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Shoes with the features, changing the texture, softness, configuration parts. Duomax: strengthening the Ministry of feet outside the front or the hardness of the arch to reduce foot horizontal vibration. P3: the formation of a special polymer with three Cushion material. Suspension of Onitsuka Tiger GEL: located in the bottom with shock cushioning GEL. Stabilizing action, anti tilt to reduce the burden of the foot. ComforDry: the absorbent, quick drying sponge made of soft, good two tier structure. Can be used with different areas of sports properties, set the most suitable shape, configuration, location. Used in shoe uppers in order to suppress the temperature rise by capillarity to absorb sweat quickly spread. ARCH SUSTAN: arch support anti roll device: not easily affected by temperature using the material to support the arch of the foot end of the Ministry of Construction. In 1962, soccer swept the world, TIGER launch cloth soccer shoes, selling in Japan; then introduced leather soccer shoes, flexible and durable by young love. Asics shoes to protect feet soft, affordable long term use of Cushion material. Stability Duomax: used in the inside of the end to enhance stability of the structure. (End of the article provides asics cushioning technology six meters off the egg intact experimental video) permeability MV (MAGICVENTILATION): ventilation holes in the soles designed to suction air. EVA with 20% higher than for the impact of vibration, is not easy to depression. SPACEMASTER: CERAMICS the sun will be obscured by the cross section of fibers mixed into the original raw materials. Duomax: to strengthen the hardness around the soles, will focus on the central. SPEVA: ease the impact and the ability to play a highly reactive material. Depression due to prolonged use of Cushion can be replaced, and you can select different hardness and shape. Achieve substantial lightweight shoes to reduce the weight of the burden of the foot. asics running shoes? HNW: more lightweight EVA material, further lightweight. Even if the heat caused by repeated shocks will not be deformed, can prevent long running arch of the foot steps caused by fatigue decreased. With the use of occasions, were deployed in the forefoot and heel parts. Insole: Cushion in the bottom part of the materials used. 3 before the shoes feel hard is defective. Airtight enough to show off the advertising company's deep pockets, but also masking the low key good shoes before the haze. Aspen Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 shoes because the white mesh is too easy to dirty, and now has basically. . Asics shoes to buy red models ugly feeling before, but now regret not buying the red. Advertising, sales, and our own, is the gateway to the best running shoes of the three enemies. Spirit of the brand. Followed by the support plate in question, but to wear now completely healed. 4 3 may be due to problems because half of the amount bought on Taobao shoes did not pass strict quality control, especially in Japan quality shoes, but the problem is not in general. If the counter may buy some more perfect, of course, price is the same. At that time in Japan, almost all football players are "shells" and soccer shoes, ride Greenery stadium. 6. I wish you a happy pair of shoes, running happily in love whether in science, a good pair of running shoes are a must, but the selection of running shoes is not an easy task. In the professional view, despite Nike, Adidas fame, but accomplished in the field of running shoes is somewhat a misnomer. "Runner's World" and "Outside" is running equipment in the field of the prestigious journal, most runners in the importance of Runner's World Editor's Choice Award in the past two years, Asics, New Balance, respectively, 5, 4 times pass the examination, Nike only slight gains in early 2007, Adidas has fallen off. . . In the professional view, despite Nike, Adidas fame, but accomplished in the field of running shoes is somewhat a misnomer. . . 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White ,Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR Purple Black Air Jordan 11 Low IE Black Varsity Red Nike Air Foamposite One Shooting Stars Nike Kobe 9 Low EM XDR White Black Gold 653996 060 KD 7 Calm Before The Storm Grey Hyper Punch Light Magnet Grey Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 14 Low Light Graphite Nike Air Foamposite One Safari Black Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Atheism News: The bigots always want to laugh when nonbelievers bring up discrimination and civil rights for those who don believe in deities and superstitions, but the fact of the matter is simple. Discrimination against those without religion exists and it needs to stop. Most recently a shoe company out of Germany is accusing the United States Postal Service (USPS) of misconduct pertaining to their nonreligious label and message. The company named ATHEIST SHOES (yes, all caps) noticed customers from the United States complaining about packages being very slow or not even arriving at all and most disturbingly, the company has been asked by some customers to ship the shoes discreetly instead of with the package embellished with the logo. The German company took it upon themselves to perform a sort of experiment by sending out some packages with more discreet wrapping for shipment, and left others with their logo intact. They sent two packages to each of their 89 American customers, one package marked with the logo and the other one plain. The packages with their logo clearly exposed on average took three days longer to arrive to their destinations and get this: Of the 10 packages that were cough and never arrived, nine of them were clearly labeled with their nonbeliever moniker. So is the USPS discriminating against this German company and its small but devoted customer base? Maybe it not the entire USPS, but could it be that some of the local post offices are having troubles? It wouldn be at all surprising in heavily religious towns and cities, but can it be stopped? Atheism targeted by bigotry like any other minority concept Nonbelievers all over the United States experience their own forms of discrimination and contempt within their communities, and it seems that in an era of civil rights that more people would be inclined to stopping the hate and ignorance. Instead, it seems that prejudiced people are more virulent than ever and it no surprise that religion is being used as a source for the contempt. If it isn trying to hinder the freedom of homosexuals, it the mistreatment of nonbelievers and those of fringe religions that the religious majority in this country disagree with in the same way. 