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I am going to show you how to make a scarecrow costume. Our makeup needs for our scarecrow costume are less than a lot of other costumes you will find this Halloween season. Makeup is not the major emphasis for the costume. And we can also reduce it down to a couple of colors we are going to go over. First we need a good selection of brushes. We need to have big brushes to apply the make up on in bigger strokes. But more importantly we need to have smaller brushes for details. I also recommend having some q tip applicators as some folks are more familiar with how those work because they have used q tips before as apposed to painting brushes. Smaller ones in particular. Next we are going to have our various colors of makeup. And for a scarecrow there are only going to be really a couple of key colors. First off a medium and a dark brown and orange and black. These four colors are essentially going to consist of the whole palate for our scarecrow makeup. And lastly we are going to need to have a big cylindrical sponge to apply the larger areas. The larger areas of makeup onto the face. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted ,Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Reflect Silver Blue Glow Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Women Nike Free Run 3 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Soar Blue Rflct Silver Pro Platinum Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Black Silver White Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Neon Pink Volt Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Grainte Fireberry Sail Frbrry Well, I closed on my first rental, and rented it a week later. Tenants are thrilled with the house, and I thrilled to have a full deposit and 1st months rent! It will cash flow $550 a month. In the search for my first property, I also found a 7 unit (3plex and 4plex) that a local bank foreclosed on. They want 190k and will not budge on price. All units full, but tenants are not great handful of them have past evictions, most have pets. I guess around 50k to really bring it and all units up to a good/great condition. The bank is willing to finance 100% of the purchase (190k) at 4.5% for 30 years fixed no balloon. They will cover missing deposits if I have to pay for the current tenants. They want me to escrow money for the exterior repairs around 20k 30k (Exact amount TBD but I have the funds), and complete repairs in 4 6 months. (We are still working details out here) Gross Rent is $4000, and with the financing it will cash flow about $1500 a month. I factored in Taxes, Insurance, Cleaning, Snow/Lawn, Turn over. I got the money to fix it, and my 8 5 can supply additional funds to turn it around if needed. Knowing what you know, would you jump on this deal? You need to work with them on the escrow of funds. We had an escrow once when we had apartments and were promised to be reimbursed from our own escrow as soon as repairs were made. Instead in the dinky print they got to hang on to a 2 year escrow amount so could not reimburse us till five years later. It was a pain once they have control of your funds, it is difficult to get it back. Sign something to the effect that you will do certain repairs as units go vacant or tenants are evicted and units get rehabbed for a higher rent amount. You retain control of the escrow amount or have a third party hold it with the express agreement that as you spend money you will be reimbursed till fund is drained and will not be permanently funded. Be very careful and make sure you understand the rules you agree to follow. We entered into an escrow deal with the bank on a single family REO, placed the funds in escrow, then had to fight for months to get our money back out it was like paying double for the repairs as we had the money held up in escrow but then had to show a receipt and proof of work done to get our money back out, and somehow the bank then said they decided to put the escrow funds toward the balance of our loan instead of returning it to us after repairs were made, and it took months to get our funds returned instead of credited toward our loan balance like they wanted. Just a cautionary tale to help you understand some of the frustrations that could pop up with escrow. Your expenses are missing a few things: Maintenance, Vacancy, Capital Expenditures, Utilities During Vacancy, Legal/Accounting, etc. And unless you be managing it yourself, you have property management expenses as well. Let assume that best case, your expense ratio is about 45% (including vacancy, concessions and capex). Your NOI will be about $26,400, your monthly P will be about $963, and so your annual cashflow will be around $15,000, or about $1250/month. If you contributing $50K to the deal for rehab, your cash on cash returns will be: Even at a 50% expense ratio, you looking at a COC of about 25% and at a 55% expense ratio, your COC should be around 20%. Assuming your rehab and gross income numbers are correct, and assuming your expenses aren going to be ridiculously high for some reason, this sounds like a great deal! This property sounds like the "2% rule" can be applied to determine whether to consider this further. Monthly rents should be 2% of purchase price, or purchase price should be 50x monthly rents. 50 x 4000 = $200K, so it is in the ballpark where you can consider it further. Toss in the $50k of repairs you gave, and it becomes less attractive, because your all in number is now $240K. Get The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investing for FREE read by more than 100,000 people AND get exclusive real estate investing tips, tricks, and techniques delivered straight to your inbox twice weekly! Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted,1. It's free. It costs nothing to try, and certainly costs nothing to keep using. If you like it and believe it's sufficient for your needs, you can effectively ditch subscription based antivirus programs. 2. It's effective. I use it on my own PC, and I've seen it work, catching infected files via e mail and booby trapped Web sites, as well as in scans. It updates daily; sometimes several times a day. 3. It's lightweight. AVG Free has a small memory footprint and is non intrusive. You won't know it's there until it stops something (or when it updates), which is how antivirus software should work. Chances are good your PC won't suffer a performance hit from it, something you can't say with most of the products from antivirus leaders Symantec and McAfee. When I do recommend AVG Free, I'm often asked, "Where's the catch?" If this product is so good, how does Grisoft make any money? Why should someone buy the full version of AVG if the free version is sufficient? Good questions. To find the answers, I decided to give the $70, retail version of AVG Internet Security a shot on my Windows Vista desktop. This is a full suite of anti ware antivirus, antispyware, antispamand a firewall that's fully configurable. AVG Free only protects against viruses (though I've also seen it stop spyware on occasion). Since it's not free, that leaves two factors to consider: Is it effective, and is it non intrusive? For the most part, the answer seems to be yes for both, with a few caveats. Installation was quick and very similar to installing AVG Free. The one downside: The product key is ridiculously long and must be typed in exactly as shown, with dashes and capital letters. It took me three tries before I figured this out. You've been warned . . . After you initially install it, you'll walk through a brief configuration that updates the various malware definitions and program files. Thisincludes configuring the firewall. You're asked to choose whether the machine on which you're installing the suite is a standalone PC connected to the Internet; connected to a corporate network; or a portable that connects to multiple networks. None of those choices match a desktop on a home network, but here's a tip: Select all three. The firewall rules it generates will then take into consideration all cases. As with most third party firewalls, AVG's will ask you each time a program tries to access the Internet whether you want to allow it to do so. Over time, as your standard applications are given permission, you'll see this dialogue less and less. Of course, if you don't recognize a program trying to phone home, you can always just say no. Other than notifications that AVG is updating files, you shouldn't be bothered by the software. The subscription period is two years, so it will be a while before the program warns you that it's about to expire. That's twice as long as Symantec's and McAfee's subscription periods. In using AVG Internet Security, I've noticed no slowdowns from its e mail, firewall, antivirus or antispyware features. However, its antispam component seemed to bog down the launch and send/receive process of Outlook 2007. Turning antispam off sped things up again. Given that Outlook 2007 has excellent built in spam filters, I'd recommend leaving this feature off. In fact, AVG's antispam does little more than add [SPAM] to the subject line. It won't filter items into a spam folder. Most folks can look at the subject of an e mail and tell whether it's spam, making this feature just this side of worthless. AVG Free doesn't let users do much in the way of customizing the software, but the pay version gives you dozens of configuration options. You can change all kinds of settings, from what drives or folders are scanned, when they are scanned and what tests are run. For example, you can scan for viruses and spyware at different times if you like. You can run tests from the same simple interface found in thefree version, or you can switch an advanced view in which settings are displayed in the classic Windows Explorer tree. I tested the program's effectiveness by going to a Web site that attempts to place spyware on the machines of users clueless enough to click on come ons for free gadgets or offers to scan a PC for malware. AVG caught these attempts and stopped them in their tracks, offering to either heal infected files, delete them or banish them to its Virus Vault. On a system scan, it found another bit of suspected malware and dispatched that. It also flags tracking cookies, automatically moving them to the vault. Overall, I'm quite pleased with AVG Internet Security. Other than its spam filtering, it's a solid suite that's both a good value and effective, efficient protection against malware. And yes, I'd have to say it's worth paying for. AVG Free is a good indicator of what you can expect with the full suite. Google+ Dwight Silverman I a firm believer in AVG myself and recommend it to all of my clients as well. Here at BIGOILSERVICECO, they have chosen McAfee and I absolutely HATE it. It is the epitome of bloatware. The full suite (which is force fed to all machines on the network) launches a total of NINE process threads. Add the six others from the OTHER force feed software, along with those from realplayer, adobe, Roxio, and Sun, and this machine has a total of 52 processes, at startup. 52! At home, my machine (with the same realplayer, sun, adobe, and roxio threads) has a total of 32 running AVG Free and Zonealarm.

