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Penn State University began its rich (and largely inebriated) life in 1855 as a school for Pennsylvania farmers, located in Centre County. When it dawned on them that hanging with farmers rarely gets you laid, the faculty of the school expanded the curriculum. Over the course of the next few years, George W. Atherton, one of the most famous of the school's presidents, added engineering and liberal arts to the curriculum. For his influence, Atherton has the distinction of being the only person buried beneath a sidewalk on a college campus.At one point, the entire school consisted of what is now the administration building, a limestone ditty known as Old Main. Students slept, ate, bathed, knocked boots, and were taught all in the same building."Pass the rot gut, Shemp, this is gonna be a fucking rager"The once small town of State College, where the flagship campus is located, has grown into a successful city and (surprisingly) safe place to live because of it. The school has become a powerhouse, and not just because of sports and booze. It's been said that 1 in 117 people with a college degree in the US got it from Penn State. If you throw a rock anywhere inside the state itself, you're almost certain (statistically) to hit an alumni.Class of 2004, Political Science.Roughly 84,000 people attend the school's 24 campuses. About 44,000 of those are enrolled at University Park, the largest. Anyone can find a hobby, including writing for the prestigious comedy magazine, participating in club or intramural sports, joining one of the hundreds of student organizations, or stringing up a rope between trees and pretending you're in the circus. Penn State's student newspaper, The Daily Collegian has the rare distinction of being a newspaper that the student body not only reads, but gives a shit about.Students' favorite extracurricular, binge drinking, has a certain prestige at this school. In 2009, the Princeton Review named PSU the 1 Party School in the nation. Frat boys rejoiced, sorority sluts sang with glee, the hungover moaned triumphantly, and thousands of livers cried out for sweet death. The rating is seen by many as due to, not only an increase in the student body over the last four years or so, but also to the prevalence of the student created, day long drinking holiday known as State Patty's Day. A poor imitation of St. Patrick's Day, for this one day the streets of State College glow green and nobody really cares if you vomit by lunchtime.If you ever find yourself at University Park and hear an uproarious cry of "WE ARE" followed by an equally loud "PENN STATE" in reply, fear not if you are not actually 'Penn State.' This is the rally cry that unites all Nittany Lion faithful. It's also generally agreed that this quickly becomes more obnoxious than your average Jersey Shore castmember and more irritating than their worst herpes outbreaks.Once every February, the student body quits being drunken fuckbags for 46 hours in an effort to kick pediatric cancer in the dick. The Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (usually shortened to THON, because come on) is the largest student run philanthropy in the world. Benefitting the Four Diamonds Fund of the Hershey Medical Center Children's Hospital, students from various campus organizations dance/remain standing for the aforementioned 46 hours to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research. THON 2011 raised in excess of $9.56 million, proving that cancer can indeed suck a mighty golden cock.And, to put matters to rest once and for all, THON's rally cry of "FTK" stands for "For the Kids," not "Fuck the Kids." Bastards.Also, Penn State has top rated academics. So, yeah.The student union building. Houses countless restaurants, a movie theater, cultural centers, and performance halls, along with many comfy seats that students can sleep through class in.The HUB and Old Main have a strange commonality. Old Main is built from limestone that was quarried nearby. The limestone was carted by mules, one of which was nicknamed 'Old Coaly' and made into an unofficial mascot of the college in the old timey days. The people loved the smelly bastard so much that they preserved his fucking bones and now display them in the HUB.Penn State's Creamery has been the darling of students, alumni, and fat bastards for years. The Food Science program creates flavors and other food sciency things behind the scenes, while selling ice cream in the front. Also, Ben and Jerry got their start here, to the thanks of a flabby nation.A staple at every Penn State campus, the Lion Shrine is a prime photo op spot for alumni, students, and drunken douchebags wishing to get a photo of themselves and a friend 'Eiffel Tower ing' the defenseless statue.Penn State FootballApart from the academics and the rampant alcholism, Penn State is famous for it's all star football team. Headed by the winningest coach in college football history, the 123 year old program is an institution in and of itself. It has produced a great many award winning NFL players, including Jack Ham, LaVar Arrington, Kerry Collins, Franco Harris, and Anthony Morelli.Within the Penn State community, Joe Paterno isn't simply the football coach; he's a fucking entity. Affectionately known as "JoePa," he has more wins, has coached more bowl games, and has been in the game longer than any other collegiate coach in history. He's something of a god, praised and worshipped in State College and indeed all over Pennsylvania.Paterno earned his 400th win as a coach in a come from behind victory on November 6, 2010 at home against Northwestern. Penn State trailed 21 0 in the first half and would go on to score 35 unanswered points while drunken fans wondered where this team had been all season. Paterno was thereby congratulated by the Nittany Lion faithful and crowned the Highlander on the 50 yard line.The mascot, the Nittany Lion, came about largely as an embarrassment over the fact that Princeton's mascot was a tiger. Penn State's Nittany Lion was pulled out of the ass of a student at the turn of the 20th century and has stuck with the school ever since. The lion is possibly a reference to the mountain lions that lived on Mount Nittany, a big hill just outside State College. Native Americans named the mountain and thus the mascot (seriously, we owe these guys a beer or something).These days, a cheerleader dons the coveted Lion costume at sporting events (football especially), does one armed pushups after touchdowns, and fucking crowdsurfs.If the word behemoth were ever appropriate, it would be in the description of Beaver Stadium, Penn State's home field. Rising out of the farms and cowfields of outer State College, it's the second largest stadium in North America and the third fourth largest stadium in the world, because fuck Michigan. It can seat 107,000 people, but has been known to fit 110,000. It is regarded as one of the loudest venues in all of college sports, due