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Your horse crazy 11 year old daughter wants a horse themed birthday party. Chances are, all the kids she wants to invite are just as horse obsessed. How lucky for you because there's nothing easier than putting together a totally fun gallopin' party. Party stores (like I Party) and online stores (like PonyPartyIdeas) stock countless horsy party goods, favors, piatas, balloons and ideas. If you decide to use ready to go supplies, then you'll simply organize a detailed To Do List that includes a list of party goods, invitations and the like. However, if you are adventuresome, creative and a workhorse, and if your child is chompin' at the bit to help with this project, here is some fodder for your mane event. Have fun with your child in a brainstorming session. You'll need to decide on the number of guests, develop a schedule and set your budget. Based on the type of horse party you are planning, ask yourself few questions Will you be playing games Will you be visiting a horse farm Will you rent a pony or several ponies to give rides at your party Will you rent a horse video Are you headed to a horse show If your child rides or boards at a stable, can you have the party there Can guests ride at the stable too Will the stable participate in the party Can you rent trail horses in your area? Once you and your child have agreed on the date of the party, give yourself lots of time because horse partying is not only addictive, it is work intensive. Oh well, the party planning was the fun part. Now for the work . . . Invitations can be as varied as your creativity and fun quotient will permit. Naturally, if you will have a large group of kids, then you might be more inclined to keep the invitations simple. Here are some ideas: Rubber stamp and/or use stickers to construct invitations. Cut and paste the clipart on your invitations. Use magnetic sheets to create refrigerator magnet invitations. Cut out the shape of a horse silhouette (enlarged clipart) and use the cut out as the invitation. Cut a sponge into a horseshoe. Use it to stamp design the invitations. Before the party, dress your child in a riding habit or cowgirl outfit. In a takeoff of the famous Uncle Sam poster, have her face the camera and point. Print the words: "I WANT YOU AT MY HORSE PARTY!" Have your child draw a horse picture. Make copies or scan into the computer to enlarge or reduce as needed to make invitations. The wording for your function might read: For a cowgirl theme: "You're invited to my Buckaroo Round Up! The herd will be ready to horse around at our mane event and we can't wait to gallop with you. Don't be late cause we having cake!" For a pony ride party: "Put on your breeches and wear your boots. We're ridin' high at my party. All the horses will be there." For a mustang/western party: "We're having a wild horse roundup. Gallop on over to our Corral and join the herd." For a western party: "We're getting together in the OK Corral at high noon for a Horse Birthday Party. It wouldn't be fun without ya. We'll be expectin' ya so y'all better not miss it!" You can then add all the party details including date, time, location and other appropriate information. Be sure to mention in your invitation whether you are visiting a barn or stable, if you are going on a trail ride, etc. When you're thrilled with your masterpiece invitations, you'll hand deliver or mail them to the lucky guests. 1. "We're Having the Best Horse Party Ever, Barn None!". Surround the border with stamped horse shoes, your child's art, or cardboard horseshoes. Bright and colorful is good! Hang it outside to welcome guests as they arrive. 2. You can cut out many cardboard horse shoes. It's an easy shape and you can have dozens in a very short period of time. Spread them on the walkway or in the house for effect. You can use them to guide kids to grain, water trough, chuck wagon, exercise arena, wash rack, show arena, fillies, colts or buckaroo rooms. You take it from here. 3. If you are lucky and you have a trophy or, better yet, lots of them, use them as serving containers (place a bag or container inside first) and place them at strategic locations for a bold decorating statement. 4. You can also use rosettes and ribbons. These make excellent decorations for a horse party. 5. Place a small cup or glass inside a pair of riding boots or cowboy boots. Fill with sand or marbles. Glue cut out horse shapes and balloons on dowels and arrange. Presto! A great centerpiece. 6. Purchase a pair of boots, derby or cowboy hat that you can use after the party. Use a bag or container as liner and fill with snacks for munching. 7. Using regular construction paper, cut out rectangular frames. Cover magazine horse pictures with these frames and hang as art. 8. Balloons, balloons and more balloons are fun. With a Sharpie or kid paints, you can easily paint horse silhouettes on them for an easy decoration. 