Authentic Quality Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White Here Would Be Your Best Choice. Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V3 Wolf Grey White Hyper Blue Online Womens Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White With Free Shipping When you walk in (or wake up), the first thing you'll notice is the decor. Typically there will be some kind of demented theme all around you, like cowboys or baseball or penguins or some shit. They'll be a tiny person there too. It will usually be tied down to a tall chair or maybe carried around by one of the two people responsible for its creation. Don't even think about wishing the kid a "Happy Birthday" either. For one, they can't understand a word you say. Kinda like telling your dog to go make a Taco Bell run for you. Yeah he might cock his head back and forth a few times, but eventually you know he's just gonna go take a dump on the kitchen rug. There will also be some relatives and some cupcakes with little shoes or pregnancy tests on top of them. Here's where the exploitation begins. Bottom line is you can't show up empty handed. You're gonna shell out $20 $30 for about 9 square inches of fabric that won't fit thirty days from now. Even worse, you'll be forced to watch as the goo goo talking parental units open each and every stolen item, openly mocking all the guests they just swindled out of $30 as they "ooh" and "ahhh" the fact that they just put your wallet in a stranglehold. Just to make sure this kick in the crotch reaches full extension, you'll get to watch the 365 day old reach for a smashed Cheeto on the floor rather than pay any attention to the $8 per inch mother effing shirt you bought on the way over to this crime scene you now cannot escape from. Here's where the Enola Gay comes in for the final smackdown. Let's recap for just a minute. The setting looks like Candyland after nine hits of LSD. The tiny person atop the tall chair just audibly soiled himself during the presentation of the $27 pair of Levi's you bought. The parents are cackling and grinning ear to ear, all jazzed up because they just succeeded in clothing their child in a new outfit every day for the next two years. There is no beer, there is no music. If there is music, its the variety that compels you to contribute to a complete stranger's hysterectomy. Then, crap hits the industrial sized fan. Plastic goes down around the 8,765 hour old person. You think, "Maybe the parents are tired of changing diapers and are just gonna let the kid go on the floor" or "Is something illegal about to go down here?" As your underwhelmed senses are trying to process this, a cake is brought before the tiny human. People start pulling cameras out like they just spotted Ricky Martin grabbing a girl's ass. 2 + 2 = hotdog. The sun starts setting in the east and rising in the October. The kid starts smashing and thrashing this cake. Attendees laugh, take pictures, test your sanity, tug at your soul. Kid eats some of the wreckage, applies some to its face, throws some at attendees whose laughter begins to turn hysterical. You ask the person next to you for a valium and a straightjacket, but they're too busy laughing and shrieking at the cake covered midget in the highchair. Things start to get blury. You find yourself laying on a bed of smashed cake, crushed Cheetos, and shredded wrapping paper. Somehow this is comforting compared with the madness you were watching seconds earlier. Then, just like that, its all over. The tiny person is whisked away to bed at 3 in the afternoon. People begin saying their goodbyes, thanking the two life stealing time bandits for a wonderful afternoon. Somehow this morphs your already traumatic experience into something soul altering. Did this whole chain of events really just happen? Surely the 52 week old will have no memory of what just took place here. Where's the purpose? Where's the logic? Where are the crazy pills? The answer to all three, is of course, nowhere to be found. Congratulations, you've just made it through your first 1 year old birthday party. Next time, make sure to watch out for stray tranquilizer darts..

