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Remove the two long return springs, that attach the brake shoes to the pivot pin at the top of the system, using a brake return spring tool. Pull out the brake equalizer bar from between the top of the brake shoes. Remove the hold down springs, that attach the brake shoes to the backing plate, using a hold down spring tool. Fold the shoes together to allow the star wheel and adjuster lever to drop from the bottom of the shoes and remove the lower spring. Separate the secondary shoe (closest to the rear of the truck) from the parking brake lever by removing the horseshoe shaped retaining clip. Clean the springs, equalizer bar, self adjuster and backing plate with brake parts cleaner. Apply a small amount of silicon brake grease to the contact points on the backing plate. Attach the primary shoe (closest to the front of the truck) to the backing plate with a hold down spring. The primary shoe can be identified by the shorter brake lining. Attach the secondary shoe to the parking brake lever using a horseshoe shaped clip. Attach the secondary shoe to the backing plate with a hold down spring. Position the equalizer bar between the two shoes. Hold the adjuster cable out of the way, and attach the shoes to the pivot pin with the return springs. Insert the adjuster lever into the primary shoe and attach the lower spring to it and the secondary shoe. Attach the adjuster cable to the adjuster lever. Pull the lower edge of the shoes apart and slip the star wheel adjuster into place. Slide the drum over the shoes. Turn the star wheel through the back of the backing plate, using a brake adjusting tool, until the shoes contact the drum.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNALHe used to knock guys on their asses. That's what Scott Martin told me the other day. He was pushing a glop of pizza fries around his plate at the old fashioned soda fountain at historic Huntridge Drug Store on East Charleston.Actually, I was the one who said it first. He just repeated it.Martin had played soccer at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He was a sweeper. The last line of defense before the goalkeeper. Not many soccer teams play with a sweeper anymore.It is the sweeper's job to knock Lionel Messi, and the other great goal snipers, on their keisters. It's difficult to knock Lionel Messi on his keister. Perhaps that is why few teams defend the goal with a sweeper. The sweeper usually is a hard man. Physically hard. Mentally hard.Twenty years ago, when he was 35, Scott Martin was the women's soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. He was playing pickup soccer at a Nike coaching clinic in Chicago. He had made a lot of contacts at the clinic. Perhaps these contacts would help him land a D I coaching job. That was his dream.Then Martin started feeling queasy on the soccer pitch.Later that night, he became violently sick to his stomach. Heat exhaustion. That's what they said in the emergency room. IV fluids and Tylenol should take care of it.Fluids and painkillers did not take care of it.Scott Martin would spend a month in a medically induced coma. A virulent virus had invaded his bloodstream. A virulent flesh eating virus. Yes, it sounds gross, something you might see in the movies, or on "The Outer Limits" on television.Group A Streptococcus, in its most virulent form, is gross. Usually, it just causes strep throat. It can cause scarlet fever and rheumatic fever. The kind Scott Martin had ate at his flesh.He woke up without hands, without feet. They were amputated while he slept.He had been awake just long enough to give his consent. He doesn't remember this. Doesn't matter, the doctors said. Had his hands and feet not been amputated, the virus would have spread to vital organs and he would have died.How would he play soccer without feet? How would he coach his team? This was not how his life was supposed to go.Scott Martin cried. He endured bouts of depression.Eventually, he began to think like a sweeper again.He got physically tough. He got mentally tough. He got well. He got married, to a physician. They started a family. A big family.Scott and his wife, Ellen, adopted five children: Nadia and Danny were from Romania; Andy, Kalista and Lauren from Ethiopia. The Martins go to Disneyland, on weekend getaways to Utah or New Mexico or wherever families go. Scott Martin drives the kids to school and picks them up again in the afternoon.Drive a car? Without hands? Yes. Scott can do almost anything with his prosthetic hands, except maybe snap his fingers. But then I didn't ask.He has free time between the drop offs and the pickups. So Scott Martin wrote a book after moving the family to Las Vegas. When I met him last summer, he almost was finished with his memoir and looking for an editor. He found one, a young woman from Northern California named Coryanne Hicks.Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man is pictured on the cover. That was by design. The Vitruvian Man stands naked, exposed. There were a lot of times during his recovery that Scott Martin felt naked and exposed.Now, with the kids having grown up so fast, there are fewer drop offs and pickups. The book is written, so there is more time. More time to discuss soccer. More time to coach soccer. More time to second guess what Jurgen Klinsmann is doing with the national side.Scott Martin wants to coach soccer again. He once was a social studies teacher. He once coached the UW Eau Claire Blugolds. He wants to teach and coach again. Boys, girls, college kids. Doesn't really matter, he says.He knows a lot about soccer. Long ball, direct ball, pass to feet. All that stuff. Heck, he almost had the Gonzaga job a few years back. But then they hired a new athletic director.Scott Martin is 55, which is just a little older than the soda fountain furnishings at Huntridge Drugs except for the soda machine itself, which is new. The soda jerk said the ice cream containers and the counter and the little stools with the red vinyl covers have been there since 1962. Almost as old as you guys, he said. Easy there, Jughead.But Scott Martin does not look old. He looks fit. He barely touched those pizza fries. He probably thinks he can knock Leo Messi on his keister, if soccer teams still played with a sweeper.He has a wonderful wife, a wonderful family. He has so much to live for. He drew a short straw and made it long. But Scott Martin wants to coach soccer again. I think it would make him feel even more whole.Cheap Nfl Jerseys

It抯 been a funny form of Sunday, not funny ha-ha or perhaps funny peculiar, but type of ordinary-odd inside a Waiting For Godot kind of way. Mum known as on Twinkles and I Jordan afternoon, she had Priscilla with her and he was all dressed up as, following going to us, they had been heading off to a Transvestite抯 assistance group that meets as soon as a month on a Sunday evening. We had been just settling down to tea and cake when dad arrived unexpectedly, he was on his personal for the reason that Gill was feeling a little bit beneath the weather and was having a lie down; he抎 come to fill me in on the finalised arrangements for nana抯 funeral. Leather is very light on children''s feet. Nevertheless, Jordan does not mean that it is actually flimsy. It essentially protects their feet and lower legs. I don't care WHAT he did or didn't so afterward or what he muttered or what soda he prefers!! Once these turds broke into his home, they kissed their rights goodbye! I just can't believe that a jury of fair minded citizens got Jordan one so completely wrong.omg!!! How would you, any of you feel, if Jordan were your grandfather?? Or your uncle? Or your father? What then??? They fucking broke into his home!!! Can you seriously say he had no freaking right to do any of the things he did????????????I mean REALLY??????????? NO!!!!!! NO FREAKING WAY!!!! I'm sorry, but even if it were my own son or daughter, and they broke into some ones home, I could not expect anything less!!! I'm sorry. But that is just it!!! It doesno0t matter who is right or wrong, if my child broke into any ones home, they should expect to be shot or killed as far as I am concerned. That's just it. Egide left November 8, 1994. I remember returning home that night from the airport to stand in our bedroom. Beside our bed stood a pile of clothes as tall as I am for Egide's sisters. Giant sequoia trees and groves are found primarily on the Sequoia National Forest and the Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. We call these drivers and stressors. We use drivers and stressors throughout the Bio Regional Assessment to connect the dots. Thus by examining our habits, we have the opportunity to change our response and live a less stressful life. The same principle applies to our coordination. 13th Avenue in Sellwood, will be displaying the paintings and illustrations of Portland artist Michele Maule, starting April 5th and running until the end of May. Call 503/772 8825 to reserve a seat. The motor is limited to just over one horse power, or 1,000 watts, so it is legally an assisted bicycle under Oregon law, and able to use the bike lanes and paths just like any bicycle or tricycle. B line chief mechanic, Bill Murdock, has been testing the system and has put over 300 miles on it so far, with plans to continue testing before putting it in full use. A single cause is the fact that the try of your Democrats like Clinton, Al Gore and Obama to win Wall Street campaign donations has been all as well successful. As Clinton Treasury secretary, Robert Rubin helped comprehensive the conversion in the Democrats from a celebration of unions and populists into a celebration of monetary elites and college-educated professionals. Subsequently Obama raised much more money from Wall Street than his Democratic main rivals and John McCain. About 6 feet tall and clothed in knee-length tunics and chest armor, the warriors are resolutely noble figures. Faint traces of paint nevertheless animate their baked clay bodies, marking blue sleeves and neck scarves, red tassels, green leggings, a little of white in an eye. Even though they were mass-produced from molds and then kiln-fired, the figures are also individualized. Believed can there be a whole channel devoted to golf? but now The Golf Channel is in 82 million homes, he says. An apparent trend and we looking to capture it . That exactly where sports channels are going. I think she said "Damn, I could be over dere buyin' some footwear and sh*t". Now, if she really needed assistance, would she be talking about purchasing for footwear? Yet another girl was talking on a cell phone. At the moment, I don't have a mobile phone simply because I never see that as a priority more than my bills. The hottest supply (109 degrees F/43 degrees C) feeds the round tub, when the adjacent soaking box runs many degrees cooler. Take your choose! Nearby, there is a swimming pool constructed of cedar logs by a woman prospector back when the road was 1st opened. The pool wastes away collecting silt and algae.