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There are many different styles and brands from which you can choose, so there is your dream shoe out there waiting for you to find it. A Word of CautionMake sure you ease into Barefoot Running. So many new muscles will be used, it is easy to end up injuring yourself if you don't start slowly. Vibram Five FingersWiggle those toes!These are the shoes that I've pretty much settled on getting. My only reservation is that they may contain latex, and I am allergic to latex. I am hoping that by wearing toe socks with these, I will still be able to enjoy them. I also have long toes so I will be trying them on first to make sure they fit right. I want the KSO style as they seem to have all the features that I require. UPDATE: I decieded on these, and I couldn't be happier. They are incredibly comfortable, and you just throw them in the wash to keep them clean and fresh smelling. They are a great conversation starter, too! I now own three, two KSOs and a Smartwool. They are still my favorite shoe after a summer using them. I can't live without them.

Three endangered Sumatran elephants have been found dead, all with their tusks removed, in Indonesia's Aceh province. Two males were found by residents in a palm oil plantation in East Aceh district on Sunday, said Genman Hasibuan, the head of the provincial Nature Conservancy Agency. 'We strongly believe that the elephants were deliberately killed for their tusks,' he said, adding that his office was working with police to investigate. The body of a third male elephant was found on Friday in Aceh Jaya district, also with its tusks removed, Hasibuan said. 'Law enforcement has been better in the past few years but we need to take more serious action to minimise poaching,' he said. There are an estimated 500 Sumatran elephants remaining in Aceh. Throughout Sumatra island, fewer than 3,000 members of the critically endangered sub species are believed to remain in the wild, according to conservation group the World Wide Fund for Nature.Nfl Jerseys Free Shipping

Compared with many of its competing brands, Skechers is a relative newcomer to the casual athletic shoe scene, making its debut in the early 1990s. Headquartered in the Los Angeles area, the brand is known for its brash style and unabashed flirtation with celebrity culture, courting not just athletes but musicians, actors and reality TV stars to design and advertise Skechers products. In less than three decades, it has risen to be one of the top five sports footwear brands in the world, as noted by "Forbes. Gear. Greenberg hired his son, Michael, as president. distributor for Doc Martens boots. Gear had appealed to a young, urban women's market. The breakout success was 1993's "Chrome Dome" shoe, an androgynous, pre scuffed model that was soon picked up by major chains such as Nordstrom. . Skechers Styles; The History of Skechers Shoes;.