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A shoe retail store owner is required to get a vendor license from the state where the shoe store is physically located. Some states issue this license from the department where business registration takes place, such as secretary of state or department of revenue. New York is an example of a state that handles vendor licenses differently, at the New York Department of Consumer Affairs. A vendor license is required when a business sells or leases products or goods. Some items, such as artwork, food, and newspapers, are excluded from vendor's license requirements in some places. A shoe store owner normally must also get a general business license, depending on how the shoe store is operated and what state the store is located. Some states require all businesses to register with either the secretary of state or local county clerk office, while others only require limited liability businesses and corporations to register with the secretary of state. Getting a general business license may increase the credibility of the business, even where it is not strictly required by statute, so owners should consider completing this step. The tax considerations for a shoe store owner are dependent on the owner business license requirements. An owner may use his private social security number as his primary tax filing identification number if he is not required to register as a business entity, or if he operates as a sole proprietor. If the shoe retail store is registered and operated as a corporation or limited liability business, the owner must contact the IRS and get a tax ID number to file business taxes under, so the private taxes of the owner are kept separate from the shoe store taxes. The tax ID number is called an employer identification number and is given to the owner after he files the SS 4 form on the IRS website. A shoe store owner must also secure local permits, depending on the need for sign marketing and property rebuilding. For example, a shoe store that wants to use signs to market the business must get a signage permit from the local county building and planning department where the store is located. Similarly, if the store property requires extensive rebuilding before the store can open, the owner is required to get a zoning permit and a building permit from the county building and planning department as well. 528895 023 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 ,646701 413 Nike Kobe 9 EM Game Royal 2014 Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan 5Lab3 Black Air Jordan 5 Retro Black Varsity Red Metallic Silver 646701 001 Kobe 9 EM Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight 385664 023 Womens Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Black Black Infrared Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 14 Retro White Sport Red Black Likely when you think of a violinist you think of an orchestra, a bunch of people in tuxedos and how god awfully bored you'd be if you were sitting there watching a dude who likely has five cats playing violin for a couple of hours. Well, now you can add a new image to that picture in your mind: hideous growths. The pressure of holding the violin against your neck leads to Fiddler's Neck, a skin condition complete with scarring, cysts, and pustules. Play the violin long enough, and you can add hyperpigmentation and lichenification to the list. So not only will you have a prolapsed anus growing out of your neck, but the skin will grow darker, bark like and as thick as a lizard's hide, only not as pretty. Part of the cause of Fiddler's Neck has been attributed to poor hygiene, indicating what we always suspected; musicians are filthy. Known by those medical types as "embouchure focal dystonia," Horn Player's palsy is when your facial muscles go all gimpy and leave you looking like you're constantly reacting to nude photos of your grandparents. The high pressures created by the act of playing the horn, the vibration and the demands placed on the muscles can result in a general weakening and involuntary contraction of the facial muscles. The root cause is thought to be a misfiring of neurons in your brain, meaning playing brass instruments can actually cause brain damage. It can cause the facial nerves to become inflamed, leading to facial paralysis. This in turn may cause you to look like Droopy Dog. According to the fairy tales, cobblers were good hearted shoemakers who were often visited by tiny elves who didn't believe in unions, wages or an eight hour work day and we're happy to spend all night doing the lazy ass cobbler's work for him. In reality, cobbler's didn't even have midget porn to fall back on let alone magic elves and spent most of their days hunched over in a chair, stitching and shaping leather and then hammering soles onto their creations, likely cursing the whole shoe wearing world at the same time. Since they often used their thighs as support beneath the shoe as it was being made, the result was a large, horrifying bony growth on the femur from all those years of pounding away on shoes. Use your leg as an anvil, and your body will start turning it into one. It looks like this condition vanished over time when some revolutionary cobblers finally figured out you can hammer shit on these things called "tables" instead of smashing it into your own body several hundred times a day. Roses are the symbol of