378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue ,Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold 616750 600 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Area 72 528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 136027 035 Women Size Air Jordan 5 Oreo Black Cool Grey White Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red 653996 060 KD 7 Calm Before The Storm Grey Hyper Punch Light Magnet Grey Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Prelude How to Draw Manic the Hedgehog To draw Manic the Hedgehog, you should start by sketching a rough outline of the body, including Manic's hair. Once you have your sketch outline, start drawing over the outline with a darker line, including details like the eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hands, clothes and shoes. Once you have your final outline, go back and erase your initial rough sketch, so that your line drawing looks clean. Now that your line drawing is ready, you can start filling in with color! Start with Manic's green areas. Starting with his legs, color his tail, his hair and above his brow line. Don't forget to shade! His arms, mouth, inner ear, and his tummy should be skin tone. Manic's shirt and shoes are red. His cuffs and shades are gray, while his belt and tail are brown. Lastly, fill in black areas and add some extra shading for effect! Manic has come to life! Sonic the hedgehog is the titular character of the media franchise of the same name which has spawned numerous games, animated movies, comics and TV series. This video demonstrates how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog using nothing but your pencil and paper (and a liberal use of an eraser). The artist starts off with basic shapes which consist of two intersecting ovals. The details like the hair, eyes, nose etc are then added. Then of course, the hands, legs, shoes, gloves etc are added to the torso. Finally a few finishing touches are added to complete the drawing. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to draw Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog. Begin by drawing a circle for the head and 2 triangles for the ears. Then draw the lines for the spikes and a small oval for the stomach. Now draw the hands, legs and feet. Draw the eyes. Now draw the tail and outline the image. Add the details and delete the guidelines. Start adding color to the image. Add some darker colors around to create shading. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy drawing on the computer and want to learn how to draw this character. In this video, we learn how to draw the classic Sonic the Hedgehog character. First, draw a round circle for the head. Then, draw in the eyes and the hair around the head in big huge lines. After this, sketch in the rest of the body. Then, start add details to the head, drawing in the eyes, mouth, and hair lines. From here, draw in the details of the body and then create the leg and feet clothing as well. Draw a bold black line over all of it, then you will add in shading to finish up this drawing, enjoy!. In this video, we learn how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog in his soap shoes. First, draw his muzzle and nose. After this, draw in angry teeth in the mouth and then draw in the eyes and the ears. From here, you will draw in the rest of the spiky hair around the head. After this, draw on the arms and legs, as well as the feet and shoes. The shoes should be larger than the entire body and have lots of details on them. When finished, add in shading around Sonic with the side of the pencil to give him depth and make him look more realistic. In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog. Start out by using a pencil to draw the entire outline of the body. Start with the head, then draw down on the rest of the body and the legs to the feet. After this, draw in the hair at the top of the head and make a crease for the hair on the head as well. Now, start to draw in the details on the face and on the chest. From here, draw the tail on the body and then add details to the shoes. To finish, shadow the character, then finish detailing and you are done! You can of course color this if you would like, it your choice. In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Shadow the Hedgehog. Start off by drawing the head and then add in the spiked hair. After this, draw in the details of the eyes and continue down to the arms and the rest of the body. Draw in the feet and a gun in the character hand. Now, use a pen to start drawing the outline over the pencil marks that you just made. Continue on to draw in details on the picture that make it look more realistic. After this, color in the picture with colored pens and use your imagination to make it look how you want to!. In this video, we learn how to quickly draw Sonic the Hedgehog. Start off by drawing the eyes and eyebrows. Next, draw the ears on the side and connect the head around it. After this, start going to the side to draw the three spikes for the hair. After this, draw