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In Hollywood there are a dozen others who fancy these brands of sneakers. Nike Free 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Women ,Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Red White Black Men Nike Free Run 2 Bright Loyal Blue Pure Platinum White Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Men Nike Free Run 2 Purple Gold White Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Grey White Black Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue Glow White Black Volt Nike Roshe Run Men Black Solar Red I must say, it was a nice off season without all the labor strife between the fat billionaire NFL owners and the richly compensated millionaire NFL players. I almost forgot Drew Brees was a quarterback with how much talking he did a year ago. Then again, he'd probably replay that off season 20 times before reliving the nightmare that was his contract dispute with the now much maligned New Orleans Saints this past summer. So, how was your off season? How'd you fill the time? I'll tell you how I did it. I watched the Hooks dominate, I watched the Astros decimate, I saw my enlistment end, a new life begin, and I completely and totally forgot that the NBA was a real league. If you asked me, it was just a playground where 3 4 teams played for championships while the rest of the league battled for labels like "scrappy, young team" and "up and comers". Now Dwight Howard and Steve Nash are Lakers, the 2013 NBA Finals are set, and the Rockets tore the whole thing down for Jeremy Lin. But what really got me was how awesome The Dark Knight Rises was. Especially in IMAX. Enough small talk though. College football returns this weekend, and the NFL's regular season follows a few days later with the Giants and Cowboys kicking things off on a Wednesday. With that, the road to New Orleans begins and that means a lot of things to a lot of people. For me, it means it's time to enter a season for the first time ever as a fan of a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Just typing the words gives me a small rush of euphoria not lived since the Astros were on top of the baseball world (well, near the top). This must be what Cowboys fans felt in the 90's with those powerhouse contenders. Oh, I'm not comparing the Texans to the Cowboys of the 90's, but the feeling of walking into the season KNOWING that your team is great is a feeling like no other, especially for Texans fans too young to remember what life was like when the Oilers fielded playoff teams but definitely old enough to know what it's been like to be a Texans fan from the get go. This season, we're doing things a little differently on the NFL front. For starters, this preview will carry us right into the season. I'm covering everything, and I don't have any pictures to take up space, so if you're brain only processes up to 2,000 words per day, maybe consider reading this in increments. Starting on Wednesday, and going through the season, I'll be taking part in a weekly fantasy football chat at 8pm CT. Want to talk fantasy? Now you have a place you can do it and you won't have to annoy friends and family who could care less about how your pretend team did. Now that my self promotion is complete, let's touch on the highlights of the coming NFL season. 5. Adopting the college rule for too many men on the field, which is a dead ball foul if a team lines up on offense for more than three seconds, or if a team on defense lines up with too many men and the snap is imminent. In those cases, the officials will blow the play dead and assess a five yard penalty. This change wouldn't affect the rulings on players running off the field who don't get off in time. MORE PRIMETIME: Thursday Night Football is now a season long affair, stretching from Week 2 to Week 16. NEW UNIFORMS: NIKE is now cranking out NFL apparel, which isn't really a big deal at all, but leave it to me to tell my wife during the Texans/Panthers preseason opener, "It's gonna take me some time to get used to those thicker red collars." I'm ridiculous. THE ANNUAL PLAYOFF TURNOVER THEORY Every season since 1998, an average of just over 6 teams who made the playoffs one season, don't make it the next. Last season, that number was exactly six three teams from each conference. More than a decade into this pattern, it's probably a little predictable to predict anything other than a repeat performance of that. But I can't subscribe to it. Not when, in the AFC, the teams that made it last season are almost completely unchallenged for repeat playoff spots, save for Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. The NFC offers some compelling turnover scenarios, with New Orleans in turmoil and Carolina rising up, as well as Chicago's offensive upgrades and Philly's expected improvement. But overall, I can't see the number staying at 6 in 2012, and I think it can go as low as 2 or 3 all together. That's how solid a lot of last season's playoff class is. As a Denver Bronco no less. 2011 was as bizarre a season as it could be for the Indianapolis Colts and their famed Canton bound quarterback, who in 2010, put up 4,700 yards, 33 TDs and career highs in passes completed and attempted (450, 679) in a season that ended with a 17 16 playoff loss to the Jets. 4 neck surgeries and a Manning less 2 14 Colts 2011 campaign later, Manning was cut, and signed with John Elway's Denver Broncos while the Colts earned the top overall pick, selecting Stanford's Andrew Luck. While Indy is expected to stay down for a few years as they re build the entire franchise from head to toe, the Broncos are looking to go from 8 8 bottle rocket playoff team under