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Winning the FIBA World Cup won't be the biggest challenge for Team USA. Putting the basketball team together, now that was the hard part. LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony all said no thanks. Paul George broke his leg in a scrimmage. Blake Griffin pulled out, citing back concerns. Kevin Durant pulled out, citing physical and mental strain. Kevin Love pulled out, citing his between teams status. Point No. 1: Derrick Rose shouldn be playing for USA Basketball in this silly world tournament that has already cost the Pacers next season and maybe the rest of the decade. Point No. 2: Even if he only works out in the summer for the Bulls and even if the only games he plays are for the Bulls, Rose still is going to have knee soreness after two knee operations in two two years. Point No. The Lakers moved into August, traditionally one of the quietest NBA months before the preseason starts up at the end of September. Second year power forward Ryan Kelly married Lindsay Cowher, daughter of the former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach. Shooting guard MarShon Brooks, who was briefly with the Lakers last season, agreed to play overseas for Italian club Olimpia Milano. Brooks is the final player on the 2013 14 Lakers roster to find a home. Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins ,Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Air Jordan 5 Laney Air Jordan 3 Sport Blue Air Jordan 6 Retro Olympic 2012 Air Jordan 3 Joker Air Jordan 4 Columbia 2015 Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared 2014 Air Jordan 6 Championship Cigar Air Jordan 5 Fire Red Black Tongue 2013 This popular race which attracts over 9000 runners to the ocean front town of beautiful Sparing Lake sells out every year. Getting a Bib Number for the race is akin to getting tickets to a Springsteen Concert. So if you are interested in running this year let it be known that on line registration is said to open either on February 1, 2012 or February 2, 2012. The organizers are being coy about the specific time so check the event web site to get the latest and if interested register. The limit if past experience is a predictor will most certainly be reached in a few days. So which would you rather have Springsteen tickets or a Bib to the Spring Lake 5? Chek out some more popular upcoming events here. Jersey Shore Running Examiner Bob Both has been involved in running at the Jersey Shore for over 20 years. He is an active participant in road races of all distances including marathons and triathalons. He is a Past President of the Jersey Shore Running Club, past Editor of the Club's Newsletter and currently maintains the club's web sites. He has managed many local events to include the Asbury Park Half Marathon, Jersey Shore Relay Marathon, Boardwalk Relay and other events. He is a Road Runners Club of America Certified Coach. Costumed cheerleaders haunt, spook frightfully delight on October sidelinesMany people of all ages enjoy masquerading about in a costume for Halloween. For young ladies, a popular choice throughout the years has been a cheerleader. Green to return this week for Bengals, Bernard ruled out with hip injuryAs one offensive playmaker returns to the lineup for the Cincinnati Bengals, another exits. Green is in, running back Giovani Bernard is out for game against the Jaguars. Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins,My 5 yo DD hates wearing any type of sock with shoes (even seamless socks, and any type of shoe). The only shoes she likes is flip flops crocs. In the winter flip flops are not feasible and for school crocs are not acceptable. She also hates changing from pj's to clothes tantrums almost everytime . Even when it's clothes that she has worn b/f. She will not wear jeans or cords, only cotton pants losse fitted (on her hips can't touch her belly button) She will only wear bikini underwear (not solid colors only the patterns). We battle alomost every morning I usually end up taking toys future tv time away and then to yelling screaming sometimes crying (me her). I keep mornings consistent, wake up, chat about dreams, etc, a cup of milk, strech, get dressed, brush teeth hair, pack lunch snacks, shoes socks, any time left she can play. But there is seldom time left b/c something that take s about 10 minuntes takes 30 minutes bc of tantrums. She hates the way her tights or socks feel with her shoes, she hates the way her shirt (3 button polo) feels she wears a uniform she thinks it chokes her neck even when unbottoned. It's been like this since around 3, but in day care she can wear crocs, and comfy pants I still tried to dress her for holiday's parties and there would be melt downs, but now for Kindergarten it's almost daily even on the weeknds in everyday clothes she has issues with pants she's worn b/f. Later in the day I will ask if they bother her and she will say not anymore. I talked to the Dr. he said possilby OCD take meds and behavior modification but too see a psychatrist to determine. I am not a fan of meds. Any thoughts? i wanted to tell you that I am a 18 year old female that has the exactsame problem as your daughter. I do not like to wear tight jeans i hate socks and tight shoes i do not like to wear a bra even though I have to and I have break downs to the point where I scream and yell and cry. my doctor is trating me for ocd and i was just researching what is