Big Discount For Big Order Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars Enjoy The Biggest Discount. Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Buy Real Mens Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars Save Up To 50% Off As a result, Iran currency, the rial, is in a constant state of flux, but mostly on a downward trajectory. These days, it seems to fall in value against the dollar on an hourly basis. dollar on the open market, according to Persian language currency tracking website Mazanex. I don think so. The thing with Iran is that once the price of something goes up, it never comes down again. Manufacturing hit hard The financial situation is affecting people from all classes. Thousands of workers have been laid off and have not been paid back wages because companies have simply run out of money. Majid, a 32 year old mechanic who used to work for a large car company was recently laid off and is owed six months salary. are laying off people left, right and center. I doubt there will be a company left by the New Year, he said, giving just his first name because of the sensitivity of the issue in Iran. Persian New Year will be on March 21, 2013. The car industry, one of the biggest manufacturing sectors in Iran and a massive employer, has been affected dramatically; Iranian media have reported a 30 to 50 percent drop in car and component production in the past six months. Iran was the 13th largest auto maker in the world in 2011, producing 1.6 million vehicles. The Iran Khodro Company, the country leading vehicle manufacturer, had become the largest vehicle manufacturer in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. The company won the annual national prize for export activities in 2006 and 2007 with Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Egypt, Algeria and Bulgaria among their key consumers. But higher prices, due to the soaring costs of components as a result of the sanctions, have caused a drop in demand. Israel's Netanyahu: Draw 'clear red line' to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons For instance, France's Peugeot Citroen halted shipments of vehicle kits for assembly in Iran earlier this year, saying international sanctions barring transactions with the country's banking system made it difficult to obtain sales financing. Sanctions have taken a toll on the Iranian economy. The government is reluctant to admit it. Inflation is high. The number of young unemployed is a growing concern. NBC's Ali Arouzi reports. Majid, the mechanic, said he is looking for work elsewhere but it is proving very difficult. are not many jobs going and it is getting me more and more depressed. sales to travel down The oil sector has been hit hard too. The Iranian Labor News Agency reported that a letter on behalf of 20,000 oil workers from across the country was sent to Labor Minister Abdolreza Sheikholeslami complaining that they had not been paid in months. The letter demanded an increase to the worker salaries of $120 to $285 a month, adding that at the current rate they were "way below the poverty line. Mohammad Reza Bahonar, a prominent Iranian member of parliament, said oil exports in June July had dropped to "around 800,000 barrels per day," according to a report by ISNA news agency. That a low not seen in more than two decades, and less than half the 2.3 million barrels per day exported just a year ago. But Minister of Petroleum Rostam Qasemi was quoted by ISNA saying that overall oil production this year "will be the same as last year." Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a firm deadline for Iran to halt its nuclear program, using a simple drawing to warn the UN that Iran will soon reach the point of no return in its development of nuclear weapons. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports. The strangling of the economy isn just affecting blue collar workers. Middle class Iranians had become accustomed to foreign travel to Dubai, a playground for Iranians only an hour and half away, Turkey, one of only a few countries that does not require visa for Iranians, and Thailand. But the cost of travel to any of these destinations is prohibitive to many. More Iran coverage from NBC News Maryam, a travel agent in Tehran who also only gave her first name, estimated that the number of travelers has been halved in a year. price of tickets and organized tours increased almost a hundred fold. They say that this will boost domestic holidays, but I think that is even too expensive for most people. was evident to me last month flying back to Tehran from London via Dubai. Usually the flight from Dubai to Tehran is jammed, but not this time. Business and first class were full with the super rich of Iran, but 70 percent of the plane which makes up the economy class was almost empty. Marine outpost in Afghanistan's Helmand Province. NBC's Richard Engel reports. Expected to get worse Mehdi is a young entrepreneur who imports computers and accessories who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. He said people are just not buying in Iran right now. His biggest wish was that the value of the rial would just stay fixed against dollar even if it was at an unfavorable rate just so consumers would know how much things would cost in a weeks time, a day or even in the next few hours. If anything it seems to have stiffened the government resolve and things are set to become even more difficult in the not too distant future. Britain, France and Germany are urging their European Union partners "to further step up the pressure" on Iran. Further sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic's energy, finance, trade and transportation sectors are expected to be formally adopted on Oct. 15..