in the nose, mouth, pupils, and inside of the ears. Add in shading where appropriate and add highlights to the top of the head. Use a black paintbrush to draw the outline of Sonic darker. After this, finish the picture by coloring it blue and adding different colors to the inner ears and bottom of the face!. In this tutorial, we learn how to draw a hyper stylized Sonic the Hedgehog. To start, you will draw the outline of the entire body of Sonic. Make sure you draw in the huge spikes for the hair as well. Next, you will draw in the eyes, muzzle, and nose on the face. Then, you will draw in the stomach area, the feet, and the hands. After this, clean up any background lines and color the character in completely. Next, shade in darker colors on the sides of the body to give Sonic more depth and make him look more realistic. When finished, save and share with others!. In this tutorial, we learn how to draw Super Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog. Start off by drawing the spikes for the hair, then draw the ears and the eyes on the face. After this, draw the arms, upper body, lower body, and legs. When you are finished with this, use a dark pen to outline the cartoon character and draw in any additional details. Next, you will add in colors to the character, using reds on the outside of the hair and legs, then orange and tan on the inside. Finish this off with red eyes, then add gray in the shoes and gloves, then you finished!. 378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue,jump to contentmy subreddits limit my search to /r/malefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. SHORT REVIEW: DISCLAIMER THIS IS MY ONLY PAIR OF SNEAKERS SO I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I TALKING ABOUT I pretty sure these were made for people with high arches, because there a ton of arch support. I trying to beat the support down, because my arches are definitely not that high and it kind of uncomfortable. The calfskin lining is really comfortable and thick, so that cool. The deerskin leather is thick too, it definitely noticeable from trying on lots of canvas sneakers. It a fairly substantial shoe, especially with the big white sole. No visible stitching mistakes and the leather seems to be of solid quality, though again, I can compare it to other leather sneakers. TL;DR I don love it, I don hate it. I wouldn pay $99 for it(I didn but I also am not a sneaker person. They okay. It looks and feels exactly like the pictures from their website. Also their customer service kinda sucks. close this windowyou'll need to or register to do thatcreate a new accountall it takes is a username and password.

Where Can i Buy Mens 378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue,136027 035 Women Size Air Jordan 5 Oreo Black Cool Grey White Richmond, VA (WTVR) Check out the Free Stuff I found for you this week, and check back often, I'm constantly updating with new finds. Thanks. Cheryl FREE CAKE: Shoney restaurants are offering FREE Hot Fudge Cake this Friday, Dec. 6. No purchase necessary. on Broad Street at the Science Museum. It will travel east to 7th Street in downtown Richmond. Details HERE. FREE ADMISSION: The city kicks it all off with the Grand Illumination downtown, Friday night at the James Center. Details HERE. FREE EVENT: Petersburg Christmas parade, Saturday afternoon at 3. From Walnut Hill Marketplace on Crater Road south to Pine Hill Plaza. FREE ADMISSION: Richmond Parks and Rec presents its annual performance of "Amahl and the Night Visitors". FREE EVENT: Free admissions and transportation to ten historic downtown Richmond sites as part of the annual Court End Christmas Celebration. Enjoy carriage rides, carolers, living history, live music, children crafts, and more. Details HERE. FREE ADMISSION: Centre Hill Mansion Holiday Open House. Dec. 1 Centre Hill Court, Petersburg, Va. FREE ADMISSION: A Dickens Christmas at Magnolia Grange. Sat. Dec. 10020 Iron Bridge Road, Chesterfield. Enjoy period decorations, refreshments and Santa. FREE CONCERT: Salvation Army National Capital Brass Band. Sat. Dec. Concert and sing along. St. Mary Catholic Church, 9505 Gayton Road, Richmond. FREE PERFORMANCE: of the World John Tyler CC production, Dec. 6 8. Midlothian campus, Harnel Hall, 800 Charter Colony Parkway. Details HERE. FREE CONCERT: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Choir presents Christmas music. Sat. Dec. 7 at the cathedral 800 S Cathedral Place, Richmond. Details HERE. FREE ADMISSION: Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Ceremony. Sat. Dec. Virginia War Memorial, 921 S. Belvidere Street. Details HERE. FREE ADMISSION: Legendary Santa and the Snow Queen at the Children's Museum of Richmond's main location at 2626 W. Broad St. Visits are free through Christmas Eve. Details HERE. FREE CHILDREN'S ADMISSION: The RVA on Ice Skating season is open through January 20th at the downtown rink at 6th and Broad. Admission is free for children ten and under accompanied by an