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A calcaneal spur or heel spur is a painful condition resulting from a growth of calcium deposits on the bottom of the heel. This pointed spur, in contact with the sensitive tissues of the plantar fascia muscle group, is the cause of heel pain and inflammation. This condition often is found in people with foot disorders who are middle aged or overweight and who also might be suffering from arthritis, neuritis, alkalosis and tendinitis. X rays can reveal the spur and the presence of tiny tumors at the ends of nerves that are causing the pain. Uncomfortable shoes can add to the pain. Heel pads, wraps, heat and especially stretching exercises will provide great relief until the condition, in many cases, subsides by itself. Apply a heating pad to the sole of the injured foot for five to 10 minutes just prior to doing the exercises. This will help soften the tissues and allow for less resistance to the stretching of the contracted muscles. During the seated exercise, if the heel is kept in contact with the floor during the exercise, the heel tendons will be stretched longer and will strengthen the muscle groups that hold the long arch in place. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red ,Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Navy Dark Grey Men Nike Free 3.0 Soar Blue Pure Platinum Reflective Silver Women Free Run 3 Prism Blue Reflective Silver Pure Platinum Volt Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Reflect Silver Blue Glow Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Black Gym Red Wolf Grey Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Grey Gym Red JIM SLOTEK, QMI Agency I'm going to say it. I love movie trailers and always have. If I attend a screening and there are no Coming Attraction teasers, I'm disappointed. Those three little words of narration, "In a world"., give me goosebumps. I've heard the reasons most people have a mad on for trailers the primary one being the spoiler factor. I am not anal about spoilers, except in the rare Crying Game type situation. I don't consider plot details to be a spoiler. In fact, I'm one of those people who wants to be fairly warned what I'm in for. Methinks they actually want the extra time to sell more ads. If their hearts are pure, and they're really worried about how much time is being taken up on the screen ahead of the actual movie, the theatre owners might consider dropping some of the commercials they inflict on us. Yes, a trailer is an ad too. But in a theatre, I'd rather see an ad for a movie than for Nike or Coke or a cellphone service provider. It happens that I did a feature on trailers a few years ago, and toured some of the top production houses (they even have their own awards). The producers are filmmakers in their own right, talented and ingenious given what little they often have to work with (like, say, a dearth of soundtrack music, which is the last thing that gets added to a movie). But the thing is, I also "got" that their talent includes making bad films look good. The longer the trailer, though, the harder it is to keep up the fa I have saved a lot of money over the years after watching a lengthy trailer, reading between the lines as needed, and deciding, "Well, I've seen enough of that one to make an educated consumer decision." If the movie is ostensibly a comedy, and the trailer can't make you laugh once boom! That's $14 you can put to better use. A public service if ever there was one. The best trailers are fun and fast moving. They skip all the lulls. In Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse, the made up trailers were the best part. Indeed, there've been whole movies made up of nothing but including the cheap but funny doc It Came From Hollywood, in which John Candy and Dan Aykroyd dissected the history of '50s B movies through their trailers. In fact, if you're going to complain about some part of the theatregoing experience being "too long," how about the movies themselves? Shaving 20 seconds off a trailer for Transformers 4 wouldn't make a difference in most of our lives. But shaving a half hour off the movie itself would free you up to do something worthwhile with your newfound time. LIZ BRAUN, QMI Agency Is there anyone who doesn't love movie trailers? Well, me, actually. And I suspect I'm not alone. Like Slotek, I used to love the mini movies that played at the beginning of the main attraction, but that romance ended about a decade ago with the trailers for two movies: Enough and What Lies Beneath. One of the best parts of working on the entertainment beat is the chance to see films without any preamble or preconceived notions. The less you know about most movies, the better, but for the majority of viewers that's almost impossible, now that the Internet has made everybody a critic. It has always been a rare privilege to see a movie before anyone has even hinted about what it involves, because then every twist and turn is fresh, new, unanticipated. Plot details are spoilers, to some extent. It's better to know less, not more, up front. Statistically, alas, the majority of people do want to know, and that's why trailers are as detailed as they are. Most people want the known quantity. They won't go to a movie unless it's familiar in some way, which may explain why every putrid romantic comedy is exactly like the last putrid romantic comedy. Trailers and TV ads fill in those elusive consumer gaps. Trailer oversharing is a symptom of the movie times. This is, after all, an industry that will change the ending of a movie if a test screening audience deems it should be so. That a test screening for Gone with the Wind would likely have forced a happy ending on the movie is probably another story. Slotek apparently lives in some parallel universe where bad comedies are easily spotted in advance by their not funny trailer. When did that ever happen? Unless the trailer involves Will Ferrell the only 100% sure sign of non funny you can be fooled by movie trailers over and over again. Those of us willing to take on the willing suspension of disbelief in a heartbeat are constantly having our hopes dashed between the expectations of a dazzling trailer and the reality of the dull film it (mis)represents. You need only revisit the trailer for the new Great Gatsby to be reminded of the heartbreak available in a great trailer " that's shilling for a lacklustre movie. JIM SLOTEK, QMI Agency I'm going to say it. I love movie trailers and always have. If I attend a screening and there are no Coming Attraction teasers, I'm disappointed. Those three little words of narration, "In a world"., give me goosebumps. I've heard the reasons most people have a mad on for trailers the primary one being the spoiler factor. I am not anal about spoilers, except in the rare Crying Game type situation. I don't consider plot details to be a spoiler. In fact, I'm one of those people who wants to be fairly warned what I'm in for. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red,Mark Twain once famously said that "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes." In that spirit, here's another attempt to give the truth a head start by violently tackling the sprinting bullshit smearing your news feed . starting with the fact that Mark Twain never said that quote. And because easily avoidable fake articles never rest (and neither do we), we've opted to supersize your dubious news intake. Enjoy! (Or maybe despair for the state of the media for a while, and then enjoy.) Holy fuck on toast! According to CBS, Gawker, the Wire, Gothamist, the Independent, and the rest of the Internet, a new study of over 16,000 people found that those who took naps would die sooner than those who didn't, because they "can cause an inflammation in the body." All those pro nap studies were actually lies by the corporate pro sleep mask media machine. But buried in all those articles, usually at the bottom, is a mention that maybe the naps aren't the silent killer here, but a symptom of some disease otherwise known as the real point of the study. 6. China Isn't Selling Canned Air Due to Rising Smog Levels Thanks to smog, China is basically a big sauna of farts. And not unlike a putrid hotbox, some outlets have chosen to contain their coverage of it in a ridiculously obtuse shroud: Clearly dick lightsabers can't be far behind. That would be the Daily Mail using their precious Internet space to tell us about China's idea to sell bottled fresh air in order to "address its dangerous smog levels." In fact, such is the demand for that sweet, sweet O2 in China that one businessman already "sold 10 million cans in just 10 days" last year. As the depressingly popular Alex Jones remarked when spreading this story, "You really cannot make this stuff up." Well, yes, you can, because it's mostly crap. The article makes it sound like China's president personally commissioned the bottled air to fight smog. In reality, he was just joking, because of course he was, and he never mentioned China's smog problem; he was talking about ways to promote the clean aired Guizhou Province, the same way New York City once promoted its tap water with the exact same stunt. Guizhou tourism officials did take the joke seriously and announced plans to sell canned air . as novelty souvenirs, not a solution to an environmental crisis. As for the businessman who sold millions of cans of fresh air in 2013, yes, that's accurate if you replace "sold" with "produced," "millions" with "thousands," and "fresh air" with "the fetid air from his soda factory." Basically, it was the equivalent of Mars shipping off a bunch of empty M packets as a publicity stunt. "All cans are just harmless old Chinese lead." 5. No, Ukraine Isn't Ordering Jews to Register Most of what America knows about Ukrainian culture ranges somewhere between a Facebook meme post and that Nicolas Cage film where he snorts gunpowder. That said, we surely know a call to arms when we see one: "Everyone gets a nice gold star sticker for participating!" Fuuuuck that. As reported by the Washington Post, the Daily News, and USA Today, Ukraine has gone so darkly retro that it's akin to a "chilling echo of the Holocaust" did we learn nothing from Holocaust movies like Schindler's List and Toy Story 3? You know how it goes: First they tell Jewish people to register, then they start rounding them up in camps, and the next thing you know, we're knee deep in World War II 2: Putin the Habit. But wait, don't oil up your Anti Mecha Hitler chain guns just yet. What the news so tactfully declares is a forced registration is actually a bunch of leaflets anonymously passed around in eastern Ukraine that have since been declared a hoax a fact that probably should have been caught before, since the "governor's order" was full of errors like using the wrong title for the supposed governor and not including his freaking signature. The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism Pretty sure they got that logo from Pink Floyd's The Wall. It turns out that you just can't trust random pieces of paper handed to you on the street anymore. 4. Pretty Much Every Random Photo the News Reports On Is Fake We're not sure why, but at some point in 2013 society collectively succumbed to the idea that an unsourced Imgur photograph caption was not only newsworthy, but undoubtedly so at that. The fact that some sites are giving a play by play recap of a Reddit post about a fence and marking it as "news" is alarming enough, but it gets worse recently the Independent covered the story of a Reddit user discovering an underground safe in his home and cracking it open to find "someone's ashes" and a dog leash. He was unable to open the Ziploc bag, though. While the Independent was happy to leave this as an open ended mystery, a more serious journalistic institution called "some random dude on the Internet" pointed out that the leash looked suspiciously similar to the one found in an earlier, unrelated photo by the original poster . "Holy shit! He turned his dog into a box!"meaning the whole thing was a hoax, because that's what happens when your news source is listed as "CraigNoList." This is all stupid and harmless until we enter the egregious genre of service workers faking the prejudice of strangers for money and easy media attention the most notorious being the waitress who forged an anti gay note on a customer's receipt, and more recently a college student who reported racist slurs on her dorm door .