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White,I think the D's are too hard on Nader (although I can understand their feelings, given 2000). For that matter, the R's can blame Perot for foisting eight years of Clinton on us. My point both of those events are history. Look at the present. I think a good argument can be made that Nader is closer to core D principles than either Dodd or Lieberman although he tends lately to play his one note diatribe against big corporations too much. He makes a fair point, though, that there is little to distinguish D's and R's these days, as to their fawning to the big lobbyists. Finally, although I agree that the R's could do without the WWE connection, to simply dismiss all the R's is to paint with too broad a brush. Simmons, at least, deserves a fair look. Nader "plays his diatribe against big corporations too much"? Have you identified any other force that stands against the American people as a whole other than big corporations and Wall Street? First, they exported the trinket making jobs. Then they sent the job shop work overseas. Then the heavy and light manufacturing was exported. Then the customer support and service jobs were stolen. And now the hi tech jobs are gone. All to China and the Far East, so that corporations can show Wall Street the growth necessary to keep their stock hot. Without dramatic change, there will be no recovery from this economic catastrophe that Wall Street and the corporations have brought to America. Ralph is the only candidate with the intelligence and honor to stand up for the bottom 95%. Obama is a disturbing sellout. Oh, and regarding 2000, Gore couldn't win his own home state, which if he had, the FL story would be a moot point. But it's so much easier to blame the honest genius who had every right to challenge the corporate whores. Simmons??? I agree Dodd may have to go but to recycle a former supporter of Bush's lethal combination of a huge tax cut for the very wealthy and an unnecessary Iraq quagmire is worse. We did the right thing by purging our government of many of the GOP wreckers of our economy and our reputation. Don't bring ANY of them back! I have a feeling we're once again going to have to hold our noses and vote for the less offensive candidate of 2 stinkers. As reprehensible as Dodd's bad judgement has been, let's not take a step backwards. Dave I think Nader deserves praise for being nearly a lone voice in the wilderness against corporate abuses for a long time I'm old enough to remember his crusade against Detroit, decades before it was fashionable. My point was that there is more to being Senator (or President) than villifying big business (deserving of such though it may be), and we should hear more from him about those things. Mick I think grouping all R's as being "wreckers of our economy and our reputation" just feeds into the too common practice of villifying the entire other side of the aisle, which both sides engage in far too much these days. I don't agree with everything Simmons did either, but the guy was honest and worked hard for his district. To simultaneously concede that Dodd is "reprehensible" while maintaining that Simmons is worse simply through guilt by association, isn't, in my view, a good enough reason to pick Dodd.

Shopping Cheap 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White,Nike Air Foamposite One Supreme A picture is worth 1,000 words when it comes to understanding how things work, but 3D moving pictures are even better. That's especially true for scientists trying to stop cancer by better understanding the proteins that make some chemotherapies unsuccessful. Researchers for decades have had to rely at best on static images of the key proteins related to recurring cancers. Now SMU biochemist John G. Wise at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, has brought to life in a moving 3D computer model the structure of human P glycoprotein, which is thought to contribute to the failure of chemotherapy in many recurring cancers. "This is a very different approach than has been used historically in the field of protein structure biochemistry," Wise said. "Historically, proteins are very often viewed as static images, even though we know that in reality these proteins move and are dynamic." The model is a powerful new discovery tool, says Wise, particularly when combined with high performance supercomputing. The dynamic 3D model already has made it possible for Wise to virtually screen more than 8 million potential drug compounds in the quest to find one that will help stop chemotherapy failure. "This has been a good proof of principle," said Wise, a research associate professor in the SMU Department of Biological Sciences. The research is funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health. Seeking new drugs that would allow chemotherapeutic compounds to enter and destroy cancer cells Since the 1970s it has been known that the so called multidrug resistance protein, P gp, is most likely responsible for the failure of many chemotherapy drugs. P gp is nature's way of pumping toxins from a cell, but if cancer cells express more P gp than cells normally would, the chemotherapy is no longer effective because the protein considers it a toxin and pumps it out before it can destroy the cancer. "We are currently screening about 40,000 compounds per day on SMU's High Performance Computer," Wise said. "We found a couple hundred compounds that were interesting, and so far we chose about 30 of those to screen in the lab," Vogel said. "From those, we found a handful of compounds that do inhibit the protein. We were thrilled. Now we're going back into the models and looking for other compounds that might be able to throw a stick in the pump's mechanism." Massive increases in computational power in recent years have made the screening research possible, Wise said. "Ten years ago you couldn't have docked 8 million compounds there just wasn't enough computational power." Human P gp: "We don't know what it looks like exactly." Every organism has a version of P gp. Its structure has been previously determined for some organisms mostly bacteria, but also in mice by studying the arrangement of atoms within protein crystals. However, the exact structure of the human enzyme remains unclear. Wise deduced the structure of human P gp by relying on evolutionary relationships and scientific understanding of how proteins are put