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Perhaps, but it makes perfectly good sense to Poulsbo Duncan, who took the Man phenomena to another level when he paid a visit to the courthouse and legally changed his middle name from William to Seahawk on Jan. 6. I do stuff, I go all in, like the saying for the Hawks this season, Duncan said. do whatever it takes. get tickets for Sunday NFC Championship Game between the Seahawks and 49ers at CenturyLink Field, Duncan, 35, did just that. Duncan sold a portion of his Russell Wilson autographed football card collection for $1,000. He and his wife, Jamie, who shares her husband love for the Seahawks, will be sitting in Section 117, Row BB close to the tunnel where the 49ers will be entering and leaving the field. Seahawk Duncan will be the guy wearing the Red Bryant jersey ( rolled with it last week so I going to wear it again because it lucky. and vintage 1947 leather helmet. The helmet was an anniversary gift from his wife. They were married three years ago on a bye weekend in October. year is leather, he said. kind of do the traditional anniversary gifts. It was black and white and I painted it all up (in Seahawk colors). Duncan and Jamie, whose nickname is Squawk Hawk because of how boisterous she gets, will put their leather lungs on display on Sunday. up we were able to afford Mariners tickets a lot more, he said. get them free for honor roll for school and things like that. Bill the Beerman (a popular vendor) was always at the Kingdome doing cheers. energy rubbed off on Duncan, who is the wild man you see going absolutely nuts the whole game. time we on defense I like, C Let go! he said. we on an aisle seat, I run up and down the aisles high fiving people. had promised his friends this summer that he legally change his name if the Seahawks beat the 49ers in a much hyped Week 2 regular season game at CenturyLink Field. He gave up his season tickets following the 2003 season because he wanted to get closer to the action, and he and Jamie now average three home games a season. When they not at the stadium, they rotate hosting game day parties with their circle of family and friends. Those who know Patrick Seahawk Duncan will tell you there not a more loyal fan around. They responded in mass when asked to nominate the biggest Seahawk fan in Kitsap County. Duncan isn just a guy who sports his colors on Fridays, wrote Amber Hood. past fall he went (66 days) wearing a jersey everyday without repeating! Pat friends and family are swept off their feet by the charismatic way he makes everyone feel, as if they could be the No. 1 fan just like him. wife, Jamie, thinks the name change is great. love our Seahawks, she said. better way to honor them then to change his middle name? Western Washington enveloped in a sea of Seahawks madness, a Seattle television station sent a crew to interview and film him at his home in Poulsbo last week. A Seattle radio station put him on the air and honored him as the Seahawk Hero of the Day this week. On Friday, he raised the 12th Man Flag at a boisterous Seahawks rally at PSNS that drew an estimated 1,200 shipyard workers. Some on social media have nominated Seahawk Duncan to be a candidate to raise the 12th Man Flag at CenturyLink. know there a lot of other people out there who do stuff just as crazy as me, he said when asked about the attention. guys that have $50,000 tailgate rigs, so to be recognized among all the other fans is pretty cool. kind of like for them, too, in a way, Jamie said. The Duncans log home is filled with Seahawks related items. His prized possession is a game worn Cortez Kennedy jersey from 1998. It framed and hangs in Duncan own Hawks Nest: an upstairs loft that loaded with unique stuff he collected over the years. starts when you open the front door, said Dan Harthorn. it goes upstairs; it like the holy grail of everything Seahawks. actually starts when you step on the porch of their log home. That where you find two seats (No. 1 and No. 2) from the Kingdome. Upstairs, there a framed Kingdome ceiling tile that fell in 1994. A recent gift was a full length poster of quarterback Russell Wilson, who now greets visitors at the front door. Other than the Kennedy jersey (one of 75 that hangs in the closet of the guest bedroom) a pair of hand painted, one of a kind Seahawk Nike Air Force One shoes are probably his most cherished item. They were a birthday gift from his brother in law. He recently skipped his usual pregame warm up at the Owl N Thistle Irish Pub in Pioneer Square to wait two hours to get Steve Largent and Jim Zorn to sign the shoe. A regular at signings at shops in Mill Creek and Tacoma, Duncan added Dave Kreig autograph last week, and he plans to have Walter Jones sign the shoe in a couple weeks. He currently has about 15 autographs from current players on the other shoe. He said he only wear those shoes if the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl, and then, only for a quarter. Duncan is the guy who rented a gorilla costume and wore it to the Quake game when Marshawn Lynch ripped his victory clinching touchdown run against New Orleans when the Seahawks were 10 point underdogs in 2011. He wore a Lynch jersey that day with shoulder pads and other gear. Fans were posing for pictures and pounding on his shoulders so much afterward that he ached like he played in the game when he showed up for work the next day. he made that run, I don know what happened, he said. were hugging each other and high fiving and pretty soon we were in a different section. It was crazy. communicated with Richard Sherman mom on Facebook and given him an old school Seahawks jersey from 1994 with No. 25 and his name on it. Duncan owns a four foot poster of Sherman from a Sports Illustrated cover that is custom autographed by the outspoken Seattle cornerback. It reads: Duncan wears a different jersey to work every day at PSNS, where he a supervisor in Shop 38. Jamie, an estimator and planner at the shipyard, has 15 20 jerseys of her own and a collection of sweatshirts, hats and other garb. only thing he buys me is Hawks stuff, she said. romantic, I know, but that all he knows. Duncan, a North Kitsap graduate, has a hard time believing how the Seahawks have permeated the Puget Sound culture. never been like this, he said of the hype and hysteria surrounding the team. the last Super Bowl it was never this crazy. says it because of the players are so likable. Sherman is the perfect marketable guy. He outspoken in the interviews, he best player at his position and he gives back to the community. Wilson like, well, Seattle never had that franchise quarterback. It just like, pinch me, it not real. With all the guys like that and all the social media stuff there like 10,000 Seahawk fan sites and everybody is posting stuff. in the style of football the Seahawks play, and it easy to get excited, Duncan said. think they doing it, he said, of Seattle chances of going to the Super Bowl. the ball, play good defense and pass when you have to. That been the formula forever and that how you win football games in the playoffs. the way, Patrick Seahawk Duncan has converted siblings and nieces and nephews into die hard fans. And friends of his that were die hard fans before are even more into it, Jamie said. 