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Texas coach Mack Brown says the Longhorns will have a new commitment to the run. Will employ less shotgun formation and run the ball more. And Brown said one reason for that is UT's defense. "Our last two BCS games, we didn't play as well on defense as we needed to," Brown said of a 24 21 victory over Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl and a 37 21 loss to Alabama in the Big Bowl last January. Brown said the Buckeyes and Crimson were downhill running teams. "And in both cases, we didn't tackle the great tailbacks very well. "We feel like by having downhill runs and working more in the running game and against the running game in practice would help us if we go out in conference and see someone who wants to just line up and run us." Texas got down big to Alabama after quarterback Colt McCoy was injured in the first quarter. "If we could have run better when Garrett (Gilbert) got in the game, we could have stayed in the game better," Brown said. "We're not going to be three yards and a cloud of dust, but we're going to consistently line up and try to run the ball." Don't expect Gilbert to be part of that run game. While Vince Young (2003 05) was a world class runner and McCoy (2006 09) was a primo scrambler, Gilbert is neither. Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal ,Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Air Jordan 6 Rings Powder Blue At Bill Jackson's, I often walk up to our pack wall and see a customer with a blank stare as they look at all the different packs that we have. And, pack selection is right up there with boot selection, I mean those are, boots and packs, those are the two things that you actually have to wear, gear wise, so they have to fit right. And, it can be overwhelming all the different packs that there are, so, have to ask questions. You know, how long are you going out for, you know, basically what I'm looking for is, how much weight do you need to carry, how much weight are you willing to carry, and in that, then I can see which kind of pack. I walk up and I have someone who is complete minimalist, they're looking for the lightest old light and they're going to drill holes in their toothbrushes and, and do all that. Light little adventure racing packs like this one, would work, but, not too many people go that way. Then, the other end of the spectrum, you got this big weight hauler to carry up to sixty five pounds. Do you need to do that? I try to talk customers out of it, it gets kind of heavy on your back. So, I usually lean them towards something a little lighter. This is a common one that we sell. It's, it's nice and light, it's got a decent ventilation, but, it can carry a reasonable load. And, so it's something that you have to think about when you're going up there looking for a pack. So, when you're there at your outfitter looking at packs, ask them, cause they know what their packs will do. Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal,In Hadapsar, birth of a girl child is now celebrated with much gusto by most families. Reason: right from delivery to treatment, Hadapsar doctors are ensuring that all services are free for the infant girl. Making the phrase aali come true for girls are a group of doctors WHO have shown that a girl only adds to the savings kitty of a family, unlike the general belief of her being a financial burden. Even as DNA reported about Hadapsar doctor Ganesh Rakh who waives off all delivery charges if a girl is born at his hospital, it has now come to light that a group of 13 doctors (mostly family physicians) have been running a similar initiative since the last 2 years in Pune. Under this special initiative, they do free immunisation, medical treatment and even hospitalisations at basic costs if required for girl child up to the age of 1. Leading the pack is Dr Viraj Sonawane, a family physician who practises at Malwadi Road in Hadapsar. He founded a non registered organisation Aarti Medical Foundation under which 13 doctors are carrying out the scheme for girls. have been practising for 15 years and noticed a great disparity when it comes to parents seeking medical treatment for children, Sonawane said. When it came to boys, if they sneezed in afternoon we saw the parents queuing up in my clinic by evening. But some families didn bring girls until the matter became serious. Due to such behaviour, not only did Health of girls got affected but some died as well. It hurts me a lot and I decided to do something about it, Sonawane added. The doctor decided to take the financial burden off families in a bid to improve their behaviour towards infant girls. 2010, any girl below 1 year of age is treated free of cost. I don charge anything for consultation, give them free generic medicines and if they are admitted to my hospital, there is no cost. Also, I have tied up with certain chemists and laboratories who offer Drugs and investigations at concessional rate to these patients. Later, my colleagues saw the positive response it generated and many agreed to join my initiative, said Sonawane. One such doctor is Harshavardhan Mhatre who also practises in Hadapsar. satisfaction that I get from this work of being a part of campaign for equal rights of girl child is unmatched, he said. According to Dr Swapnil Patil, another member of the group, said that on an average, about 250 girls under 1 year take treatment from their clinics on a monthly basis. fact, even if they require advanced ICU admission, we have contacted few hospitals and doctors who offer concessional rates to girls since they know we have referred them under our scheme, said Dr Nilesh Mali who practises at Sasanenagar. Many parents who have taken treatment under this scheme now feel that their boys are being discriminated. have twin children, one boy named Sairaj and girl Swarali, both aged six months. Whenever I get the girl for treatment or immunisation, the doctor doesn charge a Rupee. But for the boy, he charges full fees. I don have to bother about even carrying my purse if my daughter is not well, said Rupali Umesh Badade, mother of twins from Hadapsar.