Cheap Authentic Womens Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Gym Red Reflective Silver Pro Platinum I work at a kids shoe store and we advise not to put any shoes on your child until he or she walks steady for about 4weeks. This is because by walking on bare feet they develop better. You could buy them the minute they start walking but it is a waist of money because in that first month their feet grow a lot because of their weight that rests on the feet. When inside try to let them walk without shoes if possible. i put my son in hard soled shoes as soon as he could fit into a size 2. We got him Jordans. He also had soft soled shoes until he started walking. But having the hard soled shoes on him every once in awhile i think made the transition easier on him when he did start to walk. We also put his hard soled shoes on him when he was learning to walk so that he would be used to wearing them while walking. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite Teal Quilted Recruitment Process Outsourcing better known as RPO has gained significant market momentum in recent years. Yet it has taken a while. Given that employers have been seeking help in their recruiting efforts for decades, it seems odd that the rise of RPO as a service solution has taken so long. Isn't outsourcing of non core functions a widely accepted business strategy? Isn't recruiting one of the largest line items for many organizations and not a core function? Today, however, organizations that consider outsourcing their recruiting efforts can pore over and compare tangible outcomes seen by those successful early adopters of RPO. But tread lightly. There have been a number of very public RPO failures where results have fallen woefully short of expectations, sending business leaders and the marketplace back into the boardroom to debate yet again the viability and sustainability of the solution. Can RPO be truly successful? If there are companies out there who are reaping the proposed benefits of outsourcing, what are they doing that others are not? The fact is there are common elements let's even call them tenets that when followed, can greatly increase the effectiveness and ultimate outcomes of the RPO solution. Before we look at those tenets, however, it's important to understand the history of RPO. Recruitment process outsourcing is the culmination of an evolutionary process that started with third party recruiters engaged at the line manager level or as an adjunct to an organization's internal staffing initiatives. Utilizing the approach was simple: call your preferred recruiter(s) with a job description and expect screened candidates to be sent to you. Overall, this process continues to serve as a highly scalable option in many talent acquisition strategies, but it is extremely costly. Moreover, based on the transactional nature of the relationship, it comes with high risk and little accountability for results. Companies soon realized they could bring the same talent in house as contractors their intentions clearly centered on achieving the same scalability but with reduced cost and greater control of the outcomes. In practice though, this model proved to be almost as expensive as high agency utilization and surprisingly, with co employment and other new issues, even more complex. Worse yet, the rates for contractors continued to climb as corporate recruiters began to seek out these new, more highly paid "nomad" positions instead of their corporate roles. The desired "direct sourcing" impact these recruiters were supposed to have never materialized as skills, and innovative approaches floundered without the access to best practices and innovative techniques that contingency recruiters cultivated. At the same time, traditional recruiting providers began to assume a more prominent role in assisting their customers with new ways to handle huge spikes in hiring. Although this represented a new challenge for both companies and providers, the solutions were primarily project based and, therefore, rarely focused on achieving strategic improvements. Over time, the RPO paradigm changed to finally justify its title, while providers literally began assuming delivery of an organization's internal staffing function. This early model was fraught with mistiming because most organizations treated RPO solutions like earlier transactional recruiting solutions. In addition, most providers simply weren't ready to deliver at the levels they had signed up for. As the burgeoning industry learns from itself, organizations have honed their approach to RPO vendor management and some providers have refined their solutions to near industry standard levels. Let's look at some of the tenets they abide by to make it work. 1. Actively Govern the Relationship Clear and close alignment of the provider and the customer is crucial to success. This sounds simple and intuitive, right? Surprisingly, this doesn't happen as often as it should for RPO. For many years, companies allowed RPO to be viewed internally as just another agency though perhaps an agency on steroids relegating the management of outcomes or the relationship itself to contract staff or even hiring managers. Successful RPOs have clear governance structures that raise visibility, accountability and impact of the partnership to the highest levels of leadership. Together, they look at trends, measure business impact, seek progressive levels of performance from one another and ultimately engage with their partners beyond the transactional level. Second, accountability for RPO success must be driven across and down into the organization