romance, seduction and bartering for sexual favors. It turns out they also are a source of Sporothrix Schenckii, a fungus that can kill you. If it enters through small cuts and abrasions, like the ones conveniently provided by the rose's thorns, it causes bumps and lesions at the point of entry, and along all the lymph nodes it crosses paths with. Left untreated, the lesions become larger and look similar to a boil, and eventually become chronic, weeping ulcers. The only thing sexier than a bouquet of roses is one handed over by a guy who has sores leaking all over the place. If leaking thorn holes aren't your thing, the spores can be inhaled, which leads to symptoms like coughing, holes in the lungs and potentially tuberculosis because if a rose has to take you down, it's manly to go out spitting up blood and lung chunk. Left untreated the infection can spread to joints and bones as well as the central nervous system and the brain. If this happens you can add weight loss, anorexia and bony lesions to the list of symptoms. Next time your girl asks for roses, show her this article. 1. Miner's Anemia (Ankylostomiasis) You probably already suspected that coal mining sucked as a job. A miner's job is short on sunlight and long on breathing in dust and crawling through cramped, wet spaces with thousands of tons of earth and rock waiting to cave in on you at any minute. But here's another nice little fringe benefit: Miner's Anemia. It's caused by massive infestations of hookworms, infestations so large they actually end up consuming most of your red blood cells. It leaves your body depleted and anemic while the parasites gorge like tourists at a 99 cent colon buffet in Vegas. So why has this happened to miners? Well, mines are big, dark and damp, and toilets hard to come by. Since diarrhea is another symptom, workers would often have to stop and drop one in the massive networks of tunnels where their unfortunate coworkers were likely to stumble through it shortly thereafter. Poor lighting and worn out shoes provided the hookworm larvae a chance to transfer to a new host, burrowing into the skin of the miner's feet and tunneling through to the miner's intestinal tract where they'd latch on and feast until they got shat out for the next miner to pick up, completing the shit worm circle of life. And just in case you were aspiring to go into a different profession than those listed, be sure to check out 6 Dream Jobs That Would Actually Suck and 5 Jobs You Wanted as a Kid (And Why They Suck). 528895 023 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23,Military boots are one of the most important accessory for any soldier. These boots have unique features that make them quite different. They provide added comfort, stability, strength and protection to the feet of soldiers. Military boots have become a fashion statement for today's young people. Army boots are the most popular type of military boots used in wars. They are also used by soldiers during parades and other official ceremonies. The most important feature of this type of shoes is their added strength, durability and protection. They also provide good grip of the ground to the soldiers. Generally, you will find army boots made from leather. Leather is a very durable and strong material so it is a perfect choice for armed forces. Army boots can be used for hiking, climbing and other adventurous sports. These shoes come in many varieties. Desert boots, jump boots, winter boots and jungle boots are some of the most popular army boots available in the market for the general public. Bates steel toe boots are also a well known type of army boots that have gain popularity for their style and durability. The shoes used by Naval forces are called Navy boots. These shoes are especially designed for people who have to work on watery surfaces. They are made from a special type of leather that is highly resistant to water. This ensures better protection on watery surfaces. US Naval forces generally use a unique variety of navy bots that are called Navy seal boots. Navy boots are also popular among young men and women. They look really stylish with casual outfits and can be worn during diving, fishing, and hunting excursions. Synthetic leather is the widely used material in the production of these shoes. These shoes are also water resistant and easy to dry. Marine boots are special type of boots used by marine combat forces. Soldiers find these shoes comfortable even when they have to swim in the water. USMC boots are a commonly used type of marine boots that provide good protection during trainings, warfare and even marine excursions. Young people prefer suede material marine boots that look god paired with casual outfits. Air force boots are the type of military boots used by the air force staff. They provide utmost comfort to air force professionals who need to fly most of the time. They are generally made from leather and suede which are extremely durable materials. These shoes do not contain any metal attachment and are lighter in weight compared to other army shoes. Military shoes are used by military professional as well as common people. Even if you are not working in any of the armed forces, you can choose these shoes to provide protection to your feet during outdoor activities where your feet and ankles need support, stability and protection from the different surfaces in different weather conditions.

