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When I sat down to write my mini story on "Alzheimer's" I pretty much had on mind Edgar Allan Poe's writing principle: Unity of impression. To bind the story together I used an object (a 100 burnt out light bulb) that would mirror and symbolize human life: that it eventually burns out. Poe held that a good work has to be short enough to be read in one sitting. If it requires two sittings, the unity of impression and effect is damaged. That is why he was so critical of Milton's long poem "Paradise Lost." Because of that long held belief, Poe wrote only one novel: "The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym." A novel must be read by taking human bites of a few chapters at a time. He is particularly well known for his short stories of horror and terror, and also for his long poem, the Raven. Poe began his career writing Gothic fiction, especially through the tales of the macabre for which he is now so famous. In all his tales Poe never deviates from the "Unity" principle. In one of his letters, he writes: "In writing these Tales . at long intervals, I have kept the book unity always in mind . with reference to its effect as part of a whole." The narrator of "Ligeia" at one point cites Lord Bacon's dictum: "There is no exquisite beauty says Bacon, Lord Verulam, speaking truly of all the forms and genera of beauty, without some strangeness in the proportion." On the surface this seems to paradoxical, but on deeper reflection is holds some truth. In addition, Poe also observed that "The death . of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world." With the above two observations, together with the "Unity" principle I wrote my story in one sitting. For those of you who have not read it, here it is: Alzheimer, Love, and Mercy the Death of a Beautiful Woman Glancing through my bookshelves I noticed a book entitled, The Things They Carried. To fix the remembrances we value we carry or keep our favorite things. In my case, I value a 100 watt burnt out light bulb more than anything else I can think of. I will explain in a moment. In the mid sixties, as both Mary Patricia and I were pursuing our separate careers, we had to juggle our time to hold our marriage together and to spend quality time with our first born daughter. As a budding concert pianist, Mary Patricia's schedule was filled with auditions, recitals, and long practice hours. To pay bills I took a break from school and got a job. We needed help desperately. One good day, it occurred to me that my mother in law a widow for many years who lived all by herself in a big house in Boston, perhaps should move in to live with us here in Manhattan. "With Jim now in the Marines," I said to Mary Patricia, "she must be lonely." "Mom misses Jim a lot." With a melancholy voice Mary Patricia went on, "I must admit she favored my brother. Sometimes I felt like I was a glass pane that she'd look through me. But not with Jim oh, no. Her gaze would always linger on him." "You're imagining things," I would say to soother her. "Moms love their children equally." Mary Patricia agreed to talk to her mom. And to our relief, Portia welcome the idea and soon she moved in with us. For fourteen precious years Portia enriched and sweetened our lives, for in my long years of existence besides my wife I haven't met anyone as noble and kind hearted as my mother in law. Endowed with an eye for colors and patterns, in her mild manner, she would suggest that I change ties, that a particular jacket or shoes were more appropriate. Never for a single day or moment did I have to worry about loose buttons, frayed cuffs, or soiled or spotted garments. Portia inspected and maintained my personal attire, just as she had with her husband's (a distinguished and famed Boston attorney). While the war in Vietnam was raging and seemed distant to many, in our household it was a daily threat. Jim Mary Patricia's brother, Portia's son was there. An occasional letter from Jim would relieve Portia's anxiety. But the specter of doom filled her days. Having lost my student deferment, I had no choice but to accept a commission as a second lieutenant in the US Army. After advanced training in Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fort Lawton in Oklahoma, I soon received my orders and shipped out to Vietnam. While I came back from the war, Jim never did. Yet Portia never begrudged her loss. She accepted Jim's fate and his memory became a constant source of pride, for Jim had fallen with the gallantry of a true American hero in the battle for Khe Sanh. And many were the posthumous citations and medals that the Marines awarded him. With my nerves shattered and suffering from hallucinations and nightmares, for a couple of years, Mary Patricia and Portia nursed me back to life. Like a divine angel of mercy Portia ministered to my shredded soul and body. My return to civilian life wasn't easy, and had it not been for Portia, God knows what dark impulses would have seized my feeble reason. When I got well and started working again, Portia once again looked after me with motherly love, respect, and sweetness. It seemed to me that she waited for the hours of the day to pass so that when I came home from work, she could greet me with a cup of hot tea and cookies. At times I felt bad for Mary Patricia, for Portia's attentions to her were not as expressive. Having grown up during the