Where Can i Buy Womens Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal,Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight That's something general manager Brian Burke has to be considering with three of hockey's young stars heading to restricted free agency on July 1 and knowing the kind of impatience he has shown in trying to build the Leafs the old fashioned way. While Burke has previously spoken out against going after restricted free agents, he has said recently he has no objection to going that route if he deems it necessary. In the case of each of Weber, Stamkos and Doughty, teams are dealing with limited budgets and an over the top Leafs offer may put those clubs in peril of having to match the offer. The compensation for any restricted player over $5 million US a season is four first round picks. That wouldn't be problematic for the Leafs if the four picks turned out to be Alex Steen, Carlos Colaiacovo, Brad Boyes and Luca Cereda. But might be if the picks turned out to be Vincent Damphousse, Wendel Clark, Al Iafrate and Russ Courtnall, whom the Leafs selected between 1983 and '86. With Stamkos finding his playoff form and Tampa winning, and Weber nominated for the Norris Trophy, it is a ripe time to have this conversation or at least consider the possibilities. All of them could be signed with their existing teams by July 1. But what if they're not? This and that What are we supposed to get excited about now? We've seen overtime in Game 6 and 7 between Vancouver and Chicago. If that had been the Stanley Cup final rather than the opening round of the playoffs, we'd be talking about the greatest ending to a Cup final ever: So now what? . Used to think that Maple Leafs and Senators fans were the most jumpy and paranoid in all of hockey. Turns out I was wrong: Based on e mail and online response in this week of raw nerves, it's Canucks fans. By a landslide . Subban as one of the defencemen. They are that terrific . Ron Wilson take note: Tampa Bay, the come from behind winners against Pittsburgh and now leading Washington, has outscored its playoff opponents 9 1 on special teams in the post season . Are the San Jose Sharks, goaltender aside, beginning to take on the aura of the 1993 Montreal Canadiens? Those Habs won 10 overtime games in a row en route to the Stanley Cup. In seven playoff games to date, the Sharks have won four in overtime. And they don't exactly have Patrick Roy in the nets . Ken Hitchcock was sounding like the late, great Harry Ornest Gawd, I miss Harry when he said of Jeff Skinner: "I've got suits older than him and if you had asked me last summer, I had a car older than him." Hear and there The great robbery everybody knows about: Phil Esposito to Boston. The great robbery nobody talks about, especially in light of the Boston Montreal rivalry: Ken Dryden and Alex Campbell to Montreal in exchange for Boston's Paul Reid and Guy Allen. By the way, none of Campbell, Reid or Allen ever played an NHL game . The Patrick Chan win at the world figure skating championship complicates the early Lou Marsh Award conversations. It was Milos Raonic's award to win until Chan won the worlds, and to think, it's only May and Joey Votto's hitting only .378 . Still can't believe it's May. Is this year on fast forward, or what? . Just an opinion, but Dominic Moore, in Toronto, in Montreal, now in Tampa, is the best million dollar veteran player in hockey. Why he can't get better contracts is one of the great mysteries of our time . Where is Peter Loubardias when you need him? Named to the Team Canada roster: Mario Scalzo Jr. . The more Tomas Kaberle exposes himself with the Boston Bruins Boston is what 0 for 2,000 or so on the power play in the playoffs the less he will get paid, the less demand there may be for his services in the off season . Firing the coach made sense for the Ottawa Senators. You could have made a case for firing the GM. But firing the PR man? In my dealings with Phil Legault, I thought he was among the best in the business. Can't blame him for all those lousy goaltenders. Scene and heard Strange, how the ultra patient, not about this year Blue Jays have no patience for Travis Snider's swings and misses but daily send E5, Edwin Encarnacion, out to play third base . When Tom Wright was commissioner of the Canadian Football