They won be the only team in the league with big line envy, but how frustrating must it have been for the Maple Leafs to get torn apart by the Rangers $22 million trio on Saturday night? Marion Gaborik, Rick Nash and Brad Richards are going to inflict pain on number of opponents this season and they essentially took care of the Leafs on their own in a 5 2 Rangers win. Both Richards and Nash were players the Leafs would have loved to acquire when they became available, of course, but neither star had any interest in being part of a rebuilding project in Toronto. Not exactly a case of boys vs. men, but certainly it was the haves vs. the have nots. GAME ON The Leafs may have jumped out to a 2 0 lead but never looked to be in control. Put it this way: They scored on two of their first three shots and the second shot didn come until late in the first . Don hang this one on James Reimer, either. The Leafs goalie was peppered all night and the defence in front of him let too many a Ranger forward roam free. An example of this was on New York first goal when defenceman Mike Kostka was looking at the puck rather than knocking Richards on his rear . Wonder how much longer Leafs coach Randy Carlyle can keep Kostka with Dion Phaneuf. Each logged more than 31 minutes, but Kostka struggled at times . In case you missed it, that back to back games the Leafs barfed up two goal leads . As much as Nazem Kadri looks more natural and comfortable down the middle, until he starts having success in the faceoff dot, Carlyle will be torn with what he can do with him at tight points in the game . Grapes recap from Coach Corner: Linesmen bad (for not dropping the puck quick enough), Wilson bad (for not letting players be truculent) and Colton Orr and Mike Brown good (for first period scraps). MORE SCORE Yes, Saturday game was Reimer first start against the Rangers but it was a trip to the same building that became the story of the 2011 12 season with the team. Last October, you may recall, Reimer was scheduled to make the start a few days after suffering what the team was calling a neck injury. Things went crazy at the morning skate when Ben Scrivens showed up (recalled from the Marlies) and Jonas Gustavsson got the start. Gustavsson caused a stir when he told reporters that Reimer had suffered a concussion, sending the Leafs in damage control mode and goaltending was mostly a mess the rest of the season . Who needs the UFC on Fox when you got the NHL on CBC? Back to back scraps early in the first certainly looked like a statement for the Leafs. It Carlyle kind of hockey, a style Wilson wanted no part of . Orr, who gets the decision for beating the Rangers Mike Rupp, wouldn have been making another statement, would he? Clearly the enforcer was ticked at suggestions he shouldn be playing any more with his concussion history . Through two periods, Nash had seven shots on net, the entire Leafs team just nine . The lighting at the renovated MSG finally gives TV half a chance at good pictures but the camera angles still suck. HOCKEY NIGHT IN . WHERE? Among the many oddities of this odd, condensed schedule is the lack of hockey at the Air Canada Centre on the one night of the week where a good atmosphere is guaranteed. For the first seven weeks of the schedule, the Leafs play just two home dates on the traditional Saturday night slot and none in the first two weeks. Much has been made of the team miserable home record, and for good reason 0 2 to start and just two wins in their past 15 games at the ACC. But after starting the season with Saturday games in Montreal and Manhattan, the Leafs have their first home weekend date in Week 3 when the Bruins come to town. They won be the only team in the league with big line envy, but how frustrating must it have been for the Maple Leafs to get torn apart by the Rangers $22 million trio on Saturday night? Marion Gaborik, Rick Nash and Brad Richards are going to inflict pain on number of opponents this season and they essentially took care of the Leafs on their own in a 5 2 Rangers win. Both Richards and Nash were players the Leafs would have loved to acquire when they became available, of course, but neither star had any interest in being part of a rebuilding project in Toronto. Not exactly a case of boys vs. men, but certainly it was the haves vs. the have nots. Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars ,Air Jordan 6 Rings Black Varsity Royal Nike Air Foamposite Onered Supreme Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Women Size 616750 001 Nike Air Foamposite Pro Yeezy Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Air Jordan 3Lab5 Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 6 Olympic Gold Medal Pack Air Jordan 5Lab3 Silver Air Jordan 3 Retro True Blue 2011 Flavel Street at about 3 pm on January 26 hitting and damaging three vehicles and a front yard fence. The car also narrowly missed a pedestrian. From what neighbors told THE BEE, the car was moving fast when it first hit an eastbound 2009 Honda Civic nearly head on. But, then, it kept going. The mystery car then drove up the low hood of an unoccupied 2001 Dodge Neon like a ramp; and kept accelerating, shoving backward along the curb, under a pickup truck behind it. Flavel Street. mom was in my truck, going to the bank, Weaver said. waved to her, said love you, and see you in a couple minutes He didn have an inkling of what would happen next, Weaver said. As the speeding silver sedan pushed the Dodge Neon under the front of his 1996 Ford Ranger pickup truck, the wedging impact rolled the pickup truck onto its side, right where Weaver was standing. was trapped for a split second when the truck started to roll over on its side, recalleed Weaver. truck pushed me into the chain link fence but rolled back and outside of it. Perhaps because of his vocational training as lifeguard, Weaver said, his first thought was to make sure everyone else nearby was safe and not hurt. did the best to make sure that everyone was stabilized, and that somebody was calling to get an ambulance. While the occupants of the Honda and Ranger were transported to area hospitals for treatment and observation, reports indicated that the injuries were not severe. Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars,It is possible to determine your GPA manually. Use a calculator if necessary. Begin by adding the value of each grade, using the following list as a guide: A = 4.00 Each grade should be divided by its weight. For example, pretend that you got a B in a two credit class. In total, you took twenty credits in the semester. To calculate the GPA for the semester, you would first multiply 3 [the B] by .10 [2 credits divided by 20 credits]. Your grade point average so far is .30. Do the same math for each of you classes and add them up to determine your semester GPA. How to Calculate GPA Your high school grade point average may be important for getting into the college of your choice or receiving a scholarship. Figure. How to Determine High School GPA Grade point average, or GPA, is often the gold standard measurement of numbers looked at by parents, teachers and students in high. How to Calculate Grade Point Average It is not difficult to calculate a grade point average once you understand some basic terminology. Students should try to calculate their. How to Calculate the Grade Point Average From Percentages The grade point average (GPA), is the general measure used to determine a student academic achievement. The dean list, admission or transfer. How to Calculate Your Grades If you can wait until your final report card to see your grade or you need to know if you should drop. How to Calculate Your Weighted GPA Grades matter. Like it or not despite the fact that grades do not dictate how successful you will be in your. How to Calculate a Weighted Grade Point Average Your grade point average, (GPA) represents your academic achievement across all of your classes. Some high schools use a weighted GPA, which. How to Figure High School Grade Point Average Comments You May Also Like. How to Calculate High School Grade Point Average. High school students should stay aware of grade point.

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