) and what they cost. This guide provides tips on selecting the right mannequin stand and pose for your needs. What type of mannequin stand shall I get? Foot Flange there is a hole in the foot of the mannequin which fits over a rod protruding from the base. It is very easy to take the mannequin and off the base with a foot flange. Of course the disadvantage of a foot flange is you cannot display shoes or hosiery without putting a hole in the shoe or stocking! Usually when people buy this type of mannequin they display the mannequin in their "bare feet". Some abstract and headless mannequins (but never realistic ones) come with shoes that are already formed on their feet. Calf/Ankle Rod: there is a short, upright bar that extends up from the base and inserts into the fitting above the mannequin's ankle or calf. This will enable you to display shoes on the mannequin and at the same time the rod is not so intrusive as to interfere with displaying pants on it unless they are stirrup or capri pants. If the mannequin is moved repeatedly on and off this type of stand, the area around the calf or ankle can develop hairline cracks which can eventually lead to a weakening of the leg or even worse, breakage. Butt Rod: there is a square or round metal rod which extends up, usually at an angle from the base and fits into an opening on the mannequin's butt or upper thigh. This used to be the standard way that mannequins were attached to their base. To display pants on this type of mannequin you will have to open up the seams a huge disadvantage of this style. But you can display shoes on this mannequin without putting a hole in the shoe. Some retail stores prefer not to use the base at all and put the butt rod directly into a flange the floor Others retailers do something in the store windows called "striking." Striking a mannequin means using three strike points at the mannequin's waist to hold the mannequin with invisible wire that is secured in the floor. The only reason why I mention these two examples is because if you buy used mannequins this is why they sometimes do NOT come with a base. More and more retail stores do not use them. Please see my guide on buying a used mannequin for more information about this. If you are buying bendable children's mannequins their rod is a little different. Most of them have an insert on their back where you insert a metal rod and the the rod goes in the base. Other have a rod that goes in their ankle or they do not come with a rod at all, instead they have a hook at the neck and you hang the mannequin from there. What type of mannequin base shall I get? Mannequin bases are either made of a commercial glass, (very contemporary looking but breakable), Plexiglas (very functional but can get easily scratched) or metal (very durable but can be heavy which might be a an issue if you plan on taking the mannequin to trade shows). For some reason most of the glass and Plexiglas bases are round and while the metal bases are square or rectangular. If you are using the mannequin to display clothing online the shape of the base probably does not matter. But if you will be using the mannequin in a retail store, the shape of the base could impact how much space you need to allocate on the floor or store window. Whch mannequins are easiest to dress? The posture and construction of the mannequin can have an impact on how easy it will be for you to dress the mannequin. Seated and reclining mannequins look dramatic but can be murder for newbies to dress. Most mannequins are constructed to seperate at their seams. The hands detach at wrist, the arms detach at the shoulder, the torso detaches at the waist and the legs either split in half or just one leg detaches from the lower waist. Some mannequins do not have legs that seperate which means you will have less maneuverability when putting on skin tight pants. Some mannequins are constructed as all one solid piece, only their arms detach. As long as you are displaying dresses, gowns or coats they are easy to dress. But you will need to maneuver the entire mannequin, not just the legs, if you want to display pants, shorts or panties. This can be rather awkward especially if you are dressing the mannequin without an assistance. On occasion some mannequins, usually the abstract style, have hands that do not detach from the arms. This is an important element to note if you are putting on garments with a tight fitting sleeve. With hands that detach from the arm you can put the sleeve on the arm and then attach the hand. Warning about buying mannequins with a special texture that gives the mannequin a suede like finish. Not only does this material scratch easily, it sticks or drags on clothing made of wool or cashmere making the mannequin difficult to dress. Since your mannequin will convey a subtle message about you and your merchandise you mannequin should not only be functional to use, but evoke the image or fantasy that complements your clothing. For example, if you are displaying sportswear you might want the mannequin to have an active pose. A mannequin used to display designer clothing or lingerie might have "I'm too sexy for the catwalk" pose. A mannequin with a wide leg pose may look appealing, but can be a problem to display items such as a pencil skirt or gown with a mermaid bottom. This is why if you displaying a wide variety of clothing and can only afford to buy just one mannequin, the simpler the pose the better. Your second mannequin can have a more dramatic pose. If your mannequin comes with protruding nipples and you put tape across the nipple if you want to minimize the outline of the nipple on the clothing. What size are mannequins? Although the average American woman wears a size 12 or larger, most mannequins wear size 4 or 6 clothing and are about 5 feet 11 inches tall. Mannequins are about projecting a fantasy, rather than mirroring reality. Thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce some mannequin manufacturers are making mannequins with a full and curvaceous butt, but the mannequin is still petite overall. Plus size mannequin exist but are hard to find, it is easier to buy a dress form in plus sizes than a mannequin. If you have a small mannequin and the clothes are larger than the mannequin, you can always cinch in the back with a bulldog clip. If you are selling vintage clothing it might be adviseable to buy a junior rather than woman's size mannequin because women were smaller then.

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