Great Depression, Portia was thrifty and not given to frivolous spending. Many a time, as I saw Portia use her 100 watt burnt out light bulb to mend my socks, I would ask Mary Patricia: "Wouldn't it be more economical if I buy new socks? In today's economy no one mends socks anymore." "She did that for that dad. Let her be," Mary Patricia would reply. Then one ill starred day an incident happened that was the harbinger of bad things to come. Hot tea and cookies on the table by my side, I watched the 6 PM news. In the next instant, Portia walks in with another tray with cookies and hot tea. An awkward moment it was, for I was just as confused as she was. Realizing her duplicate action, Portia retreated to the kitchen carrying the tray, eyes filled with tears. I never gave it another thought until other little things started to become obvious that something was amiss. Faced with the unmistakable facts that Portia wasn't well mentally, we took her to a specialist. The diagnosis was 'dementia caused by Alzheimer's loss of memory.' Portia became adamant and wanted to return to Boston to live in her own house again. But she no longer owned that house, for she had sold it when she moved in with us. And since her illness was progressing at a rapid pace, we had no choice but to install her in a facility that specialized in Alzheimer's patients. Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls ,Air Jordan 6 Brazil World Cup Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared Air Jordan 8 Phoenix Suns Air Jordan 10 Lady Liberty Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 10 Cool Grey Air Jordan 5 Fear Air Jordan 14 Black Toe 2014 The gruelling event will see hundreds of determined participants attempt to conquer the Arts Tower, which at a mammoth 78 metres is the second tallest building in the city. The Take the Stairs Challenge will be held on February 25, 2012 to celebrate National Heart Month. BHF researchers at the University and retired England football referee Uriah Rennie are amongst those donning their trainers to raise funds for vital research. Dr Timothy Chico, senior clinical lecturer in the Department of Cardiovascular Science at the University of Sheffield and honorary consultant at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will be taking part on the day. He said: "Treating patients is rewarding but without research treatment wouldn't be possible. The BHF is therefore funding lifesaving and important research." The British Heart Foundation funds Dr Chico's research in Sheffield. He's investigating how blood vessels grow and form in the zebrafish, to give us clues about how we might stimulate new healthy blood vessels to grow in people with coronary heart disease. The zebrafish is also the inspiration of the BHF's Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, which is funding cutting edge research to help the heart repair itself after heart attack. Currently there is no way to repair the human heart when it's damaged, whereas the zebrafish can re grow up to 20 per cent of its own heart in a matter of weeks. If scientists can find a way to make the human heart behave more like a zebrafish heart, we will be able to mend broken hearts and save lives. Event organiser and BHF volunteer Stuart Heslington has taken part in a number of fundraisers in the past but wanted to do something on a larger scale and he could not get much bigger than the 390 stairs of the Arts Tower. He said: "The reason I wanted to do this for the BHF is because when I was 15 my dad died of a heart attack and if I can stop another 15 year old going through that, then I'll do all I can." Stair running is a minority sport but easily accessible to most people. More than 200 people are expected to take part from committed athletes to local supporters. All runners must sign up individually but can participate as a group for some friendly competition. Mr Rennie, former FIFA referee said he was eager to stress the importance of staying healthy and this challenge particularly caught his eye because it is a fun way to get people active. He said: "This kind of sport grabs the imagination and the Arts Tower really has the wow factor." To take part or for information, log on to Take the Stairs Challenge or call 01623 624558. Notes for Editors: Friday, 24 February 2012, is National Wear Red Day and your chance to help the British Heart Foundation fight heart disease. Join in at work, school or with friends and family. Order your free fundraising kit today at BHF Wear Red Day or call 0300 330 0645. Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls,The glory days of private equity and the storied leveraged buy outs of public companies now seem like many light years away. Leveraged bravado has given way to equity in regret. After we got our first sub prime related market sell off in February, 2007, I wrote a piece titled "Private Equity Prays the Hardest that the Market Has Not Topped Out." I made several claims then, some right, some wrong. For example, I declared that the stock market had indeed topped out, but it took three more false recovery rallies before we finally put in a top eight months later. (It never ceases to amaze me how poorly the stock market can perform as a pricing mechanism). But what brought me back to this old piece was a CNBC Fast Money segment last Thursday featuring legendary bear Doug Kass. In this segment, Kass warned that private equity