Save You Up To 49 Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red,Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/explainlikeimfiveuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. CSS IN ELI5 ADDS MANY FEATURES! There are many features, both form and function, that are embedded in ELI5 CSS. Disabling CSS will not allow you to circumvent locked threads or enable any hidden functionalities. The CSS implemented exclusively adds functionality and extra features. If there is something wrong with the CSS that you would like us to fix, let us know, please! We may be able to help. Thanks! If you unable to change CSS on your browser, we're sorry for this intrusive message! Read the rules before commenting or submitting. Search before submitting with keywords from your topic. The search box is in the upper right corner of the subreddit. Please be neutral in your explanations, and note your personal bias in controversial topics. Direct replies to the original post (aka "top level comments") are for serious responses only. Jokes, anecdotes, and low effort explanations, are not permitted and subject to removal. Don post just to express an opinion or argue a point of view. After receiving an adequate explanation, OP should mark the post Explained. Explained posts are still open to discussion! ELI5 isn a guessing game; if you aren confident in your explanation, please don speculate. If your running down the street people will notice you if your wearing really bright/weird colored shoes and you b less likely to get hit/ran over/ and utterly demolished by a passing car. And people will also take notice you if on a trail. In the snow he shoes stand out, And in the mud the bright colors stand out. As a runner I can say this comes in very handy as I have come close to being flatted by a car a few times and the only thing they saw was shoes(cuz I thought it was smart to wear all black at night)I typically run at night or early in the morning. Wen it rly rly dark. There not much of a side walk and bike lanes don exist on my side of town(a more run down side, very near the projects) and the cars can c u for shit unless u hav reflective gear on that make u look like a light show. On top of this it lets ppl no ur not running from cops, and that ur safe cuz someone will c U flailing ur arms tryin to fight Somone and will attract much attention. (Remember the project are very close and crime rate is high). Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Few births involve as much labour as that of the International Space Station (ISS). After 34 shuttle flights, 24 Soyuz missions, 43 visits by unmanned capsules, and well over US$100 billion invested by the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe, the station is now nearing completion. The final bits of hardware, including the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a long delayed cosmic ray experiment, will arrive as early as February 2011, on the last space shuttle flight currently budgeted for. Now, decades after the station was first proposed and more than a dozen years after construction began, NASA must find a way to make its part of the effort by far the largest worthwhile. The International Space Station's three main laboratory modules seen from the space shuttle Atlantis. Congress declared the US share a national laboratory in 2005, thereby opening it up to public and private research. The upcoming meeting is meant to draw in prospective partners for the venture. "The ISS is a completely unique asset," says Jeanne DiFrancesco, a principal at ProOrbis, a management consultancy based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, which was hired by NASA to create a 'reference model' for the administration of the lab. "Managed well, it could facilitate the development of new categories of research." Getting it together For much of its long assembly phase, the ISS has been an active science facility. A 2009 NASA report lists more than 100 experiments on the station between 2000 and 2008, in technology development, physical and materials sciences, biological sciences, Earth observation and human research, including ways to counter the effects of 'low g ' on the body. Today the United States' share of the ISS includes the Destiny pressurized lab as well as access to the Japanese built Kibo and European built Columbus modules. In addition to the microgravity environment, the ISS offers exposure to the vacuum of space, to radiation, atomic oxygen and extremes of temperature. The station's exterior is studded with sites for the attachment of instruments that can observe Earth or space. They provide anywhere from 100 to 300 possible experiment locations, says Mark Uhran, NASA's assistant associate administrator for the ISS. But while interviewing researchers about the potential of the ISS, DiFrancesco says that she encountered some scepticism about whether the station could serve the scientific community in a meaningful way. To counter such criticism, she says, any new organization that manages science on the station must begin with a concentrated outreach campaign that demonstrates a clear commitment to the research community's needs, interests and concerns. According