causing this. I have also had to sock problem since I was little every since i can remember i have had these problems. maybe it is some thind other than ocd i am not sure but the best thing is to try and let her do what she needs to do to be comfortable. call me 1 xxx xxx xxxx Teisha I would like to speak with you (edited by Babycenter to remove phone number) just wanted to share this company i found while searching for clothing for my hypesensitive daughter. They are launching in fall 2009 and have a lot of great resources on their site:than that, i can tell you that from the behavior you have described it is NOT a control issue. Your child most likely has a common but misunderstood sensory issue called tactile defensiveness or hypersensitivity. Children do fight for control over clothing choices, but not in the way you have described. Sensory brusing, weighted and compression clothing helps. I realize that you posted this journal entry last year but as I was searching the internet for answers, as I often do, I came across your posting about your daughter. I hope that you are still using this website because I really wanted to tell you that I know exactly what you are going through. I have a daughter who is almost six and she is in kindergarten this year. She will only wear flip flops or crocs. She will only wear soft cotton clothing (absolutley no jeans or stiff material). She went for almost a year when she was four refusing to wear underwear and the same pair of pants every day. Fortunately, she had extremely patient understanding preschool teachers and now the same with her kindergarten teacher. When she was three, she had daily tantrums and I would often end up in tears of frustration thinking that I wasn't doing a good enough job as a parent. But the more I researched and talked with other parents the more I came to realize that she wasn't just being difficult and it wasn't OCD or a behavioral problem. Sensory Integration Difficulty just seemed to fit perfectly. She is hypersensitive to the way that clothing feels on her skin. She doesnt't even like her hair pulled back in a ponytial or clips. I found that the more I sympathized with her and gave validation to her feelings, the easier it was to talk and rationalize with her. When she is comfortable in her clothes she is delightful and follows directions quite well. We still have our off days. I just have to remember to be patient. She doesn't want to be difficult I know because she has told me so. I see her struggle, wanting to do good and it breaks my heart. I also know that it will probably get better as she gets older. I was the same way as a child thank goodness my mother was patient and understanding she had no idea why I would sob uncontrollably because my shoelaces felt too tight or too loose. I did grow out of it. Although I still appreciate comfort when it comes to clothing, I'm nowhere near as sensitive as I used to be. I have to remember that my daughter really can feel the tag in her shirt or the seams in her socks and it causes her discomfort. I found that Target has soft pants and shorts with skinny waist bands and I will buy one of each color each season. Gap has very soft shirts with no tags and I let her wear crocs as much as possible. I feel for you on the daily struggle with the uniforms. Fortunately we live in a warm climate and her school doesn't require uniforms. I feel like I have rambled on enough for now I could go on forever with stories. I hope this helps at least a little. If anything to know that you are not alone. Good luck just give your daughter lots of hugs and tons of patience. It does get better. I don't believe that there is anything 'typical' about this situation. In my own experience with two sons who have sensory issues, this is absolutely about her comfort level. My advice. pick your battles. Don't fight what you don't have to. Find pants she will wear, find shoes she will wear, and only fight over important issues like coats during the winter time. My sons' pediatric phycoligist calles this 'OCS' a MILD form of OCD. Their brain literally loops around and around UNABLE to think logically. When you stop the fight and let them choose (over truly un important issues) they will get actually get better and easier to work with. This is my first time using this site, I was just internet researching my daughter's issues and saw Melissa's posting and wow so happy to know I'm not alone, yet I also don't know what to do next. It started when my daughter was six, she only would wear one pair of pants all of a sudden stopped wearing underwear. She wouldn't throw a tantrum. When I would tell/yell at her to change the pants, it was more pleading, crying, begging "mommy please". So it was more like me having a tantrum, getting angry, yelling. had to wear boots because the pants were short. So she wore those pants for a year. Always says the same thing, it's a comfort thing, they fit around her waist. finally agreed to wear boys basketball shorts, and she's a girly girl. Again, all about comfort. Then she became attached to a pair of pajama pants that now she wears everyday under dresses, no underwear. These pants are the most important thing to her. There is no "oops, pj's are in the here's another pair of pants" she just wouldn't leave the house. I keep hoping she's going to grow out of it, but I'm starting to get worried because it's not getting better. I see kids at school that just are wearing clothes