Where Can i Buy Authentic 528895 023 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23,528895 023 Women Size Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 The TA as Union Member The TA as GSA Member In the Classroom . . A Board of Directors consisting of an elected executive and representativesfrom each department operates the GSA. The Board holds open meetings eachmonth; the times and locations of these meetings are listed in the GSA dayplanner(available at the GSA office) so please attend. If you would like to bea voting member of the Board, we encourage you to become your department'srepresentative. We also have an international students' and a CUPE 3913representative on the Board. The GSA represents the Guelph graduate student body to the University'sadministration through Senate, the Board of Graduate Studies, and directliaison with senior officials. We are also represented on a diverse numberof university committees dealing with policy formation and issues of concernto graduate students. If you are interested in University committee work,it is not mandatory that you be a board member and there are differing levelsof time commitment for different committees. We are also affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Students (Local62) both national and provincial, the National Graduate Council, and theOntario Graduate Association. We work actively every year to support CFScampaigns and lobby the University administration, and the provincial andfederal governments, on such issues as tuition levels, research and fundingsupport, OSAP, student debt, day care, and international student concerns. We are also here to support individual graduate students with specificproblems such as conflicts with faculty members or with the administration,racial, sexual or any form of harassment, or to direct you to the appropriateresources on campus including the GSA Compassionate Fund. FMI For your free copy of the GSA Daytimer, to become a Board Rep or siton a committee, or for more information about the CFS, NGC, OGA (and theircampaigns), please contact: 528895 023 Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Infrared 23 Life is a terrifying goddamn ride that, at any second, can come to an abrupt, dramatic and bloody halt. On some level, we all know that, and we try to plan accordingly: We look both ways when crossing the street, we stand in doorways during earthquakes and we shamefully lock the doors when teenagers walk by our cars. But some freak accidents are unavoidable; they come careening out of nowhere to turn all of our hopes and dreams into abstract art on the sidewalk. When that day comes, all you can do is try to die quick, and hope that your last words are something a bit more poetic than "Well, shitballs." Or you can be like these people, who saw Death charging at them a mile away and merrily cartwheeled out of their own mortality. Commuting in China is a perpetual game of chicken, often against literal chickens, as out of control poultry trucks are one of the chief causes of road fatalities in Hong Kong [Source: Jackie Chan movies]. To willingly join into that Thunderdome of a road system deserves respect; to do it on a bike should earn your giant, bronzed balls a spot in the Testicular Hall of Fame. Here's why: That bicyclist is, no doubt, impossibly lucky. The black car missed him by sheer chance. But the white car? That wasn't chance at all; that bicycling son of a bitch dodged an exploding, airborne car in mid spinout. That's the kind of reflexes you get when you routinely take a rusty bike to a Chinese car fight. If he had slowed down at all while still in the path of the black car, he'd be an advertisement for helmet safety posted up across the side of that bus right now. But when the white car careens into his path, the bicyclist hits the brakes and manages to slow juuust enough to slip between two disintegrating, bouncing, jagged steel wrecking balls without a scratch. And he does all that without even dumping the bike! As a kid, I once crashed my bicycle in a completely flat, empty parking lot because a girl said hi to me and here's this dude, calmly modulating his speed so perfectly that he skips between two clashing metal tornadoes without so much as a handle wobble. But perhaps a better testimony to the stoic balls and immeasurable skill of this bicyclist is not what's in the video, but what it's missing. Watch past the crash, to the immediate aftermath. See how everybody in the area wanders out into the street? They're totally shell shocked. Even complete bystanders who just happened to glance up and see this are left standing dumbstruck in the road, marveling at all the pretty disaster around them. Notice anything missing? He's not even there. He barely ducked out of being the finger cuffs in a car/bike gangbang, and that didn't even warrant a stop on his commute. It's tempting to chalk every close call up to luck: If one thing had gone even slightly differently, somebody would be dead. And there's some truth to that, sure, but let's not sell these people short. Their actions, no matter how small, still had some hand in saving them. And I can prove it, because there are plenty of close calls where that is not at all the case, and the only reason anybody survived is because they once saved a leprechaun's life and now he owes their ass big. Welcome to Russia, where your average driver's first response to a vehicle slowing even a little bit is to wrench the wheel violently into oncoming traffic, because even acknowledging the existence of brakes is