Online Outlet Store In Texas Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow You Will Find The Latest Styles. Men Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Quilted Mens Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow Up 60% Off No Taxes!Free Shipping "No matter what the fight, don't be ladylike! God Almighty made women and the Rockefeller gang of thieves made the ladies." As we prepare to honor our mothers this week, our minds go back to all of the sweet nurturing times, talks at the kitchen table and hugs that could heal all of the hurts we collected along the paths of childhood. These are the things that make for great Mothers' Day memories. However, we should also honor those mothers whose destiny took them on a path of activism, compassion for other people's children and a life that ever stands for the dignity, safety and protection of working class families all over the world. One such mother is Mary Mother Jones. When she tragically lost everything she had, she turned to the only thing left an enduring passion for oppressed workers and their families. Mary Harris was born in Cork County, Ireland during a time that saw British troops in the streets of simple villages and men killed mercilessly in front of their families. Her grandfather was hanged for being an Irish freedom fighter and her father, rather than suffering the same fate took his family and fled to the shores of America in 1835. in order to find work as a child care worker and seamstress. In 1861, she met and married George E. Jones, an iron worker in Memphis, Tennessee. The 1800s in America were also a time when working class families suffered tremendous hardships due to poverty, a lack of health care and incredibly harsh working conditions. The life expectancy of most people was far lower than it is today. Mary was no stranger to these hardships and despite her schooling, was extremely dedicated to her husband and the children born to her marriage. "Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts." However, a few short years and four children later, tragedy struck Mary's life again. In 1867, just two short years after the end of the Civil War, yellow fever struck the bustling community she and her family lived in. Within one weeks' time, Mary lost her husband and all four children to the epidemic. Heartbroken and distraught, she moved to Chicago to start a new life. Mary worked as a seamstress in the homes of wealthy Chicago industrialists and businessmen living on Lake Shore Drive and got a first hand look at how indifferent many well to do families were to the plight of the poor, hungry and unemployed. She worked hard, managed to maintain a household and eventually saved enough to start up a seamstress shop and work for herself. Life seemed to be picking up for Mary but she never forgot the injustices she saw and often thought about the family she lost due to the conditions she felt helpless to change. On the night of October 8, 1871, popular myth has it that Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over a lantern, the hay and small stable were engulfed in flames and the Great Chicago Fire blazed uncontrollably. While the cow story was later proved to be a reporter's hoax, four square miles of the city burned and hundreds of people lost their lives in one of America's greatest urban disasters on record. In a cruel twist of fate, Mary Jones lost everything she owned. With her shop, home and possessions gone, Mary turned to the only thing she had left the flames of passion in her heart for the working and living conditions of all of the people that she ever cared about. Mary determined that if she could make a difference in the working conditions of common people, lives would be saved and families could live out their dreams and aspirations. She joined the newly formed Knights of Labor in the burned out shell of a building and embarked on a lifetime of activism and the defense of workers' rights. "Pray for the dead and fight like Hell for the living." Mary would spend the next 60 years of her life waging battles for the less fortunate working class. She participated in the Pittsburgh Railway Strike in 1877, helped organize the United Mine Workers in the 1890s and helped found the Social Democratic Party in 1898. In one of her most famous endeavors, she led a children's march during the Paint Creek and Cabin Creek Strikes in Charleston, West Virginia. Well advanced in age, her case generated national attention. A year into her sentence, she was pardoned by incoming Gov. Hatfield. However, Mary was not done yet. "I asked a man in prison once how he happened to be there and he said he had stolen a pair of shoes. I told him if he had stolen a railroad, he would be a United States Senator." Mary made headlines again after mine owners used machine guns to brutally suppress an uprising by mine workers and their families in Ludlow, Colorado. So incensed by the carnage, Mary (now known widely as Mother Jones) went on a national campaign telling the story of the Ludlow massacre to everyone who would listen. Apparently her message got through. President Woodrow Wilson met with the House Mines and Mining Committee in Congress and urged owners to agree to a truce and to create a grievance committee at each mine. Mary worked tirelessly all her life for the rights of others, earning the wrath of wealthy senators who respected her abilities but labeled her the "grandmother of all agitators". She responded to the unofficial moniker by saying she hoped to live long enough to be the "great grandmother of all agitators". Mary Mother Jones made her last known address on her 100th birthday in 1930. She delivered a fiery speech in front of what was referred to as "the motion picture camera". For a woman who suffered so much loss during her lifetime, she gave so much in an effort to improve the lives of people she didn't know but understood very well. This Mothers' Day, remember Mary Mother Jones, a woman who refused to be silent, refused to allow injustice to stand and did more during her retirement years than most of us accomplish in our entire lifetimes. Mary Mother Jones, the miner's angel..