running around, and here is my daugther living with this secret under her clothes. I know that's how she feels about it, doesn't want anyone to see she's wearing pajama pants. She's in 3rd grade now and has been made fun of for wearing dresses everyday but it doesn't make a difference. My husband thinks I've been railroaded and I should have played hard ball with her years ago, so now he wants me to get tough. I don't know what to do. She's going on 9 now and it's still the same thing. Should I her it has to stop now? Or wait to let her grow out of it. I don't know. She's going to visit her very domineering grandmother by herself in a couple of months, and I know my mother in law will be horrified and throw them away or something and my daughter will lose it. I've always let her make her own decisions with clothing, ever since she was little, I wanted her to feel good about her choices so I don't know if I've given her too much control. I just don't know what to do. I was at my wits end and did some searching on google and found these comments. It is soooo good to know that I am not alone. My daughter has had this problem as long as I can remember. She is now 7 yrs. and hates to wear socks and tennis shoes; they "bother" her. She pitches the biggest fit if has to wear them. Also, underwear bothers her and certain types of shirts and pants. The pants have to be loose fitting. Shirts/sweaters that are certain fabrics are out. Nothing can fit snug around her crotch area. She wants to wear the same clothes all the time. She has a favorite pair of pants that she has already wore holes in the knees. She has a favorite pair of underwear that she wants to wear all the time. I have tried to explain to her that I need to wash these clothes and she cannot wear them all the time. She has about 3 outifts that are okay with her. It has gotten to the point where she tried to hide her favorite underwear from me so that she could secretly put them on. It is frustrating trying to buy new things. Today, I am having to take 2 pairs of pants and 2 packs of underwear back to Target. I am so frustrated. I was thinking she probably has OCD (my husband's brother has it, and probably his mom too mildly). But I read about Sensory Integration Dysfunction and that seems to fit more. I'm just glad to know I'm not alone and if anybody else has had any luck with certain behavioral modifications, it would be great to hear about it. My hubby thinks she will grow out of it, but I'm not sure and he is not the one dealing with her every morning. dread waking her up every morning because its the same battle everyday.

Discount Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins,Air Jordan 13 Reflective Silver He chose to stick with his true passion football. After his performance at Christopher Newport University, it would be difficult to blame him for choosing to participate in the "Best of the 757" football combine, thus bypassing sprint event finals in Saturday's Eastern Region track and field meet. Matthews, a 5 foot 11, 160 pound junior at Kecoughtan High, earned the distinction of having the highest combined Nike Sparq score in the four events in which nearly 250 players were tested at the combine. "I was just focused all day," said Matthews, who also plays basketball at Kecoughtan and runs the 100 meter and 200 meter sprints and 4x100 meter relay for the Warriors' track team. "Football is my first love. Football is above everything." Players were tested in the 40 yard dash, agility shuttle run, vertical jump and a power toss event in which players had to throw a chest pass from their knees with a weighted basketball. Matthews had a 40 yard dash time of 4.41 seconds, an agility shuttle time of 4.31 seconds, a vertical jump of 36 inches and a power toss of 32 feet and seven inches. He finished with a combined Nike Sparq testing score of 97.02. Matthews came into the combine as a relative unknown in football recruiting circles, but his results could help to generate some buzz. As host of the event, CNU's coaches were the only college football coaches permitted to attend the combine, according to NCAA rules. Yet, with traditional print media in attendance along with representatives from internet sites that feature heavy football recruiting content, results from the combine won't be hard for college coaches to find. "I was surprised at how well I did," said Matthews, who has no football scholarship offers and who plans to attend camps this summer at James Madison, Old Dominion and possibly Virginia Tech. Though he lined up at wide receiver at the combine, Matthews said if he gets a chance to play in college he hopes to play defensive back and kick returner. Last season, he was Kecoughtan's No. 2 running back, amassing less than 300 total yards for the 4 6 Warriors. His best game may have come Oct. 3 in a 36 9 win against Heritage, when he scored touchdowns on a 25 yard blocked punt return and an 84 yard return of a free kick. While Matthews did plenty to help his own recruiting stock, Phoebus High's Caleb Taylor may have also helped answer any lingering questions about the status of his right knee, which he had to rehabilitate after having surgery to repair a September tear of his medial collateral ligament. Taylor, a 5 11, 230 pound linebacker who has offers from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, ODU and Louisville, was likely the most highly regarded recruit participating at the combine. He ran