as shared elements of the process and tools become more common. This kind of governance eliminates the "sit back and watch" tendencies that can be seen from hiring managers. In RPO, the word "metric" is grossly overused and under defined. Organizations want metrics from their recruiting operations and many providers can deliver them, but the biggest gap can be highlighted by two questions: what do they really mean and how do we manage our business with them? Let's focus on measuring what really matters and let's stop producing metrics for the sake of it. Short term transactional metrics such as open requisitions, hires per month, cost per hire and time to fill all have their place in operating a recruiting organization, but demonstrating a tangible impact on the business is what gives HR a true seat at the table. RPO provides a tremendous opportunity to create that linkage and many companies have jumped at the chance. Today we see correlations and indices from top RPO solutions that demonstrate talent acquisition's impact on longer term outcomes, such as increased revenue, customer satisfaction, productivity, absenteeism and even safety. 3. Approach the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Program Holistically Here is where true RPO can really shine. There are far too many loose applications of the term RPO. The fact is that RPO goes far beyond phone screening and structured interviews recruiting in all forms impacts the quality of the workforce and even how their experience is maximized. Top tier RPO providers build their solutions to impact the client's talent lifecycle in its entirety, not simply in terms of candidate flow. A glimpse across the most successful RPOs shows much higher expectations of providers when it comes to having a deep understanding of other lifecycle elements: branding, assessment, performance management and engagement. Further, customers expect proactive data and research from their providers in these areas, not just surface knowledge. On the other end of the RPO spectrum, organizations have been using RPO to describe the automation of processes, stand alone software or even consulting. Don't fall victim to the "big hat, no cattle" ploy. Effective sourcing needs to be a critical core competency of the provider, not a secondary skill. Validate your RPO vendor's recruiting pedigree; ensure they can objectively demonstrate their ability to attract and recruit top tier and certainly passive talent. This is one of the most commonly heard complaints of organizations that are not seeing the results they expected from Recruitment Process Outsourcing. 5. Ascend the Service Hierarchy (Together) Recruitment Processs Outsourcing is a journey, not a destination. Early versions of RPO services strove primarily to address needs, such as accuracy or timeliness, as companies moved recruiting administration and interview logistics off their plates. Today, these are considered fundamentals for RPO and sit as the foundation for service everything else fails if these are not in place. Cyclical industries have further driven the need for responsiveness from both partners to stay on track. With that said, the upper echelons of customer service have evaded all but the most successful RPOs. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers need to establish the fundamentals so that they can be proactive pooling for key talent segments, partnering on workforce planning, aiding in the development of integration and expansion strategies as examples. Ultimately, the highest levels of customer service are seen from organizations that teach and learn from one another, making them more capable and more suited for the partnership. Maintaining recruiting efforts that are consistent with a company's overall culture and brand is a recipe for recruiting success and improved retention. Again, this seems intuitive, yet many don't invest the time and energy necessary to ensure cultural alignment and understanding between the new recruiting organization and the company it now represents. Top performing RPOs have provider talent so firmly embedded in their client culture, it is impossible to distinguish them from long term employees. Why? They've deliberately been given access to all that full time employees have access to: new employee orientation, key leadership messaging, newsletters, training and line of sight to their impact on key strategic initiatives within the businesses. 7. Merge Services and Technology Providers are striving to effectively integrate all services and technology related to the lifecycle on behalf of their customers. Given the number of vendors that may become part of an overall RPO solution, companies are demanding single source accountability from their partners. This once again raises the bar for RPOs in driving business outcomes from multiple providers around process, science and technology. Few do it well, but those that do provide a simple interface to an extremely complex set of solutions. What is becoming clearer as the Recruitment Process Outsourcing market continues to mature is that HR outsourcing can transform talent acquisition and talent management. It is a matter of knowing the path to those results. Both the company evaluating and the provider they choose need to take and apply the lessons that the industry's failures have afforded them. Partnering with the right human resources specialist or RPO vendor in the right manner can both tip the recruiting scales in the employer's favor and deliver pervasive talent gains throughout the organization.

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