to the reference model, it would smooth the road for scientists and also foster an impartial approach to choosing what science ends up in space. The idea of creating such an organization was floated in the 2009 Augustine report, a critical review of the US human space flight programme commissioned by President Barack Obama. The ProOrbis reference model, which was publicly presented on 16 November at a meeting of the American Astronautical Society in Cape Canaveral, Florida, reaches the same conclusion: an independent entity is needed to act as a buffer between NASA's operations managers and the broader community that could put the ISS to use. Its role might resemble that of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Mary land, which helps to oversee research on Hubble and other space telescopes. Among its responsibilities would be building an awareness of the research possibilities on the station, matching prospective projects with funding and helping primary investigators to navigate the space agency's bureaucracy, says DiFrancesco. But unlike the basic research done on the Hubble telescope, ISS projects could come from many sectors, including other government agencies, public universities, pharmaceutical companies, private labs and chemical and materials manufacturing firms, she adds. "The ultimate hope is that something new will be discovered in the microgravity environment aboard the ISS that can lead to useful insights on the ground," says Uhran. In theory, such a possibility has been open to US researchers for years, but a completed ISS with a six person crew can support longer term studies that require more care and attention than would have been practical in the past. This increased scope is "amazing" says Jeanne Becker, chief science officer at the biotechnology company Astrogenetix in Austin, Texas, and a faculty member at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Becker has already cultivated tumour cells in rotating bioreactors aboard the ISS to investigate changes in the cells' growth and functioning. If set up properly, management of research on the ISS by a private non profit entity could make the process of selecting experiments more transparently based on genuine applicability to life on Earth, says Jeff Jonas, senior vice president of research and development at Shire Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "It would open up the station to the marketplace of ideas," he says, adding that having more researchers and companies involved could create competition for better experiments. Bad vibes NASA has started making moves in this direction. Earlier this year, the agency opened the ISS to biological research funded by the National Institutes of Health, which awarded the first round of grants in September. With an independent body overseeing research, the ISS could also host experiments from other agencies, such as the US Forest Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the US Geological Survey, says Erika Wagner, an aerospace biomedical engineer and executive director of the X Prize Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. month that the station is not being fully used by researchers, it loses value. Among these are concerns over the quality of the research environment aboard the ISS. For example, vibrations on the station (known as g jitter) caused by machinery and human movement can affect some experiments. NASA has installed a special rack for the most sensitive experiments that actively counteracts vibrations, and provided damping material for other research, says Uhran. A more fundamental obstacle is the question of how to access the ISS in a cost effective way. In November 2009, the US Government Accountability Office released a report identifying the high cost of launching a payload as one of the biggest challenges the lab faces. Although the nascent commercial space flight industry is expected eventually to make the ISS more accessible, it will be years before commercial transport can fully meet researchers' needs (see 'After the shuttle'). Yet, as DiFrancesco's model points out, every month that the station is not being fully used by researchers, it loses value. Once a non profit organization is established, NASA expects to begin research and development, but it will take a few years before the enterprise is running at full throttle, says Uhran. In the meantime, the agency and its international partners are continuing research into human exploration in space. In October, the European Space Agency (ESA) issued a call for proposals in technology and biomedical research that would help to prepare for the next steps of human exploration beyond low Earth orbit, says Martin Zell, ESA's head of research operations in human space flight, microgravity and exploration. Ultimately, to take advantage of what the ISS offers, it will be crucial to get the science management right, says Alan Stern, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, and NASA's former associate administrator for science. "Like a baby, the ISS has lots of potential," he says. "NASA is working to turn that potential into a great outcome for the ISS."

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