League, he had fears about the Buffalo Bills coming to Toronto and selling 55,000 seats at the Rogers Centre at crazy prices. Now, he's running UFC Canada, selling 55,000 seats for Georges St Pierre, charging ridiculous prices, and getting away with it . The real numbers on the Phoenix Coyotes; They lost $36.6 million this season . If Todd Gill is as selfless and gives as much of himself as a coach as he did as a player, he should grow into a fine junior coach. Gill has taken over from Doug Gilmour in Kingston, who bumped himself up to general manager . Question on another Kingston boy, Kirk Muller: Who gets to him first, New Jersey or Dallas as next head coach? And can either of those teams afford to be wrong? . Okay, so this was just a coincidence, but on the day of the Royal wedding, Prince Fielder hit a home run . Was it just me, or did cellphones kill the drama of Thursday night's first round of the NFL draft. Normally, you wait to see who gets drafted next. But with shots of the awaiting player, it was easy to tell who was being selected next. He was the guy on the phone talking to his new team. And another thing More Kingston stuff: Why wasn't Don Cherry all excited about Mike Schad, when the kid who went to school in Kingston became the first Canadian university player ever drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, the way he was trumpeting Danny Watkins this time around? . What a time for pro sports in Tennessee: The Predators win their first Stanley Cup round and the former Vancouver Grizzlies win their first playoff round, knocking off the suddenly old San Antonio Spurs . The team I don't want to play against for about the next decade: The Detroit Lions with Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on their defensive line . Another sure thing Olympian for 2014: John Tavares, with eight goals in eight games for Team Canada in world championship play . My only explanation of this NFL off season: Legal ping pong . Last year, Derek Jeter started to look like he couldn't play shortstop anymore, losing both some arm and some range This year, it's looking like he can't hit anymore. Hate when this happens to the legends . Happy birthday to Roy Lee Jackson (57), Amir Johnson (24), Bryan Marchment (42), Rich Butler (38), Wes Welker (30), Charlie O'Brien (51) and Jen Botterill (32) . And hey, whatever became of Daniel Berthiaume? Under the control of UFC As I write this, I'm ostensibly being held hostage in the football press box at the Rogers Centre awaiting UFC 129. The rehearsal sound is deafening. The place looks all dressed up amazing, really and ready to go. And security is on high alert. The door to the press box is locked. The door to the 300 level is locked. If you want to just walk around and take in the atmosphere, you can't. You must be accomplanied by security to your press box seat. I've been to just about every kind of sporting event worldwide Olympics, championship fights, Super Bowls and never seen anything like this. This sets new standards for control. It is Hotel California like: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. The season began with: Was last year a fluke? Can he live up to the expecations of his new large contract? How many home runs can he hit? To what has now emerged one month into the big league season: Is Bautista the best hitter in the American League? And taken one step further: Is Bautista the best player in the American League? What all the answers end up being, we know this much: Whatever happened last season with Bautista was both real and spectacular. From the last month of the 2009 season to the first month of this season, he has hit a home run every 10 at bats with the Blue Jays. And all three were acquired at virtually no cost by first year general manager . Yes, he inherited a team that had Steven Stamkos, Marty St. Louis and Vinny Lecavalier, but he strongly supplemented the lineup by changing half the Lightning defence, bringing in a first rate goalie, adding leadership with Simon Gagne, hiring Guy Boucher to coach and teaming Moore and Bergenheim on a very effective third line. One year after the gold medal run in Vancouver, Yzerman is a candidate for general manager of the year in the NHL. The nomination is well deserved. 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