Tim Tebow to juggernaut contender with Peyton Manning. Manning has looked sound this preseason, but the true test, and answers, will come in two weeks, when Peyton officially suits up for the first time since that loss to the Jets as a Bronco. So, if you watched Sportscenter and other ESPN programming even for 10 combined minutes this summer, you heard about the Saints and their scandal. This was one of those media driven scandals that once again snowballed into a huge, overblown controversy that cost a lot of people a lot of unnecessary strife. I do not think Sean Payton should miss the whole season, same goes for LB Jonathan Vilma, and I do not think this scandal was anywhere NEAR as big as it was made out to be. I never heard a single detail that made me flinch nor did I feel the charges levied against the Saints justified the "crime". Last I checked, teams pay players MILLIONS to do what some of these players were being paid a little extra to do. Bonuses exist in almost every other industry, why would anyone be "shocked and appalled" to hear of it in football? If we all collectively cared SO MUCH for the health of these players, why do we still watch a sport that directly contributes to the suicide and early deaths of so many men who came before the current stock of "gladiators"? Because, as fans and contributors to media intrusion, we're collectively hypocritical with our views. We're saddened by these stories of guys like Earl Campbell, who can barely walk, or Junior Seau, who so suddenly ended his life due to what many believe is football related mental illness. But we still watch the sport. We'd like to think stopping alleged bounties are an avenue to stop violence in the NFL, but it's a violent sport! The only way you stop these types of things from happening is you either stop playing the game all together, or you change it to two hand touch. Otherwise, just shut up about Bountygate. For the life of me I could not understand why the Saints let something like the Drew Brees' new contract become an issue. Negotiations have been dragging on for over a year, and yet after Brees passes Dan Marino's single season passing yardage record (ending it with 5,479 yards) the Saints were still trying to underpay their city's savior. The worst part was that Brees is such a savvy businessman that he made the Saints look downright incompetent during these negotiations. He knew his value down to the penny and even tried to make it easy on the Saints, opting for a frontloaded contract that would save the Saints money at the end, which would theoretically also mark the end of his career. Brees eventually won big, agreeing to a 5 year $100 million bombshell of a deal, with $40 million coming his way in 2012. That salary comes fully guaranteed, with $37 million considered bonus money and $3 million as salary. The deal carries a $10.4 million cap hit. I hate power rankings unless it's week to week because I think it's impossible to accurately differentiate between teams like Green Bay and New England, and Miami and Jacksonville with no games played to base those judgments on. What I do like is grouping teams together in a tier based rankings system and then seeing where those teams end up as the season reaches critical points. Below, I'll break down who I believe are the Super Bowl contenders going in, the playoff contenders with breakout potential, the pretenders, the hopefuls, the Browns, and below. These are the teams that enter the season as "SUPER BOWL FAVORITES!!!" which means nothing in the grand scheme of things, because the odds that two of those above teams will face off in New Orleans in February are as good as Chad Johnson winning a Husband of the Year award. We basically use this list to draw downward and try to see where this season's 'surprise' is coming from. I think it's easy to explain why the Packers are here. It all starts and stops with Aaron Rodgers, but as you recall, the Packers enter 2012 riding a one game losing streak on the heels of a 15 1 regular season. The Giants beat the Packers in the Divisional Round because they had the better team that day simply put. Rodgers' receivers dropped 8 passes, Rodgers himself missed a few key throws, and the offensive line forced Rodgers to cover 66 yards on the ground himself. We all knew going in that the Packers' defense was average which is shocking given its star power but they always compensated with an offense that is so freakishly efficient and intelligent, that any defensive overachievement basically started a massive offensive swing that most opponents couldn't match. This is Green Bay's formula. They're lopsided in favor of offense, but their star power on D gives them an opportunity to get aggressive and force big moments that the offense can and most of the time will capitalize on. So if you're looking at stats from last season and you want to prove some asinine theory as to why Green Bay ISN'T who we thought they were, just save the work towards carpal tunnel for later. It's no good here. Not when you sport a quarterback who is so incredibly efficient, so remarkably accurate from so many different platforms, in the pocket or on the run, that it almost negates game planning against him. Just get what you can get on defense, a stop here and there, and score often. No one figured out the Packers last January. We all knew Green Bay was throwing a fastball, much like we all know Mariano Rivera is going to the cutter. In this instance, the Giants hit it. All you can do is tip your cap and move on. I do think the Packers improved two major areas this off season the defense and running game (drafting LB Nick Perry and signing free agent RB Cedric Benson), which