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Tom Austin, managing partner of Berret's Restaurant in Williamsburg and River's Inn in Gloucester Point, will lease the Yorktown restaurant space from York County for 10 years, with an option to renew for another 10 years. The amount Austin will pay to lease the space will depend on annual sales. The unnamed restaurant, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2005, will anchor Riverwalk Landing, York County's seven acre commercial development along the York River. The development includes space for as many as 18 other businesses, a 270 space parking deck and an outdoor performance area. The parking deck will replace Nick's Seafood Pavilion, a local landmark that will be demolished around the end of the year, said County Administrator James "Mac" McReynolds. County supervisors have said they would like the Nick's name preserved in the name of the new restaurant, and they reserved the right to veto the name of the new restaurant. The late Nick and Mary Mathews founded Nick's in 1944. The Greek immigrants were known for their philanthropy and willingness to provide a free meal, particularly to those who served in the military. In October, supervisors voted to tear down the restaurant after they learned renovations would cost about $1.3 million more than the cost of a new building. Austin said he is not sure if "Nick's" will be part of the restaurant name, but he said the restaurant will include a tribute to the Mathewses. "People who come to the restaurant will have no doubt that Nick and Mary are being recognized," he said. Some items from Nick's will be incorporated in the new restaurant, according to a statement from the county. Those that don't go to the new restaurant will be auctioned. Austin said he could not promise jobs for Nick's employees because his restaurant will not open until 18 months after Nick's closes. County officials met with Nick's employees earlier this week and contacted the Peninsula Workforce Development Center to help them find jobs, said Jim Noel, the county's economic development director. Plans for the new restaurant are not complete, but Austin said it will have a fine dining area with seating for about 125 people, casual seating for 25 to 30 people, outdoor seating for 50 as well as a banquet room. Austin, who is 58, moved from New York City to the Williamsburg area in 1972 and has 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. He managed restaurants for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for 14 years, purchased Berret's in 1984 and opened River's Inn in 1996. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green ,Nike Roshe Run Men Iguana Black Men Nike Free Run 3 Sequoia Electric Green Nike Roshe PRM Women Aubergine Sail White Electric Green Men Nike Free Run 5.0+ Turquoise White Black Women Nike Free Run 2 Black White Anthracite Roshe Run Wmns Hyper Blue Silver Yellow Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite Black Red White Nike Roshe Run Men Grey Black New Green Men Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 Pure Platinum Reflect Silver Soar Blue This is an excellent choice for families and people just getting used to riding bikes over rocks and through mud. Experienced riders in the mood for an easy ride next to one of the most beautiful rivers in the White Mountains will also enjoy this trip. This trip begins at the Lincoln Woods parking area on the Kancamagus Highway just east of Lincoln, New Hampshire. It follows an old woods road up the east side of the Pemigewasset River; crosses the river over a series of large boulders; and returns via the Lincoln Woods Trail above the west bank of the river. It is also possible to make a side trip to Franconia Falls, where you can swim in the cold waters of Franconia Brook. This is an excellent choice for families and people just getting used to riding bikes over rocks and through mud. Experienced riders in the mood for an easy ride next to one of the most beautiful rivers in the White Mountains will also enjoy this trip. This trip begins at the Lincoln Woods parking area on the Kancamagus Highway just east of Lincoln, New Hampshire. It follows an old woods road up the east side of the Pemigewasset River; crosses the river over a series of large boulders; and returns via the Lincoln Woods Trail above the west bank of the river. It is also possible to make a side trip to Franconia Falls, where you can swim in the cold waters of Franconia Brook. Warning: It is a grueling, steep ascent and descent, with moderate rock scrambling. Bring LOTS of water and and PLENTY of snacks, but you can refuel at Greenleaf Hut if you run out. For your suffering and determination, you will be rewarded thousandfold with unforgettable killer views as you hike the ridge of a true alpine mountain range with a totally unobstructed view (you are above treeline). We made frequent stops and did it in a day, the 9 mile loop took us about 9 hours, word to the wise: start EARLY. But you can sleepover at the AMC Greenleaf Hut to turn this into a 2 day hike. We ascended via Old Bridle Path and descended via Falling Waters. In our opinion, Old Bridle Path is far steeper than Falling Waters thus we would not recommend descending via Old Bridle Path. Be careful: Falling Waters can be slippery. This is an extremely tough trail on the feet and knees; it was basically rock hopping/bouldering the entire way (hiking boots are a must!). I did the reverse loop and started with Falling Waters; I would rather have a steeper ascent than descent (though the Old Bridle Path descent was plenty steep as is). Likewise, there are several points on the Falling Waters trail that are extremely slippery and steep and I was very