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According to Art Croci, President of the Global Operations Group of Wolverine World Wide Inc., in a presentation prepared for the American Apparel and Footwear Association, 88 percent of the 2.4 billion pairs of shoes produced in 2008 were manufactured in China. This is a dramatic increase from 1980, when China held 0 percent of global market share in footwear production. In the same report, Croci states that in 2005, China was the world largest exporter of shoes, followed by Vietnam, Italy and Brazil. How to Pick Winter Work Boots Footwear trend research involves the study of directional movement of particular footwear styles. Trends constantly fluctuate, rising or declining in popularity . Economic Indicators of the Footwear Industry Economic Indicators of the Footwear Industry. Advances in technology are expected to force cuts in textile industry. 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