for little pansy men with hairless faces who wince when they drink vodka. Sometimes there is a downside to driving like an alpha dickhead, and sometimes that downside is a giant friggin' semi truck Tokyo drifting across the entire roadway. Watch as the driver's instincts and reflexes completely fail him: He can't do anything but stop directly in the path of the giant metal squeegee wiping the road clear in front of him. Then he sits quietly and waits for death, like he finished his assignment early and the teacher just didn't have any more work for him. 4. Ducking Vehicular Manslaughter . on Foot It was a beautiful day in Russia: Everything was track suits and sunglasses as far as the eye could see. And then, disaster struck. Or rather, it tried to strike, but Trackpants here danced right out of its way like a cologne smelling, club hopping matador. Watch his body language closely: He doesn't just jump out of the way. Trackpants clearly sees Death coming for him, and he knows his time is up. So what does he do when the Reaper rides toward him on his Pale Horse, the sickle of mortality glinting coldly in the waning sun? He jukes right, fakes out the very concept of death itself, then dodges left and laughs as the Reaper careens harmlessly by him, presumably shouting his name in fury and shaking his bony fist. But much like the bicyclist, Trackpants doesn't have time to stop and acknowledge his near death experience. He doesn't even chastise the driver for using the sidewalk like a Mario Kart Boost Pad he just continues on his merry Russian way, off to sit on a bus stop bench somewhere for a busy day of leering at women while pointing to his prominent Lycra highlighted package. You think you know what's going to happen here when you see the truck start to pull out at the last possible moment. You think they're going to T bone, but that is foolish. Because again, this is Russia, and braking is for women and consumptives. The driver of the oncoming truck sees the accident coming, but he doesn't even try to slow down: He spits in the face of logic and reflex, and just calmly moves the wheel a little to the right to hit the turning truck parallel. The end result? An objectively ridiculous amount of death barreling down on one harmless old Russian dude, just trying to fill up at the gas station. Wait, you're about to be hit by two dump trucks, side by side, as they ram you into an active gas pump? Holy shit, dude: Nobody has ever died that hard. Bruce Willis didn't die that hard. Did you bone Death's wife or something? Don't laugh. That's exactly what every one of us would do in the same situation. Nobody expects that much Fucked to come flying at their face out of nowhere. It's almost cartoonish how screwed he is. So he closes his eyes, hunches up his shoulders and kind of turns around a little bit, like an uncoordinated kid would do if you unexpectedly tossed a baseball to him. But the two trucks don't hit him: They smash together two feet in front of his face, then bounce away to either side. They hit so hard and so close that you can actually see the little whirlwind of debris from the impact blow over the man, but nothing actually touches him. When it's all over, he opens his eyes and checks around him, then pats himself down, as if to say, "Really? Fucking really, I survived that? Is bullshit! Totally unrealistic!" 3. Being Crushed by a Train You see the problem in the first few seconds: A man in black is nonchalantly jumping the train barrier and strolling across the tracks. "Hey, just stepping in front of an oncoming train here; let's not do something as drastic as jogging." Clearly, that kind of reckless irres holy shit, somebody else is going after him?! The man in black's move was risky enough, but he saw the train coming and had enough time to cross safely. The guy in white doesn't even check: He sees a barrier, he fucking vaults it. You don't tell his legs what to do, you goddamn arrogant signal lights. And he's not callously hopping in front of just any train: No, this is the friggin' Flash of passenger trains. It's blasting through that busy pedestrian intersection at full throttle. Watch just after the train passes him see that little white thing flipping away? That's how narrowly he escaped; Death took his shoe as a consolation prize. But the man in white does not care. Listen, riding the subway drunk is great in fact, it's generally not recommended that you ever do it sober. It's like an alcoholic's international waters: You can sleep on the benches, throw up in the drinking fountains and pee literally anywhere. Everywhere. It is a beautiful, blurry, anarchic Eden. There is only one rule: Don't stand anywhere near the tracks when the world starts spinning. This lady not only strolls right up to the edge of the platform, ignoring the fact that her knees are openly rebelling against the rest of her body, but when she falls onto the tracks, she manages to immediately flail herself into the third rail just as the train arrives. It looks like she's overachieving at suicide (oh, what, just getting killed by one thing isn't good enough for you, showoff?), but somehow, she survives, and the train coasts to a stop directly over her head. So what's the first thing she does, now that she's survived, like, eight totally justifiable, simultaneous drunken deaths? She jumps to her feet . and falls directly backward again to bash her head on the rail. Listen: If that pussy train isn't going to crush her skull, she'll damn well do it herself.

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