adult. Details HERE. FREE COFFEE: Enjoy free coffee and pastry samples and coffee conversation each week at the Starbucks Sunday Coffee Seminar. only at the 375 W. Cary Street, Richmond location. More HERE. FREE EVENTS FOR DADS KIDS: First Things First of Greater Richmond presents 'All Pro Dad' a free dinner and program for Fathers and children . More details or register HERE. Dec. 10: MARTIN'S community room at Chesterfield Towne Center,11361 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA . Dec. No reservations are required. Details HERE. Jazz Cafe and general VMFA Museum admission are always free. Full performance schedule [HERE]. FREE FLAG CLEANING: Get your American flag cleaned for free at any Puritan Cleaners any day of the year. Details HERE. FREE PROGRAM: "Stories at the Museum" at the Virginia Historical Society. All ages welcome, every program will include a group reading of the selected book and a related craft activity. Details [HERE]. FREE CREDIT REPORTS: Get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. Your personal information is completely protected. This site is sponsored by Equifax,Trans Union and Experian. FREE FOR ACTIVE MILITARY: Free annual passes to America's National Parks (value $80) are now available to members of the military and their families free of charge. The pass allows entrance to more than 2,000 national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands. The free pass will be made available for activated members of the National Guard and Reserves but not to military veterans or retirees. FREE LESSON: Take a free introductory lesson; ice skating or ice hockey at either SkateNation Plus in Short Pump or Richmond Ice Zone in Midlothian. LOTS OF FREE STUFF: How about getting and giving stuff free? The Freecycle Network is made up of nearly five thousand groups and nearly 70 thousand members around the world who are getting and giving away stuff free. Membership is free It's a great way to recycle, get rid of items you don't want, and get things you do. 378037 117 Kids Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue White Black Legend Blue These are some of the words many of us use to describe how we feel when we are in a rut and don't take action or don't even want to although we know we should. And one area that all too often suffers is exercising for health.These days, we are all so busy. Getting out of the house, pushing away from the computer, leaving the office to do something physical it just seems too unimportant and hard to bother with when we're overbooked and overwhelmed. And once those excuses and procrastination settle in, we decide it's too late. Better luck tomorrow, we say. Yes, tomorrow for sure is the day I get some exercise.Make today the day, friends, not tomorrow. I, for one, believe that spinning on a bicycle is preferable and much more productive than just "spinning my wheels" with inaction and frustration. Ready to get those new wheels? Here are a few motivating thoughts to move you along.1) "The hardest part is putting on your sneakers." That's what I often say to my patients and coaching clients. So often, once you take the first step, the follow through is easy.Action step: Buy new sneakers. Also get yourself some workout clothes you'll enjoy putting on. Not expensive, just new will do it. Comfortable, breathable clothing and correctly fitted shoes can make all the difference. Feeling good is great motivation to do even more for your wellbeing.2) Make an appointment with yourself. Leaving exercising for "when you feel like it" will usually result in a lack of action and a plethora of excuses why today is not the day.Action step: Treat exercise like any other important commitment. Write it in your calendar or appointment book. Set your computer to send you a message or reminder at the appointed time. Program your phone to ring. Get an accountability partner to call you. Hire a trainer to come to your house, or plan to meet someone at the gym or for a walk.3) Visualize the high and low then choose the high. Imagine how invigorated your body and mind will be at the end of a good workout (yes!). Now picture how disappointed and lethargic you'll feel if you skip it (darn!). Wouldn't your energy be better spent on revving up your circulation and working to meet your health goals than remorse?Action step: Start slowly, but start! Got to begin sometime, so how about now? It doesn't matter that it's a small step. It's the beginning of something bigger.Don't be overly self critical; it just becomes an excuse. Not feeling that you look good enough to even show up at the gym? OK, skip the gym and spend thirty minutes on a brisk walk instead. And when you meet a commitment milestone, don't forget to reward yourself, too just not with junk food!Spring is around the corner, and it's time to release winter lethargy and pounds. Let's all begin to get in shape and prepare for increased activity, slowly but surely.

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