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Get up and move on Wednesday, April 8. This is the day that adults nationwide can make the pledge to start walking and to become active and heart healthy, especially in the workplace. This day is sponsored by the American Heart Association who offers the following tips to help you actively engage your heart in aerobic activity. They will also make walking more fun. Urban walk. Start at a slow pace for five minutes. After you're warmed up, alternate between a slow and rapid pace for each city block. Take flights of stairs two at a time. Find a bus stop or a park bench to stretch and cool down. Mall walk. Indoor malls give you a safe environment with restrooms, water, refreshments and interesting sights, no matter what the weather or time of day. Tourist walk. Walking can help you manage jet lag as well as explore a new locale. Check with the hotel or tourist information center for safe routes and sightseeing maps. Meditation walk. Focus on the soles of your feet meeting the ground and notice the pressure changes as you stride. Awaken all your senses to what you hear, see, smell and feel. Forest or creek walk. Start with easy trails. Carry bottled water, dress in layers and wear waterproof shoes in damp areas. Look for waterfalls and other natural wonders. Employees are encouraged to wear/take walking shoes to work on this day and carve out 30 minutes of walking aerobics. For more information, please visit the AHA's website dedicated to this healthy heart start! Avis is founder of El Elyon Outpouring Center, an Empowerment Outreach Ministry emphasizing God's Unconditional Love and Grace and GeoVi's Home for New Life, a nonprofit providing faith, hope, and love to teens, pregnant teens and their babies. She's CEO of Providential Coaching, a Christian Life coaching practice teaching young women how to turn within for divine direction to learn and follow the plan God has for their lives. She's the host and creator of Devoted Housewives in the House of God, an Internet Radio Talk Show. Speaker, Seminar Leader and an Ambassador of Love. Avis respectfully acknowledges her deceased parents as her role models, and the hero and heroine in her life.

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