very glad I didn't have to encounter those parts on a descent. The difficultly of the hike was a good way to test my mental and physical toughness and to get more comfortable with extremely rocky terrain. It is a long, strenuous climb and made for an all day ordeal. I started at 9 AM and was back at the car by 4 PM. I probably spent about 45 60 min resting/taking pictures along the trail, so it was actually a faster pace than I expected to have on this terrain. The view at the top was non existent; the peaks were completely surrounded by cloud cover. However disappointing the lack of view, the cloud cover had a very cool, isolating effect and gave one the sensation of being alone at the top of the world. Overall, it was pretty busy with European tourists, and definitely got more crowded as the day went on. It looked like rain, but I got lucky; I imagine the trail is extremely treacherous when wet. Make sure you take a pack with emergency provisions and gear. Be prepared for a tough climb. Learn from my mistake, I would not advise taking your wife, husband, significant other, etc on this hike assuming it is their second time ever in the White Mountains. Also, bring good hiking shoes or boots. Your comfortable sneakers will leave you walking the last 2 (very rocky) miles like a drunkard (this will be the case in either direction). Also, there is cold water at the Greenleaf Hut. Had I known this, I would not have packed so much water to start. Overall, this is an amazing hike with some of the best views anywhere! Just set the expectation for an ALL DAY hike or brace yourself for a very quiet ride home with your wife or significant other. Great hike with very scenic views. Decided to go up via the Falling Waters trail, as I would rather take the steepest part of the hike first (never heard of anyone falling UP a mountain). Humidity was pretty high on the hike, but the temp was in the mid 60's. Stopped off at the Shining Rock spur (well worth the trip) for a quick peek at the views. Made it to the top of Little Haystack in about 2 hours. The trip from Little Haystack to Mt Lafayette was great, with just a little cloud cover and a nice breeze. Quick stop at the AMC hut, then down the Old Bridle Path trail. This hike has some of the best views I've ever gotten from a hike, with a full 2 hours of hiking along the ridge line. A bit strenuous, but well worth the hike. This was by far the best day hike I have done in New England. The view from the green leaf hut was great you could see hikers going along the ridge and the alpine lake was very nice also the few along the ridge is hard to beat. It did however push the limits of my ability on the decent of falling waters trail lots of rocks and very taxing on the knees the many water falls are great and cooling stopped to soak my feet and it was great. This loop should be a must do for all hikers going to the whites. it took us nine hours to complete. Incedible. Best hike I have ever done. The clouds were thick all morning when I got up there, and I didnt see the sky until I was on little haystack mtn. Awesome. The view of the ridge is intimidating, but its not all that hard, nothing like falling waters trail. If you are doing this trail after a storm, bring rain pants/boots/gaiters. I was soaked all day because I didnt prepare, wearing only shorts and gore tex shoes(which dont really keep the water out when you are up to your knees in a rapid). Be careful, up on the ridge you are totally exposed to the elements. I love this trail so much that every time I go hiking I go here! I can't imagine any other trails surpassing this one's variety, intensity, and beauty. It is like hiking through a rainforest to a NE forest, to Scotland/ Zew Zealand. However defintiely not for the faint of heart! Make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen in the middle of summer (I would suggest at least 2 liters per person). In early fall, the weather can be very touchy bring gloves, a hat, a fleece. There is lots of rocks so make sure to wear appropriate shoes. (And don't forget a camera!) Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green,Some agencies discourage door to door fundraising, believing it to be ineffective for generating sufficient money. This may sometimes be the case, but location is everything. Identify the type of people who live in your area, and cater your product and its cost to their needs. For example, if you are in a college area, you could offer baked goods or pizza slices for a few dollars each. If every member of your organization chipped in a dozen cookies, for instance, the organization could keep all of the profits made from door to door sales. Depending on the interests of the people in your area, a sports tournament can generate a significant amount of money for your organization. Golf tournaments, flag football or sand volleyball games will draw a large turnout, especially during the warmer months. Less common events like capture the flag or dodgeball are popular as well, especially among young people. There may be high start up costs for renting facilities and equipment, but as long as entry fees are high enough (but still reasonable), a sports tournament will raise a lot of money. Free Fundraising Events. Finding the right fundraiser at no cost to your your organization requires creative planning and dedicated volunteers. Schools, churches. How to Hold FUN Fundraising Events: Ideas for Success Need new fundraising events? Ideas with FUN are the key! Tired of all the selling and begging people to buy, just to. How to Organize a Dinner Theater Event Dinner theater combines two great pastimes that Americans love: Eating and being entertained. There nothing like a great night out, watching passionate.