Ladies shoes. Most women know that when it comes to shoes, you simply can't have too many. It goes along the lines of being too rich or too thin just not possible. The Way it Was That said, in years past, looking for the odd shoe sale here and there made shopping for Ladies shoes problematic. Too many women were expected to pay full price (often too expensive), or wait for shoe sales to come along and hope you get there in time to find something good. Unfortunately, that was rarely the case. By the time most women got to the clearance rack, though, the nasty truth prevailed: all the good shoes had been picked over, leaving undesirable pickings as leftovers for those who weren't the early birds. The Early Bird To be the "early bird," though, you had to have a schedule you could fit around those shoe sales, or simply missed a particular one and hope that you could be there for the next one. That meant that buying Ladies shoes truly good Ladies shoes, that is was a hit or miss proposition. Until now, that is., you can find Ladies shoes on sale for much less than retail, sometimes as much as 50% off or even more. And for the shoe enthusiast, the pickings are sublime. Find styles, colors, materials just about anything you want with the click of a mouse, and find them fast, in your price range. Impact of the Internet The thing is, the Internet has made it very easy to find Ladies shoes on sale whenever you want them. (And although you may think this bodes ill for your credit card status, think again. It simply means you can go shopping when you need or want shoes, and dispense with it the rest of the time. It's actually a timesaver as well as money saver, if you think about it, because no longer do you have to keep an ear out for shoe sales to come along. Just buy whenever you want to or need to.) Styles, Sizes and Widths for Everyone What's your fancy? Do you have a particular style of shoe you simply can't do without, like boots? Do you need the latest styles at cut rate prices, whatever they are? Do you have a particular need when it comes to shoes that you have trouble fulfilling, like a very narrow or wide foot? Try finding those at your average neighborhood shoe sale; it usually can't be done. However, even if you are among those who have a hard to fit foot, online shopping makes it easy to find exactly what you need in your style, size, width and color. No More Paying Extra for "Special Options" Unfortunately, if you have a hard to fit foot, you know that usually, you pay more than retail when it comes to purchasing shoes. That doesn't have to happen with online shopping, though. With online shopping, you can pay less for even special sizes or specifications, so that you save money and can buy more shoes, for an even better wardrobe. Go ahead; go shoe shopping for Ladies shoes whenever you want to. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White ,Nike Free 4.0 Dark Grey Reflect Silver Total Orange Women Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Black University Red Nike Roshe Run Hyp Women Black Pink Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Volt Women Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Anthracite New Green Teal Nike Roshe Run Women Club Purple Pink Quilted Roshe Run PRM Women Peppermint Candy Sail Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black White Purple Quilted Men Nike Free Run 2 Blue White Wolf Grey Team In Training is now accepting for the Disneyland Half Marathon, the Nike Women's Marathon (and half marathon) and the Santa Barbara International Marathon (and half marathon). The event is free to attend (suggested donation of $10 to help offset expense). The Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world's largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. LLS funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world and provides free information and support services. Founded in 1949 and headquartered in White Plains, NY, LLS has chapters throughout the United States and Canada. ET. The Santa Barbara Regional Office is located at 1525 State Street, Suite 205, Santa Barbara 93101. For more information, please call (805) 884 1883. loonpt on "Anti Vaxxers on the Rise" That not true at all blah, I a chemtrail chasing truther but I am not a non vaxxer or an anti vaxxer. I just believe . JarvisJarvis on "Alleged Rapes near SBCC" Let follow your thinking Volok. Local property owners are asked to pay extra property taxes for the next 35 years to expand SBCC, . loonpt on "But Then There's Sociopaths" Politicians are almost all sociopathic so we will be hard pressed to get any sort of law passed against them. Instead we will . JarvisJarvis on "Alleged Rapes near SBCC" Deduct the costs of extra policing the Lower State bar zone and IV from the retail sales taxes these students generate. blahblahmoreblah on "Anti Vaxxers on the Rise" Non vaxxers = Chemtrail chasing truthers. That sums things up in a flash. valleyfarmer on "Beneath the Valley of the Dogs" It's time to acknowledge that damming the Santa Ynez River and sending its water to the South Coast was a mistake. The South . DavyBrown on "The Roots of ISIS" random, a big part of Reagan legacy as falling asleep in his watch, letting 240 Marines get killed in Beirut, and allowing the . Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White,How would you describe your style are you a Yummy Mummy, or a Martyr Mom? Not sure what that means? Oh, you know the Yummy Mummies are the ones who do the school run in skinny jeans and sky high heels (think Elle McPherson and Stella McCartney), while the Martyr Moms are the ones who are schlepping around in pilled, faded sweatpants (the kind with the elastic at the ankles). Yummy Mummies are determined to stay sexy despite the kids, while the Martyr Moms feel like they lost the right to look great when they brought the baby home from the hospital. My guess is that most of us fall somewhere in between these extremes. Some days, we really got it all going on: cute shoes, great top, bold accessories. Other days, we just happy to be out of our pajamas when it time to pick the kids up (or thankful for the drive through carpool line, which makes the pajamas a moot point). In the real world, there's a huge space between the Yummy Mummy and Martyr Mom stereotypes, but moms often get caught between the two and don't know what to wear or how to shop we either overdo or give up. That where I come in. Chic moms know that a few wardrobe staples make it easy to look great all the time. These aren expensive or complicated pieces and they all kid friendly. Dark wash, mid rise jeans. A perfect fitting dark wash jean automatically makes you look chic, no matter where you going (or how little sleep you had). Choose a style that works for your shape; universally, a boot cut or trouser jean, with a wider leg that falls straight from the widest part of the hip, is the most flattering. Opt for a mid rise in order to keep your backside covered; the waistband should fall about two fingers below your belly button. Anything higher than that falls into Mom Jeans territory, and we're not going there. Finally, choose a hemline that will work with the shoes you wear most often you cannot wear the same jeans with heels and flats, so if you move between two different heel heights, you need two pairs of jeans. A great white shirt. The classic white shirt is a button front, collared shirt, but don't assume that this is your only choice. Tunics or wrap shirts are flattering on curvy figures, while great white tee can be a mom best friend. Again, choose a shape that is appropriate for your body type a V neck works for almost everyone, because it lengthens the neck and draws the eye up to your pretty face. Be sure your shirt fits properly through the bust, and that it is long enough to cover your backside when you bend over to pick the baby up. And be sure to treat any spills or stains as they happen. I carry Tide To Go pens in my bag all the time they easy to use and they truly work miracles. A bra that fits. Oprah has been telling us for years that most of us are wearing the wrong size bra. She right, and it worth taking the time to get a bra that fits properly. You should have a professional bra fitting any time you lose or gain weight; even five pounds can completely change your band and cup size. Pregnancy and nursing will also change your bra size, but don tell yourself that you going to wait until the baby is weaned to have a proper fitting. Your nursing breasts deserve a bra that fits right they working hard! The best place to find a fitter is in a small boutique lingerie store, but there are also some hand online calculators that will help you find the right fit. (We cover those in a couple of weeks.) These are the fundamentals great jeans, a terrific white shirt, the right bra. You can build on them in a million ways, by adding different accessories (pretty shoes, a beautiful bag, a statement necklace). Or you can toss your jeans and white shirt on over that great bra and look pulled together and crisp, no matter how rough your day has been. Top Articles on How To Get Great Style What Not To Wear: How to Find the Perfect Jeans : Video : TLC How to Dress Your Best : Videos : TLC What Not To Wear: Yachio : Video : TLC 10 Years Younger: Bra Basics : Video : TLC

Wholesale Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White,Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange It's hard to imagine but true that the raging conflict between Ukraine and Russia, or at least Ukraine and pro Russian rebels, all started with a humble trade agreement. As tensions run high over a Russian aid convoy described by Western leaders as a provocative incursion, reports of direct Russian military activity inside Ukraine and Ukrainian fears of an outright invasion, it's time to look back on how we got here, and where things are headed: That's when then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych scuttled a trade deal with the European Union that would have pulled the country, so recently a satellite of the Soviet Union, toward Europe in the latest twirl of a dance that has lasted centuries. Instead, Yanukovych jumped at Russian President Vladimir Putin's offer to buy $15 billion in debt from his cash strapped government and cut the price of vital natural gas to the country. Yanukovych's decision set off protests in Ukraine's more Europe leaning west calling for the government's ouster. Security forces responded harshly, beating protesters and firing live ammunition into demonstrations, resulting in several deaths. As clashes spread, so did international anger over the situation. By late February, Yanukovych had fled to Russia, the government had fallen and a new pro Europe government had formed to replace it. That, in turn, set off pro Russian demonstrations in Crimea, a semi autonomous Ukrainian republic and the location of a major Russian navy base. After thousands of Russian troops filtered into the territory purportedly at the invitation of Ukraine's self exiled president Ukraine's regional parliament called a