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Buy any bead (prices start at around $25) and you'll get a free bracelet, retail value $36. The Spirited Hand is in the Shoppes at Farmington Valley on Route 44. SINCERELY Yours Consignment Shop, 96B Granby St. in Bloomfield, has a new supply of used designer label clothing and prom dresses. Shop on Saturdays and the store will take 40 percent off your purchase. Information, 860 899 1177. Benidorm Bikes, 247 Albany Tpke./Route 44 in Canton, holds a Spring Consignment Sale on Saturday and Sunday. Along with consigned bikes, the event features discounts of 15 to 50 percent on a variety of clothes and gear. on Sunday. Visit the website and sign up for the mailing list and get coupon for an additional discount on your purchase. Wintonbury Historical Society holds a Tag Sale, Flea Market and Bake Sale on Saturday at the Old Farms School, corner of Park Avenue and School Street. Merchandise includes antique books from the society's collection and a dozen other vendors. Rain date is May 9. The only thing better than thrift store prices are thrift store sale prices. Items include clothing, shoes, household items, furniture, books, current magazines and jewelry at special savings. (Rain date is Sunday.) Information, 860 668 2841. Stock up on summer reading at library book sales around the state. Friends of Lucy Robins Wells Library holds a Used Book Sale at the Senior and Disabled Center, 120 Cedar St. in Newington. (Books are $5 a bag on Sunday.) The sale also includes records, cassettes, CDs, videos and DVDs. Information: 860 665 8700. Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23,Siblings, friends, television, commercials and marketing campaigns everyone is saying something different about the penis. Shoe sizes, penis supplements, vitamins and minerals, and deodorants while some prove beneficial in attracting women others do not. It can all get a bit confusing! While a lot of myths have been debunked, it is surprising how few men might know the real facts. It's the age of information, but it is still difficult to figure out what is true and what is not. Knowing the truth can dramatically change the way a man thinks about his penis, sex, relationships and himself. Worried that your schlong isn't big enough to impress the ladies? Well think again, because size isn't everything really. In November, 2002, scientists from Groningen University Hospital in The Netherlands published a study in European Urology that proved just that. Over 170 women completed a survey on the importance of penis length and girth for their satisfaction. During the study only 20% of women rated penis length as "important," and just 1% of women considered penis length "very important." By contrast, over 30% of women thought that girth was "important" and 2% "very important." So counting up the inches maybe isn't the biggest thing for men to worry about. A thicker penis is far more satisfying to women's pleasure. Forget vacuum devices and penis stretchers men who use these technologies are literally heading in the wrong direction. The idea that a man's shoe size and penis size are connected goes back generations. After comparing shoe size and penis size in 104 men, the researchers confirmed that having big or small feet has no connection to the size of the male member. Surprisingly, the size of your ring and index finger might. In a study that few outside the scientific community were expecting, Korean researchers published a study in The Journal of Andrology in 2011 that proved a connection between the length of the index finger, ring finger and penis. The reason for this connection is that finger length is determined early in life, and the ring finger especially is sensitive to testosterone levels a boy is exposed to in utero a factor that may also help determine penis length. Commercials and marketing campaigns have said for years that a nice smelling man is more attractive to the women around him. But this modern marketing ploy may have actually sparked a modern day myth of its own. Staying clean is important, but the most important aphrodisiac beside health and appearance is the male scent, and deodorants and antiperspirants may be masking it. Male sweat is actually filled with natural chemicals, such as androstadienone, that stimulate a sexual response in women, telling them at a biological level information about the health and virility of a potential male partner. Studies show that the scent of clean, healthy men is attractive to women, while the scent of men who are dirty, unhealthy, or infected with pathogens is largely unattractive. So fellas, it's great to want to smell good and keep yourself feeling fresh, but if you happen to work up a sweat don't worry about it too much. It might score someone a date. It is true, there are a range of supplements available on the market that can have an effect on male health but whether they work or not depends on what you want them to do. There are no safe and efficacious drugs or herbs to increase penis size that is a myth, and false advertising. Some vitamins and minerals may improve male hormone levels, benefit impotence, and even increase penis nerve sensitivity. Available through either oral supplementation or topical penis cr (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) nutrients such as vitamin C, E, A, alpha lipoic acid, L arginine, and vitamin B5 have shown in numerous studies to support penis health and sexual function. For a fast effect, use penis health cr so that nutrients can be absorbed quickly into the local area.

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The "off" condition is relayed to the controller, which reverses the voltage on the motor, reversing the wheels. All the commands have to be programmed in by the programmer. You have to become familiar with computer programming, such as the C + + language, in order to succeed with your project. When it comes to microcontrollers, there's no quick and easy five minute method to programming. You can convert your computer into a microcontroller, with the right software and some commonly available integrated circuit chips. According to "Robotics Universe," a printer or serial port on yur computer has 8 outputs, and 3 inputs. These are enough inputs and outputs to control an automated milling machine or a simple robotic arm. You also have to build an interface circuit. An interface circuit takes the "raw" signal from your computer and converts into voltage levels for motors or hydraulic valves. 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