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PVC shoes takes longer to stretch than leather, and sometimes it will shrink back to their original shape, but give it a try, you can make it permanent. Tip 2 Be sure to stretch little by little, especially with leather shoes, if you over stretch them, you cannot shrink them back to their original size. It is easier and safer to stretch them at a smaller rate than large. Tip 3 I do not recommend this on suede, for we all know if water gets on suede it turns it into a darker color. One way to remove sweat/water stains on suede is to get a suede brush or a pencil eraser and brush it off. Works for me EVERYTIME. Tip 4 You can only stretch your shoes bigger NOT SMALLER. For more detailed instructions, visit her site. Search Michelle Phan on WonderHowTo for more beauty tutorials. One of youtube's most popular beauty gurus, Michelle lends helpful beauty advice in makeup, skincare and hair styling. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. 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Where Can i Buy Authentic 385475 101 Air Jordan 2 Retro White Metallic Silver Natural Grey,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Red Black May 1, 2008 The United States Coast Guard has signed an agreement with the International Maritime Organization to open a new international data exchange center to track the positions at sea of about 3,000 ships per day, according to a final rule published in the Federal Register. The data center, which goes into operation on January 1, 2009, will be run by the Coast Guard for the Long Range Identification and Tracking system until December 31, 2010. It has not yet been decided as to what will happen to the data center after that date. The service identification and tracking applies to ships on international voyages that come within 1,000 nautical miles of US region, which includes passenger ships holding 12 or more people. The Coast Guardsaysthe rule applies to roughly 3,000 vessels a day, in which most of these ships are not US owned. The Coast Guard says it anticipates investing about $1 million a year to pay for the ship owners costs of instantly transmitting the vessels global positioning data by satellite to the facility, based on each ship transmitting four times a day. The International Maritime Organization Maritime Safety Committee will meet on May 7 to consider a proposal to decrease the required number of transmissions to two per day. required transmissions to two per day would reduce the communications cost of transmissions from ship to data center by half, says the Federal Register notice. Coast Guard believes this proposal deserves serious consideration as a cost saving vehicle that has little, if any, adverse impact on the maritime domain awareness benefits to be derived from LRIT. facility need for identification and tracking systems, and geospatial positioning systems, including radios, networks, software and storage systems, will open some key contract opportunities to the private sector. 385475 101 Air Jordan 2 Retro White Metallic Silver Natural Grey British iPhone fans will be able to get their hands on the new 3G version of the Apple handset for free, it has been confirmed today. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPhone 2.0 in San Francisco last night after weeks of speculation about what his unveiling would include. He confirmed that the basic price of the phone " which now has a faster internet connection would drop from $399 to $199, meaning it would be available to British users for about 100. And this morning O2, the only network to offer the new iPhone in the UK, announced that some customers would be able to get their hands on the much hyped new handset for free. Those who sign up for the 45 per month tariff on an 18 month contract will be given the 8GB model for free, while those who opt for the premium 75 per month deal can choose between the 8GB or 16GB version. Other tariffs will offer the iPhone for between 59 and 159 while O2 are also making the phone available on selected pay as you go contracts for the first time. iPhone is already a phenomenal success in the UK and now we making this revolutionary product more affordable for even more customers, said Ronan Dunne, O2 chief executive in the UK. quickly became our fastest selling device ever and with this new pricing, iPhone 3G is an unbeatable proposition. new iPhone, which also boasts sat nav functionality, will be available in the UK from July 11. It will be obtainable direct from Apple and O2 and at Carphone Warehouse outlets " the same purchase model used for the original iPhone released last year. Must ReadDo you live in the most sweary part of the UK?The Orkney Islands come out bottom in the swearing league table, but can you guess which area is at the top? The end is nigh: Satan appears with a massive erectionThe devil has risen. Boy born without fingers gets amazing Iron Man prosthetic handNon profit group E nabling gave three year old Rayven the hand for free, and even coloured it to match his favourite super hero. World fattest cat is on a mission to lose weightHe currently weighs the same as a bowling ball, so he's got a long road ahead of him. Oscar Pistorius NOT guilty of pre meditated murderJudge Masipa said that evidence against the athlete was circumstantial Gnome nappers: Pub landlord held to ransom over kidnapped pub mascotThe captors have demanded 8,495 in cash or they will KILL Alan the Gnome. Our choiceThe must see TV shows of the autumn LatestTrendingHow will new look Saints line up against ToonDid FKA Twiggs tell R Patz about her Mercury Prize nomination?How good is Destiny? 5 ways it could improveThe power of fandom: From Setlock to SaveInTheFleshWelcome back to Earth cosmonaut comrade. have an apple and watermelonNick Offerman makes the best agony aunt everHarry Styles makes Jewish power list1

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