should raise their profile in both areas some, but it still begins and ends with 12. The Patriots are another Packers like team, which is a bit of an insult since the Pats have been doing what the Pack are doing well before the Pack were doing it (still with me?), but the Packers turned this offense heavy formula into a Super Bowl title, while the Pats have turned it into two Super Bowl losses to the Giants. No one doubts Bill Belichick's genius as a defensive mind, but it's bizarre that a defensive minded genius head coach, the Yoda in the Hoodie, would field such a despicable defense on purpose. When WR Julian Edelman is one of your best defensive backs, your defense is in trouble. Still, the Pats came within another amazing final Giants drive away from securing a Super Bowl title, but that fact is what forced Belichick to finally USE a first round pick for something other than trade bait, selecting Syracuse DE Chandler Jones 21st overall, and then selecting Alabama LB Dont'a Hightower four picks later at 25th. That should push the Patriots back into the Super Bowl hunt with ease, as the likes of Ryan Tannehill, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Ryan Fitzpatrick are probably not going to pose much of a threat to New England's reign as division juggernauts. The Texans are a very sexy Super Bowl pick, which is frightening given the ratio of times "sexy" picks have gone from "sexy" to "fugly" in a matter of weeks. If you watch the Texans, you know that isn't likely to be the case, but after their amazing survival of Injuryocalypse last season, it's dangerous to think that the worst is behind them. Arian Foster is now a well paid running back, Andre Johnson is 31 and has suffered little tweaks and bumps all through training camp and pre season that already have fans on a bit of an edge, JJ Watt has the elbow injury, Wade Phillips has the ugly sophomore year numbers as a defensive coordinator that widely vary from the first year to the second, the right side of the offensive line is new (and unimpressive thus far at right tackle), Shaun Cody is banged up, leaving Earl Mitchell and undrafted rookie Loni Fangupo to man nose tackle until he returns, and the receiving corps looked great until rookie Keshawn Martin fumbled twice in Saturday's loss at New Orleans. I feel I'm nitpicking, but those are still dangerous situations that could turn into real situations at important junctures of the season. I loved drafting Whitney Mercilus in this year's draft, I don't think the losses of DeMeco Ryans, Mario Williams, Mike Brisiel, Jacoby Jones and Lawrence Vickers will be a big deal, but I do fear the losses of Eric Winston and Neil Rackers. Nike Free 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Women,Emotional cheating is so much more than a nifty new buzz word used in divorce courts across the country. It is quickly becoming an epidemic that impacts about 20% of all marriages. Many of those marriages end in divorce because people are simply unable to cope with the emotional distance that is created by this form of cheating. Here are just a few reasons that emotional cheating is so devastating to marriages. 1) It drills deep into the heart of things. In a lot of ways, emotional cheating is more devastating than physical cheating. One solace or comfort that people take about physical cheating is that the heart stays with the husband or wife at home. But that is not the case in most affairs which involve emotional cheating. Physical affairs would tend to lean more on sex or those needs which the other person meets. When one of the spouses intentionally withdraws emotion in the marriage and starts to make a significant if not altogether complete, emotional investment in another person, that one is an emotional affair. 2) Hopelessness. One of the greatest thing that kept the marriage to keep on standing still even after the havoc brought about by physical affair is Hope. For a purely physical affair, people tend to relax for they know they can still compete on that. It's when they feel that the person is slipping away from their grasp that they tend to lose hope in the competition. Hope is so powerful that when it gets lost, oftentimes marriage will go as well. 3) Intensity is at the peak. Emotional infidelity is not just flames of passion being spent. These are fierce emotions that came to accumulate over time. These are actually the emotions that are being withdrawn from the marriage. The more intense these emotions get, the greater the tendency for the 'cheating' spouse withdraws from the relationship and extends to the other person. To cheat, relationship need not be consummated. Its intensity is too consuming that even with the absence of sex it will go through. 4) Sex may not be the most devastating factor in infidelity. When it comes to cheating, sex is rarely the kicker. It's not the usual thing that pushes the marriage into divorce. For most couples it's not about getting sexually involved with another. It's actually the lies that would result in committing the same. Those secrets kept from each other. The trust broken. It's not all sex when it comes to cheating; actually sex is not when cheating happens. Emotional affairs are very harmful because they get to be strong and consuming on those people who get involved in these affairs. Sex could not happen at all if not for the intents and purposes that is often a result of logistic technicality. Have you been the victim of an emotional affair? Did your relationship end and now you're looking for a second chance? It may feel impossible now, but you can get your ex husband back. It is possible.

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