Your Best Choice To Buy Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green,Men Nike Free Run 2 Anthracite All Black The phone call came when Kate (the names have been changed) was about to walk into an important meeting. She was totally unprepared for the venomous hysterics from her neighbor, Fran Smith. Fran claimed that Kate eleven year old daughter Lindsey had posted vicious lies about Fran daughter Jessica on Facebook. Jessica was apparently devastated and refusing to go to school. Fran was demanding that Kate handle the situation or she was going to go to the principal. Flustered, Kate stammered out a weak apology and a promise to find out what was going on. Kate was a wreck after she got off the phone. Mortified, she wanted to wring Lindsey neck. Lately, she didn recognize Lindsey. Her sweet angel had suddenly morphed into a creature that could be petty and down right mean. She reminded herself not jump to any conclusions, but she had a sick feeling, not doubting the truth of Fran allegations. What she couldn understand was why Lindsey, attractive, bright and popular, would have any reason to target another girl. When Kate calmed down sufficiently, she had the presence of mind to recognize, that as painful as this whole experience would be, she could use this as an important opportunity to demonstrate her values and to hopefully teach her daughter about empathy and personal responsibility. Kate stopped herself from going down the path of blaming HERSELF mercilessly for having failed in her parenting. She decided to wait until she got home that evening to sit quietly with her daughter; not only to ascertain the facts but to give Lindsey a fair opportunity to comment on Fran accusations. Kate knew it would be important throughout to emphasize how much she loved Lindsey and how much Kate wanted to maintain a relationship where the two of them could speak up freely about important topics, without inappropriate blame or judgment. She wanted Lindsey to know that she was available to support her with the tough situations that she faced. However, Kate reiterated that she counted on every member of the family to treat each other, and friends, with respect, compassion and dignity. In order to have this conversation in an authentic way, Kate had to do some serious soul searching about her own value system and the way that she herself treated other people. Had Kate been one to gossip meanly about others in front of her children, or one that cursed and spoke rudely to her family and friends, Lindsey could have shrugged her shoulders and said to herself who talking?!! However, this was not the case. Kate had always been the type of person to bend over backwards to treat others with care. And, in this case, it actually DID matter to Lindsey that her mother would hold her with high regard. So, it was tough for Lindsey to look her mother in the eye. She became defensive, at first denying it was true. She finally admitted that she had had something to do with the posting, but she started to blame other girls, saying she wasn the only one who had posted things about Jessica. Kate made it very clear, that she was NOT interested in discussing the behavior of the other girls. She was concerned with her daughter behavior and would hold Lindsey accountable for the way that she treated other people. She counted on Lindsey to be the leader among her friends, treating everyone with respect, even if they chose not to be friends. What Kate did next was incredibly tough. She spent some time asking Lindsey to put herself in Jessica shoes, imagining how painful and humiliating the posting had been. Kate told Lindsey that she expected her to write a heartfelt letter of apology. She also expected a public retraction of the falsehoods online and a public apology, as well. In addition, she expected Lindsey to apologize in person for the heartache that she had caused. When Lindsey balked, Kate said she would go with her to the Smiths to offer support because Kate knew that it would be uncomfortable for Lindsey to face the Smiths alone. Lindsey internet and texting privileges were strictly limited for a specific period of time. I not suggesting that this is a storybook tale about one mother efforts that miraculously changed her daughter behavior overnight. Rather, this is the story of one day in the life of a family where there were ongoing tests of will and a mother commitment to instill values and decency. Kate has consistently held her own behavior to a high standard, trying to serve as a credible role model that she hopes her daughter will choose to emulate. One of the toughest challenges for parents is to recognize that despite all of our efforts to raise our special darlings to become decent human beings we can be proud of, there are times that our children behave less than admirably. In fact, there may be times that we don like their behavior at all! Taking a step back to evaluate what their actions mean to us and how to proceed can be a daunting prospect. Women Nike Free Run 2 Grey White Green Destructive dog chewing is a common problem to most dog owners. It can be frustrating. Their ruining your wood furniture, your new shoes and everything in your house. There are reasons why your dog or new puppy is doing this destructive chewing behavior: attention, boredom, and teething. So how do we handle this? Before getting to the root of the problem we have to make sure the dog is healthy. There is a condition in dogs that is called Pica and it causes your dog to eat non food items in attempt to deal with neausea. First things first, take your dog to the veterinarian. Once he gives your dog a clean bill of health then we can take it to the next step. It is normal for your new puppy to chew, due to teething or just exploring his suroundings. To stop this behavior exercise him more. Exercising your dog in improtant part of being a dog owner. If they get enough exercise it will cut down on boredom and anxiety. The proper exercise is to take your dog for a walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Take him in the back yard and throw a ball around with him. Give your dog more chew toys. A Kong Toy or a hollow bone, put a little peanut butter in the middle and your dog may spend hours trying to get the peanut butter out. Bones in general and rope toys are other excellent outlets for your dog to chew on. To keep your dog interested in his toys give him a different toy to play with on different days. Consider applying bittertasting coatings to his favorite chewable surfaces. The taste and smell of these substances repel some (not all dogs) from chewing. Bitter Apple Sprays, White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol are just to name a few. You can purchase these items at any grocery store or your local pet store. Training is the most vital of them all. You must teach them No and Drop then exchange it with a toy he can chew on. Crate training your dog or new puppy is the best way of keeping him contained while you are out. Do not use the crate as punishment because he will then associate the crate as punishment and it will become difficult to keep him in the crate. It should be your dogs safe haven.

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