referendum on secession, and before you could say "borscht," Crimea was part of Russia. And it's here that things turned even uglier. Pro Russian fighters occupied government buildings in the country's east, demanding a referendum on independence. Before long, rebel forces believed to be supported by Russia had taken control of major cities in Ukraine's east. Fighting broke out between the rebel groups and Ukraine's military, fighting that continues today. In a major and likely inadvertent escalation in July, a suspected surface to air missile believed to have been operated by pro Russian rebels shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, killing all 298 people aboard and hardening Western opinion, particularly in Europe, against Russia. What's happening now Ukraine's military has been on the offensive recently against the pro Russian forces, but those successes seem to have slowed. Russian troops remain camped along the Ukrainian border, Western leaders say. And Ukrainian officials said Tuesday that they had detained 10 Russian soldiers in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, further evidence, Kiev says, of direct Russian involvement in the conflict. Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis sure only to get worse unless something is done to stem the fighting. What's next A full scale invasion is unlikely. While Putin's approval rating among Russians is sky high, recent polling shows the Russian people aren't wild about an out and out invasion of Ukraine, said Robert D. Kaplan, the chief geopolitical analyst for Stratfor. "He may be a dictator, but dictators care about public opinion as much as democrats," he said. But any talk of peace from Putin is likely a stalling tactic. Putin is buying time so that he can continue slipping arms and aid to help rebels recover from their recent losses, said Heather Conley, senior vice president of Europe and Eurasia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "His best option is to have a permanent frozen conflict," she said. Fall and winter will slow the fighting. Kaplan said the colder seasons in Ukraine mean mud and mud means a slower tempo for military operations. Just don't expect total silence, he says there will still be fighting. Moscow will try to squeeze Ukraine. Putin will slow the flow of crucial natural gas and goods into Ukraine, putting further pressure on Kiev's economy and war fighting ability. "The Russians will try everything to weaken the regime in Kiev," Kaplan said. The West has some soul searching to do. Sanctions applied by the United States and Europe against Russia have so far only played into Putin's playbook, enhancing the image of an aggrieved Russia trying to shake off its detractors, Conley said. Putin's strategy of assembling a larger Russian empire has significant ramifications for Estonia and Latvia, Conley said, raising questions about just what the West will do to stop Russia if Putin chooses to further extend his reach. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grape Purple Dark Gray White According to the American Psychological Association, dress up games and other types of imaginary play are not just a creative and social outlet, but a fundamental part of a young child's cognitive development. Contrary to popular belief, young children do not learn as effectively from structured classroom education as they do from being allowed to play creatively. To play a game of dress up, all that is needed are some old clothes, shoes, accessories and a vivid imagination. Any sort of old clothes will suffice, whether they are fancy dresses, like an old bridesmaid or prom dress, or out of date business attire. The all time favorite shoes for playing dress up are old high heels and work books, but ballet slippers and other shoes will work just as well. You can purchase store bought accessories especially for playing dress up, such as plastic tiaras, feather boas, doctor's coats and play stethoscopes, or you can offer disused and outdated purses and jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets and cuff links, found at a yard sale or in your own closet. Clip on earrings are usually the best bet for playing dress up, since some children don't have pierced ears. Other great additions to a dress up collection are stick on nails and old Halloween costumes. Add a little imagination, and the possibilities are endless. Everyone wants to be a prince or princess once in their life, even if it's only pretend. Have the children dress in their best imitation of royalty. Let the little ones take turns sitting on a "throne" and making royal proclamations, or waving to the commoners as they travel in a parade. Once the children have dressed, accessorized and styled their hair, have them practice their best poses. Use phrases such as "that's so money," "you're so fierce" and "work your angles" as you take pictures of the children. For even more fun, buy a disposable camera and let the little ones take photos of each other. A fun twist on the traditional dress up game is the dress up relay race. Separate dress up clothes into two piles, and divide children into two teams. Each team must race, one child at a time, from the starting point to the pile of clothes. Then they must select an outfit from the pile, put it on as fast as possible, and return to the starting point. The next child on the team repeats the process until each child has dressed up in an outfit. The first team to complete the task is the winning team.

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