together. He then used computer programs to model the protein in a way that brings the static picture of the human pump to life in the computer. To develop the model, Wise used freely available simulation software developed by researchers at the University of Illinois, the National Institutes of Health and the Scripps Research Institute. Wise and Vogel use compounds from ZINC, a free database of more than 21 million commercially available compounds for virtual screening. ZINC is provided by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco. "We can physically build these molecules in the computer, in silico, and computationally we can model a variety of conditions: We can raise the temperature to 37 degrees Centigrade, we can have the right salts and all the right conditions, just like in a wet lab experiment. We can watch them thermally move and we can watch them relax," Wise said. "The software is good enough that the model will move according to the laws of physics and the principles of biochemistry. In this way we can see how these compounds interact with the protein in a dynamic way, not just in a snapshot way." Even with the 3D dynamic model and a supercomputer, the odds are stiff Theoretically, if a drug can be found that can temporarily knock out the sump pump proteins, then all those cancer chemotherapies that don't work for a patient will work again. "The ultimate goal of our research would be to find a compound that is safe and effective," Wise said. Even with a supercomputer, however, the odds are steep. "Out of a hundred good inhibitors that we might find, 99 of them might be extremely toxic and can't be used. In the pharmaceutical industry there are many, many candidates that fall by the wayside for one reason or another," he said. "They metabolize too quickly, or they're too toxic, or they're not soluble enough in the acceptable solvents for humans. There are many different reasons why a drug can fail. Finding a handful has been a great confirmation that we're on the right track, but I would be totally amazed if one of the first we've tested was the one we're looking for." Vogel is an associate professor and director of SMU's Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery. CD4 was launched by SMU's Biological Sciences and Chemistry departments and has as its mission the search for new drug therapies and delivery methods that can be developed into clinical applications. SMU has an uplink facility located on campus for live TV, radio, or online interviews. To speak with an SMU expert or book an SMU guest in the studio, call SMU News Communications at 214 768 7650. 656503 004 Air Jordan Future Wolf Grey Wolf Grey White Welcome to the NeuroTalk Communities! You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and our other features. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! My PCP thinks I would be better off investing in some of these tennis shoes then the insoles. He thinks they are more for people who are on there feet working all day but that I need a good walking shoe. I had never heard of them and when I tried to pull them up on the computer all I found was on line stores. I really don't want to buy any that way. I want to make sure they fit because I'm sure they are expensive. Have any of you heard of them and if so might you know where I can buy some? you can find NB in sporting goods stores like dicks (don't know if they have them where you are). they range from 40's 50's to well over $100. but they are a good invesment. i would advise you go to a locally owned shoe store so they can actually fit you for a pair and maybe make other suggestions. there are lots of good shoes out there birks, born, ecco. someone mentioned crocs (those are only like 30 bucks, but man do they feel good). I will most likely order on line. The nearest store to me is in Colorado Springs and I only go up that way when I see certain Drs. I had never heard of these shoes before. They do sound like good ones. I have a new pair of Nike's but they feel like the weigh a ton. If I wanted to wear weights I would put ankle weights on. LOL My heels are so bad though. I have just quit walking at this point. To me it seems like we get past one problem and then another one comes around. I have that whole "Can't have my foot enclosed in anything" problem going on. I have, however, seen that New Balance now even has some sneakers that don't enclose the whole foot, and have been trying to find a store that has some in my size for me to try. I can't buy something like that over the Internet, because I have these HUGE, and Very FLAT, very WIDE feet that are VERY hard to size. In fact, lots of time I can't even wear the women's shoes, and have to go to Men's to find a size that will be able to fit my platypus feet. LOL. Sorry), if you have a pair of Nike's, then you should be able to find the New Balance wherever you got those new shoes from. They are sold in the places that sell Nike, Addias, Rebok, and the like. Here in our mall, I can find New Balance shoes for under $40. The thing about New Balances is that they are super supportive to feet, and then come in all kinds of different widths and sizes and such. And, not just the "regular" widths that folks first thing of, but also the heel widths too. Complete with Monkey Toes), but I have a NARROW heel. In shoe lingo, that means that in the back of my foot, where your heel starts (not the flat "heel" part), just under the ankle where the back of a shoe goes, it is narrow. Weird, huh? Since my kids got big, and got more into the "I want the shoes that everyone ELSE is getting! The 'In Style' ones!!!", I have learned that some of the New Balances are more "in current style" then others, and that the kids can tell you what NUMBER it is that is "in" right now. Number and color and what not. LOL, at least that is what my KIDS say, anyway! The people in the store can help to size you. If you can go and get sized at a store, then you will know better how to order the shoes on line. With New Balance, it is all about the fit. If they don't fit right, they won't help as much as they could. At least that is what my PT guys here told me after the doc told me to get myself a pair. I hope that I haven't confused the issue more here. New Balances are GOOD shoes! VERY good, very comfy, very nice for the feet. I am still on the look out for a pair of the slip on kind that are big enough for my poor ugly and unladylike feet and if I find a pair, I will get them. My feet LOVE them, and that is REALLY saying something! LOL

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