Websites For Venom Green 10s Factory Outlet Online Store Save Up To 60. Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue Worldwide Official Website Provide Authentic Venom Green 10s You Can Always Find Out Your Favorite It was after the Memphis loss that Dwane Casey talked about the basketball gods eventually giving the Raptors a break. That break came last night in the form of a less than 100% Kyle Lowry and the Raptors took full advantage with a 116 98 cakewalk. The Rockets extra physical point guard wasn feeling quite up to par and it wasn just the fatigue of having played an overtime game the night before in Boston either. He wasn feeling all that well before the game. Lowry, who steam rolled the Raps a little over a week ago in Houston, is normally an early arrival at the arena, preferring to get some shots up early much like Celtics veteran Ray Allen. Often times that means coming over in a cab by himself, but not Wednesday. Lowry not only didn make his early appearance, he didn shoot at all. The Raptors came in fired up for Lowry, who went off for 26 in a three point win over Toronto last Tuesday. Casey talked in the pre game about putting man and a half on him just to contain the Rockets main scoring threat. had a tough night (Tuesday) so I sure he going to come out with his high beams on, Casey said. gave him a little trouble but we going to have a man and a half on him to make sure he doesn go off. was rather quiet, for him, in the first half with nine points and quite a few less forays into the paint. He picked things up in the third quarter somewhat but it was not the Lowry who torched the Raps a week ago. DeMar DeRozan, whose almost infamous tweet of bull%$ followed a tough night in Houston that included a seat on the bench for the entire fourth quarter, came back strong against the Rockets with a team high 23. Lowry finished up with 16 on 4 for 8 shooting. He only played 25 minutes. Not a terrible night by any stretch but well below what the Raptors were expecting of him. Even without Lowry at full speed, the Rockets did manage to cut a 17 point deficit down to four midway through the fourth quarter, before the Raps, with some prodding from Casey and his staff, found another gear and pulled away for the win. veteran team like that, you never relax in those situations but I was happy the way our guys bounced back, made a run, got back into it defensively, got out in the open floor and ran and made good decisions. AHEAD Now 39 games into the season, Casey has a pretty good feel for what he has and what he doesn and without mentioning any names, gave a pretty good indication of what he is going to be looking for in the off season when Bryan Colangelo taps into that $17 million or so he has at his disposal in free agency. First and foremost Casey wants guys who knows the league and aren shy when things get physical. along with the young guys coming in is going to be important, Casey said. don think we can bring in a lot of young guys in next season and expect to make the big steps that we want to make next year. I think we be looking for experienced guys, guys who are tough, battle tested and been through the wars, I think that is important and I know Bryan has his eye on some guys who are going to be free agents next year. forget the young improving guys. Casey already has those. He wants tried and tested. toughness and shooting are two of the keys, he said. have a big man coming in, we have some perimeter players that are going through the natural progression of improvement with DeMar (DeRozan) getting stronger and bigger. James Johnson improvement. We got some pretty good pieces as far as that concerned. BUT NOT FORGOTTEN Anthony Carter tenure with the Raptors didn last a whole season but as far as Casey was concerned, Carter left his mark. did a great job for us, Casey said. don want to diminish that. He set the tone in training camp. Those great defensive nights we had in training camp he and Jamaal (Magloire) and Rasual (Butler) all set the tone and were exactly what we needed. departure frees up a spot on the roster but there are no immediate plans to use it on anything in particular. QUICK HITS The 58 points at the half was a season high for the Raptors . With Carter gone, Gary Forbes will get the third point guard minutes. Forbes had a short tryout earlier in the year but Casey admitted throwing him in there against the Boston Celtics with Rondo and Avery Bradley swarming him might not have been the right thing to do . Both Jose Calderon and Linas Kleiza bounced back from sub par outings on Wednesday night. Calderon was back to his superlative ways with a 17 point, 12 assist night while Kleiza filled up the stat sheet in the fourth quarter finishing with 19 . James Johnson minutes were limited after he got kneed in the thigh early in the game. His condition will be assessed again at practice on Thursday..

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Official Site Venom Green 10s,Air Jordan 12 Retro Cool Grey Team Orange it's good to have you with us on this Wednesday and Jennifer bond. Just ahead wobbled trying to autonomous car demand joins us after these headlines. Toyota raised its annual profit forecast today. This as the weaker yen and growing sales in the US caused a sharp a boost in earnings. The auto maker in now expects about seventeen billion dollars in net profit for the year ending in March 2014. That's just shy of the record profits Toyota saw right before the financial crisis hit in 2008. Their previous earnings forecast fifteen billion. In the most recent quarter of Toyota outpaced rivals Nissan and Honda. Booking a 70%. Jump in net profit to four point four billion dollars. And you has made good on his promise that that is distinctive at. After an eighteen year run Toyota is pulling the plug on that vehicle ending with a special addition for the 2014 model year. The Allen Microsoft watch continues. Sources at told Reuters that Ford's CEO has made a short list of find external candidates. To replace outgoing chief Steve Ballmer. Also on the list former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Ford continues sustainable will stay put your 2014. Mitsubishi plans to refocus its line up on utility vehicles and electrified tried trains. And leaned heavily on emerging markets. The automaker outlining its goals any new three year business plan. The company aims to boost global sales 29%. From this year's forecast. In North America Mitsubishi in shooting for 836%. Sales boost to 150000. Units. By the year that ends in march of 2017. We're really our production constrained not to. Demand constrained. And it Tesla Motors is forecasting a weaker than expected fourth quarter profit. CEO Elon Musk same model production has been curtailed by a land of lithium ion battery cells. We're different in that fundamental way from my car companies. And it does make sense for us to do based apple but demand is we can't meet certain amount of production. A recent deal with Panasonic should help ease the battery shortages. The company also is considering building a battery factory with partners. In the third quarter of tough narrowed its net loss to 38 million dollars. So starting cars are a hot topic but are Snyder asked is there a market. a. driver assistance features are coming so fast it's clear that soon vehicles won't need humans to operate them. Nissan Mercedes say they'll offer fully autonomous vehicles by 20/20 eight. But how big is demand. One in five motorist would buy a computer driven vehicle if one were available says car insurance dot com. The auto insurance brokerage web site 2000 licensed drivers on line and yes insurance prices did come up. Three key results. Would you buy an autonomous car 20% say yes would you buy it if insurance premiums were 80% lower. Now 34%. Would you at least consider buying that car with cheap insurance. Now 980%. But trust is still an issue. Can computers make the same quality decisions as humans 64%. Said no. I can drive better than a computer 75%. Said yes. I'd let us self driving car or take my kids to school. 75%. Said no. Now finding cart guys may like quarter folks most trust to build their autonomous cars. A communications company like Verizon just 1%. A consumer product specialists such as apple and Samsung 12%. A software company like Google 15%. And auto start up like Tesla 18%. Or traditional auto makers such as Ford Toyota 54%. So three out of four preferred dedicated car manufacturers. Bottom line. As more information emerges on self driving cars the public seems willing to at least listen. Autonomous vehicle tag is high risk. But high reward. Is increasingly plausible. Jennifer. Thank you Jesse. That in their show even here on our website for breaking news around the clock take care. 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