is the next shoe to drop in our on going financial troubles with contagion effects on college endowments and pension funds. I had been wondering whether my earlier suspicions about private equity had any validity. Last year, I wrote (emphasis new): "In the years since the collapse of 2000 2002, we have witnessed a set of rolling booms, some of which have already been ground back into the dust of bust. The celebrated largesse of private equity is certainly the latest of these booms. It seems as if we cannot go one week without the financial pages heralding the triumphant acquisition of another public company by private money. As we have noted many times, the world is awash in cheap and easy money, and these buy outs are yet another manifestation of the boom in paper. But what is more interesting than the chase after public companies is who is chasing the private equity. The Wall Street Journal reports in "How Labor's Pension Funds Are Playing Private Equity Two Ways" (by Alan Murray) that public pension funds were the largest source of funds for private equity in 2005.22% of all newly raised money. Essentially, "public" funds are being used to convert public companies into private companies. Nice! To the extent that this boom is headed to some kind of bust, we can see the ripple effects could be wider than we might originally expect." I highly recommend watching the Fast Money video and reading Kass's article (links above). One key quote: "Like post 2005 vintage mortgage lending, most private equity deals done over the last two and a half years (estimated at over $900 billion) are now worthless (as are some of the early vintages)." Once the housing market set new lows in its throes late last year and then the stock market crumbled this year, I thought private equity would finally make good plays. My thinking was that private equity would refocus on the business of buying distressed companies at a DISCOUNT and find ways of turning disasters into profit. If this scenario does eventually play out, it seems it will happen only after we suffer through some more financial catastrophes.

Welcome To Our Online Shop Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls,Air Jordan 3 Joker : GLITTER SHOES Recycled from ugly worn out looking shoes This is my first Instructable so bear with me.This is my first Instructable so bear with me. I have been debating whether to enter in the contest or not and I think I will even though I would say I wasted some plastic bags in my process, still I feel that I rescued a pair of shoes so I guess that is the trade off this time. I didn't know about the contest when I did the project.Here I will show you how to rescue some ugly shoes and transform them into a princess girls dream shoes. I might note too, that I have seen glitter shoes for kids and regardless of the price they usually last for a couple wearings before the glitter falls off and they become ugly, this could be a way to restore them or just create your own out of some hand me down shoes you think are ugly to begin with. I loved this project because I didn't go out and BUY anything for it. I checked the garage and my craft stuff and found all I really needed to rescue these shoes. Air Jordan 10 Retro Chicago Bulls It seems that whatever Karl Lagerfeld touches turns to gold. Although, the fashion master mind cannot be credited with the invention of clogs, he certainly deserves credit for their most recent foray into fashionable footwear. Ever since he sent models sashaying down the runway in an updated version of the traditional Scandinavian shoe, fashion lovers have been on the hunt. For those in Minnesota with strong Scandinavian roots, these are not your grandmother's clogs. This spring the shoe has gotten a sexy makeover, and comes with anything you could want: studs, chains, open toes; but most importantly a great heel. Gone are the days of teetering in stilettos. But, buyer beware, clogs can take some getting used to; they are often looser fitting than most shoes, which can cause your foot to slide around inside. While you may not have the money to get the Chanel 5 Clog Mules (they'll set you back a cool 4 figures), Jeffery Campbell has come out with a similar pair for $125 available at Nordstrom's in the Mall of America. If you're looking for an open toe version, look no further than Pumpz Company in the Galleria Edina for a chic pair by Belle by Sigerson Morrison. Looking for cues on how to complete your outfit? Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe featured clogs in a recent Zoe Report, and encourages pairing them "with a peasant like blouse and long jersey skirt for a carefree stylish look." Or you could pair them with a hot pair of ankle length skinny jeans to offset the chunky heel, and a pretty floral tank. But, however you choose to complete your outfit, remember: confidence is your best accessory!Outdoor exercise tips: What to wear for cold weather workoutsWhen there is a chill in the air, it's easy to think you'd be better off to put in a workout DVD, take your daily walk indoors at the local mall, or better yet, skip it all together. But as long. Tips for moving houseplants from outdoors to indoorsMany gardeners keep their houseplants outside during the summer and move them inside for the winter. Typically this is a good strategy but with moving plants in during the winter the plants.

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