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And so I wanted to take this unusual step of speaking directly to you, our readers, about exactly how we work and why we are so concerned about the proposed media laws not just for our own sakes but for yours. Currently newspapers are regulated by the Australian Press Council. It is industry funded so as not to be a burden on taxpayers, but fully independent. In fact industry nominees make up just nine of the 22 members of council. Another nine, including the chair, are members of the public and the remaining four are independent journalists who do not represent any media organisation. The chair is Julian Disney, a law professor and prominent social justice advocate who has been an outspoken critic of many aspects of the media and is fiercely independent. Certainly, he is nobody's lap dog. Since Professor Disney's appointment the Press Council's role has been strengthened significantly and this newspaper is committed to fully abiding by it. Indeed, since becoming editor of the Telegraph two years ago, I have made a personal commitment to run Press Council rulings about us prominently and in full. And, of course, we also endeavour to ensure all our stories are factual and that, where mistakes are made, they are promptly corrected. In every single edition of the newspaper we run a section called "For the Record" on the letters page in which we provide full contact details for the Press Council as well as my own office should any reader have a complaint or identify an error. Where we need to correct or clarify something we do so regularly. And, while complaints may only take a matter of minutes to make, they often take days or even weeks to deal with. In fact News Limited has a full time senior editor dedicated to dealing with Press Council matters. Should a complaint be heard by the Press Council, we run its ruling in full and as prominently as possible, regardless of whether it is for or against us. In the past year, this has happened three times. A ruling about headlines in our asylum seeker coverage that went against us we ran on page 6 (418 words), two other rulings that came down partly in our favour we ran on pages 18 (697 words) and 26 (573). Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has attempted to take credit for the substantial strengthening of the Press Council, yet at the same time complains it is inadequate. The only example of this he seems able to point to he raised on the ABC's Lateline this week, claiming the Telegraph had not complied with a Press Council ruling about our coverage of the NBN. His exact words were: "And they were ordered to by the Press Council, The Daily Telegraph, to correct it prior to Christmas a couple of Christmases ago, and not only didn't they comply with that, they waited until 27th December and they put it on, I think, about page 42 in tiny print." In fact this is just not true. The Telegraph had already published a clarification about one of the articles. Then, when the Press Council made its adjudication, we published the entire 642 word text in full on December 26 (not 27), 2011. The claim we stalled is ludicrous the ruling was made on December 22. Furthermore the page number was not 42 but in fact page 104, the reason being the newspaper was the Boxing Day edition one of the biggest of the year and full of lift outs that effectively eliminated all the middle pages. To put it in perspective, the whole ruling was published in the general news section ahead of our opinion pages, ahead of our own editorial pages, ahead of our letters pages and ahead of Sydney Confidential. For more perspective, a typical lead story in The Telegraph is around 400 words. We ran 642 words of the Press Council ruling. Compounding the confusion is the fact that the apparent catalyst for these reforms was the UK phone hacking and bribery scandal which prompted the Prime Minister to say News Limited had "hard questions" to answer, yet she was unable to articulate what any of those questions were. In fact it was up to us to ask the hardest questions of ourselves and we did commissioning an external audit of more than 70,000 editorial financial transactions nationwide a process reviewed by two former Supreme Court judges. It found no evidence of any wrongdoing whatsoever. That is why this newspaper has responded so vehemently to the further restrictions the government is now trying to impose. They are based on false pretences, misinformation and, as demonstrated by the Minister's only tangible justification, basic untruths. Troublingly, these untruths are being fed into the debate in an effort to stain this newspaper and colour the public's view of what is in fact a robust and responsible free press already diligently governed by a robust and responsible regulatory system not to mention an onerous legal system. I wanted to tell this to you, the reader, first hand and assure you that, regardless of whether these draconian new laws are passed or not, we will always hold ourselves to a far higher standard than any government ever could. 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An open shelf is ideal for items you want to keep visible, or for storing small, removable bins that corral loose items . videos, library books or other items to be returned, unopened or unsent mail, and notepaper and pens for quick messages. A handy gallery shelf, like the one on our popular Preston Ridge space saver desk creates an ideal place for items 'in transition'. Choose entry furniture with shallow, small drawers that let you store small items in specific places. Speed retrieval by allocating keys, sunglasses, cell phones, parking change and tip money, upcoming event tickets, stamps and envelopes, pens and a notepad to specific drawer locations. The entry is an ideal place to keep household information. A compact furniture chest that doubles as a desk stores files in one place . making them handy when needed but completely out of sight. Or create an instant communication center with a cordless phone and storage for take out menus, phone directories or the family activity calendar. Pull out and drop leaf surfaces create a compact, expandable work station to re charge lap tops, pay a bill or write a note. At only 19" deep, the open base of the Seven Seas desk also allows you to tuck a small stool or ottoman underneath. Or place a chair to the side and let it double as a place to sit to put on shoes. Entries are the ideal location for a mail center. Cubbyholes allow you to sort mail by family member, or keep separate slots for bills, incoming, outgoing or unread mail. If possible, place your entry furniture in front of an outlet so you can recharge portable electronics as soon as you get home, plug in a lamp or store a paper shredder. Create the illusion of a bigger entry by hanging a large, decorative mirror. Mirrors reflect light, brighten and expand space. They're also handy for a last glance before going out. 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