to the efforts of the batshit insane PSU student section. Hell, they will camp out for ideal seating a full week before the game, in any weather, in their own little shantytowns.Known as a godsend to Penn State students, the market is located just off campus and is famous for having everything anyone could need. You can find food, clothing, Bob Marley posters, bandanas, floppy discs, shoe polish, Solo cups, duct tape, giant Sharpies and mace without leaving the back of the store.A church? Well, yeah, but there's a reason: nicknamed the "Dorito" church by locals, it looks like a damn tortilla chip. Girls sunbathe on its lawn in the summer, marking the few occasions when anyone gives much of a shit about it.Nacho Cheese flavored. Nice choice.Every summer, the second weekend in July, the streets of State College become akin to the streets of New York City. The summertime population triples for three days. It's Arts Fest time once again. During the day, vendors line the streets selling artwork and crafts, and live entertainment and food are offered, and it's generally pretty nice. When the sun goes down, the entire town goes bugfuck crazy with parties, drunken revelry, property damage, and general disregard for human life. Needless to say, it's a fun time. Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Green Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Electric Green Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Yellow Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Black White Purple Anthracite Women Nike Free Run 3 Gym Red White Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 2 Shield Grey Black Purple Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Orange We already had a bit of Amazon news this week which seems sure to be on the discussion list: a price cut for the Kindle e book reader and the launch of a new online book store by former Amazon partner Borders (BGP). I be blogging live; keep loading this post for updates. Update: The company plans to launch a for pay video streaming service. See below (item 11) for more. Mossberg says Amazon is synonymous with But he is talking about how they have moved beyond books. Bezos says they have million of products in stock; but sell overall 10s of millions. Also selling digital products. Mossberg: Why not stay in primary niche? Bezos says they have a high bar when they undertake new things not in the center of what they already know how to do. People thought music and DVDs made sense; but we started electronics and toys, apparel and shoes. Started a focused site just to sell shoes. People say, what are these guys thinking. We focus on customer needs, rather than just what our skills are. Customers will eventually need things that you don have skills for. You have to renew your skills. On the Kindle: thought what customers need a device that made it very very frictionless to buy and read electronic books. is talking about the new skills its needed for building the Kindle. He says it is a big vertically integrated stack of services and business relationships. Had to work with publishers to make sure prices of electronic books was attractive. Had to reinvent the wireless business model. Mossberg said the most impressive thing about the Kindle was building in cell phone wireless to allow you download books on a whim. Mossberg says that feature is says on title by title basis; 125,000 titles available for Kindle. There will a second version, a third version, a tenth version. He saying there are things you can do with the Kindle that you cannot do with a regular book. Like dictionary look up. Changing the font size. And then some like wireless deliver of the book in 60 seconds. Bezos notes that he is hiding complexity, you don have to know who the carrier is. (It Sprint (NYSE:S), by the way.)Mossberg notes that there is a keyboard on the Kindle. Bezos notes that the ink in the display is very close to the surface, which makes annotations on the screen difficult. Mossberg says people love physical books; Bezos notes that people also loved their horses, but that does not mean you want to ride your horse to work. He notes the smell of books comes from glue, ink and mildew. He not convinced that people intrinsically like that smell. Bezos says he is not trying to replace people love for books. What is important is not the container, its the narrative. Bezos says think of digital cameras. He likes having one in a cell phone, but still has a digital camera. Kindle is built for reading. You can add camera to cell phone, as long as it does not interfere with calling., Our device is not a cell phone, it is not a lot of things. Should be able to browse the Web. But electronic ink is not ideal for Web surfing. Mossberg wonders if it could ever be significant part of revenue. Bezos says, yes, it could be a meaningful financial component of the company. Did $14 billion in sales last year; Bezos is avoiding all attempts by Mossberg to put a number on what would be meaningful. (Citigroup Mark Mahaney had some comments on this issue recently.)Next topic: music and video downloads. Bezos says he is serious about the business; he says it is in some ways harder because there are so many participants. It has a glamor element, that attracts people; he says they are working on for pay streaming service that will be unveiled in a few weeks; will start instantly, a la carte for pay. (Hey, actual news!)OK, they are now talking about Amazon S3 Web services, which allow you to build applications in the cloud without having to build your own data centers. The compute grid, Bezos says, is a good idea. And it is going to happen. It makes a lot of sense for many applications. It can be so scalable. But the services could be a meaningful business over time. As a seller, our third party sales business is the way you think of Amazon. We started working on this a little over four years ago. Postal Service. They stop at almost every house. It is super efficient. And that it. Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Red,Entering tonight's game at the Los Angeles Lakers, which marks the midway point of the season, the Thunder has regressed in opponent points, opponent field goal percentage, opponent 3 point field goal percentage, blocked shots, opponent turnovers and defensive efficiency. That's just about every major defensive category, with the lone exclusion being rebounding. "Ron Adams was a big part of our defense," said Thunder center Nenad Krstic. "He was always talking about that. He was always getting on some guys if they don't play good defense. We really miss him." Practice sessions are said to be the same this season as last year's. And from a scheme standpoint, the Thunder hasn't changed anything. But having Adams harp on all the finer points made a major difference, players say. "The way we drilled it and the way he explained it to some of the younger guys," explained guard Thabo Sefolosha.

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