I've been thinking about extra shampoo ever since I sent a box of random bars of hotel soap and shampoo bottles to Clean the World a smart and admirable non profit that sends unused soap and shampoo to people at risk of acute infection and disease due to lack of soap. What I came to realize is that most of have old shampoo around for any number of reasons. Perhaps you collect hotel shampoo, or bought some whose fragrance is stronger than tear gas, or changed to an all natural brand before finishing the paraben y bottle. Either way, if you have extra shampoo around, don't wash it down the drain in vain, put it to use. Here are twenty uses to use it up. Donate your old shampoo to Clean the World to help fight acute acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease due to lack of hygiene supplies. And now, I'll get down off my soapbox For a stuck zipper, put a drop of shampoo on a Q tip and dab it onto the zipper. The shampoo will help the zipper to slide easily. Buff your shoes. In a pinch, you can revitalize leather shoes and purses by using a small amount of shampoo on a clean cloth. Rub into worn areas as you would shoe polish, and give it a buff. This also offers some protection from salt stains. Skip specialty (read: expensive) soaps for hand washing laundry, use just a drop or two of shampoo instead. Shampoo works well on laundry stains treat the stain with a few drops of shampoo, rub them in, let soak, and then launder as usual. Worse than a wound is often the removal of a bandage. Let a few drops of shampoo soak through the adhesive part and the bandage should peel off without pain and sticking. In a pinch, shampoo can be used as a substitute for bubble bath. Shampoo (conditioner, too) works as a great substitute shaving cream. Lather up, shave away. Shampoo is much more nourishing/less drying than soap, which is what many women use on their legs. Harsh soap can dry out hands, but sometimes you need something strong for extra grime next time, try using shampoo as a hand cleanser. It tackles messes with out drying out your skin. You can also just put it in your liquid soap dispenser for everyday use. Shampoo works well to remove body oil and gunk from combs and hairbrushes; comb out any loose hair and swish the comb/brush in some warm water and shampoo. Let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse well. You can clean houseplant leaves using a few drops of shampoo in a bowl of water; dip a towel in the solution, wring it out, and wipe away dust. For a quick touch up cleanse of tub, shower or sink, use some shampoo as a liquid cleaner. It rinses clean and makes chrome shine as well. To clean paint brushes use a few drops of shampoo and massage it through the bristles, then rinse well. (Never use extra hot water when washing paint brushes, it loosens the glue resulting in bristle loss!) Try shampoo on rug and carpet spills, dab a few drops on with some water and blot with a towel. Repeat until spill is gone. A few drops of shampoo rubbed onto the inside surface of a swimming mask (then rinsed) will prevent the mask from fogging up. Diluted shampoo can take the place of bubble soap for bubble blowing wands. Yay. Car car washing suds, add 1/4 cup shampoo to a pail of warm water and lather up the car as usual. Shampoo mixed with baking soda into a paste can be used to clean chrome on vehicles; rinse thoroughly and buff to shine. Loosen stuck nuts and bolts with a drop of shampoo. Let it seep into the threads and the bolt should loosen easily. Use shampoo to lubricate squeaky hinges. [i]At Care2, we believe that individual actions can collectively make a difference. Whether you start making differences in your home, your community, or across the globe, we are glad to help you on your journey. Join us today! 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The shoes were so I was amazed that they would be allowed any wear near the beautiful wedding dresses. After visiting many more bridal stores I realized that most bridal shoe collections consisted of dull anemic looking shoes in shades of white and ivory. Typically most brides wear full length gowns that cover their feet, and will have to endure several hours of standing and dancing during their wedding day, thus comfort is usually the first consideration for bridal shoes rather than style. While I do accept the logic of this, I don think a bride has to compromise style just to be comfortable; and it seems rather unfair that the bridesmaids get to wearing chic stilettos while the bride plods around in hideous shoes. Although the bride is expected to wear white or ivory shoes, bold colored shoes are a great way to add a unique touch to her outfit. It is also a clever way to coordinate with the rest of the bridal party and will look great in the photographs. Some brides might find it easier to have two pairs of shoes; a simple comfortable pair for the ceremony and a stylish pair for the photo session and reception. This is the perfect way to combine comfort and style. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

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