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Parenting children with Attention Deficit Disorder is difficult and often times exhausting. Parents often find themselves yelling and nagging their children to hurry up, calm down or help out. These parents need a solution for everyone sanity and happiness. However, the option of using a stimulant drug like Ritalin scares many parents. What other ADD and ADHD treatment options exist? Is there a safe and permanent solution available? Picture children wearing headphones clapping to a consistent beat. Now see them tapping their toes to the beat or patting their opposite knee to the beat. It is hard to imagine that these movements could improve symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, but it is true. As children work up to a certain speed and accuracy, they are helping specific parts of the brain become more efficient. This new efficiency is permanent and it helps improve attention, ability to follow directions, organization, self control, reading and math. Students practice these movements in front of their home computer for about six weeks. It is known that exercise helps the brain. Charles H. Brain Training uses specific exercises to provide a safe process to improve the symptoms related to ADD and ADHD. This involves forty minutes of training five days a week. Behavior Modification is an ADD and ADHD treatment that seeks to change unwanted behaviors by focusing on rewarding the positive instead of punishing the negative. It involves noticing when children with Attention Deficit Disorder are doing the right thing and praising them. The logic being that children want a positive relationship with their parents, so they will want to behave in ways that gets them the positive feedback. In order to accomplish this, parents decide on one unwanted behavior to work on at a time. They give a pep talk to the student and discuss alternative ways to react or brainstorm ways to improve. Then parents deliberately seek out moments when their child is completing the goal and comment on them. 1. Behavior Modification is an ADD and ADHD treatment that requires a lot of energy and consistency from parents. If parents can find any moment that the child is succeeding, the goal may be inappropriate for children with Attention Deficit Disorder or it may be too big. oAn example of an inappropriate goal is for the child to sit still until the homework is complete. An alternative could be break the homework into 20 minute chunks with three minute breaks. No video games until the homework is finished. oExample of a goal that is too big: Keep your room neat. Most parents would have difficulty catching their children consistently succeeding with that one. A smaller task is easier to achieve all your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Parents can add on other smaller tasks after students succeed with the first one! When combined together Brain Training and Behavior Modifications make a firm path to success for struggling students. The Brain Training addresses the root of the issue providing a solid foundation on which to learn. Behavior Modification then offers practice that helps children integrate more into their family and school community.

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Hi I'm Wendi Braswell, style expert. I'm here today to show you how to dress according to your skin tone. This is crucial for me. There's two reasons you get a compliment ladies. It's either the fit or the color. Ninety percent of the time it's the color of something. That's how important it is. So you should know the right colors, the best colors for you. There's good, better and best. Don't you want to look your best? And you know some days that you are tired. You don't feel as good or you didn't get enough sleep, if you put on that right color it really bumps up your face and brightens it. And if you put on that wrong color you look tired. People go what wrong? You don't feel good, you didn't have enough sleep. Lets talk about some tips that will help you dress according to your skin tone. First of all, lets start with your hair color. If you are a natural red head most likely it's pretty much you always are going to be warm colors. Meaning yellows, greens, think gem tones. Warm colors, you are never going to do purples. and pinks, and blues. If you do a blue it's going to be a warmer blue. Everybody else tends to fall in the other realm of true colors. Meaning pink, blue, red. She is a great example. She has brown eyes, blonde hair. But she's light skin. So to dress best for her skin type she's going to use colors such as this, a true pink and blues that really contrast her skin tones and her eyes. And ladies if you have brown eyes opposites attract. You look better or your eyes pop with plums, and grays, and navys. They really stand out. So experiment with that a little bit it makes such a difference. Also with clothing you don't want to do too much of a pastel with her coloring. Or it depends on your hair color is why I asked. If she had darker hair she could even go deeper in these colors. So in other words she is going to have blue undertones for her skin type. But pretty much everybody with red hair or with red in their skin are going to be warm. So have fun and play with color. And those are tips to dress according to your skin tone. I'm Wendi Braswell.