the 40 yard dash in an announced time of 5.1 seconds, covered the shuttle drill in 4.6 seconds, leaped 27.7 inches in the vertical jump and logged a power toss of 31 1/2 feet. "It feels like my knee is back to normal," said Taylor, who added he hoped to have a 40 yard dash time of about 4.9 seconds on the combine's laser registered timing system, and aspires to go as low as 4.6 seconds at camps this summer. "I trust my knee now. It's not unstable at all. I still can do what I've usually done on the field, but it's just been about me getting back the trust in my knee. It's good now. Air Jordan 9 Slim Jenkins NEW YORK (AP) The New York Rangers have quickly warmed to the challenge of playing outside in the chill of winter. Despite being the road team in both games at frigid Yankee Stadium, the Broadway Blueshirts made themselves at home in the ballpark in the Bronx and completed a sweep of the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders. The Rangers rallied for the second straight game and topped the Islanders 2 1 on Wednesday night on Daniel Carcillo's tiebreaking goal 4:36 into the third period. On Sunday, the Rangers dug out of a 3 1 hole against the Devils and scored the final six goals. New York is an NHL best 3 0 in games played outside. "They're a ton of fun," defenseman Marc Staal said. "I could play in 50 of these in a year. Maybe not 50. Forty." Building off Sunday's Bronx win, the Rangers took out another division rival under the lights in front of 50,027 fans. with a single digit wind chill factor. It got progressively colder. Benoit Pouliot also scored, and Henrik Lundqvist stopped 30 shots while again adorning pinstriped pads in honor of the Yankees. The only goal he allowed was a late second period tally to Brock Nelson that gave the Islanders a short lived 1 0 lead. The Rangers evened the season series with the Islanders 2 2. The teams will play for the final time on Friday at Madison Square Garden. The Rangers improved to 17 10 on the road including five straight and they have won 13 of 19 (13 5 1) overall. Wearing a ski cap with a pompom atop his mask, Evgeni Nabokov had 32 saves for the Islanders, who made their outdoor debut. Road teams are 9 1 1 in NHL outside games. Nabokov handled the cold OK, and showed no signs of the injuries that have troubled him during this season. "You never really know (about playing outdoors) until you're out there and see that great atmosphere," he said. "I loved every second of it." Carcillo fired in a rebound of Dominic Moore's shot for his third goal of the season, helping drop the Islanders to 0 3 1 in the last four games. "We're playing well enough to win, but we've got to find a way to win," Islanders coach Jack Capuano said. With both teams struggling to control the puck early, it took nearly 39 minutes for the scoreless deadlock to be broken by the Islanders, and then 40 seconds for the Rangers to get back even. The Islanders built a big lead in shots, but couldn't get any past Lundqvist despite getting the first three power plays. When Islanders forward Kyle Okposo went off for holding, and took Rangers forward Rick Nash with him for embellishing with 9:49 left in the second, the Islanders held a 21 10 edge in shots. By the time the period ended, the Rangers had cut it to 25 20. The Islanders grabbed a 1 0 lead with 1:27 left in the second, using a three way passing play. Cal Clutterbuck flung the puck from the left circle into the middle as he fell, and connected with defenseman Matt Donovan, who quickly moved the pass to his right to Nelson, who fired in his 10th goal. Before it was announced to the cheering and shivering sold out crowd, the Rangers tied it with Pouliot's ninth goal. Derick Brassard did hard work from the back edge of the left post, worked the puck free and slid it in front past the prone Nabokov, who was down in the crease. Pouliot scored into a fairly open net with 46.3 seconds remaining. Both teams dealt with a bouncing puck during the scoreless first, and Islanders forward Thomas Vanek had a puck hop over his stick from right in front of Lundqvist early in the second. Even though the Rangers had already played a game on this ice, coach Alain Vigneault didn't think it gave his club an edge. "I don't think it took them a long time to figure out that the puck was bouncing, and that it was going to be challenging as far as making plays," he said of the Islanders. "But I do feel our response after they scored, how quickly they responded really helped us in that third period." Nabokov was playing in his first full game since returning from a lower body injury that forced him to miss 10 games. He backed up Kevin Poulin in a 6 3 loss to Boston on Monday, but came on in relief for the third period and stopped the only shot he faced. Nabokov drank from a steaming cup at the bench during a break in the second period. Lundqvist looked comfortable at the other end, playing on the Yankee Stadium ice for the second time in four days. Since giving up three goals in the first period against New Jersey following a pregame nap, Lundqvist allowed just one over the next five frames. "I felt more calm and in a good place when the game started," Lundqvist said. "I think the preparation was a little bit better, but I was definitely more relaxed." While the Rangers had louder support, despite this being an Islanders home game, both sides were well represented and occasionally traded chants of "Let's Go Rangers!" and "Let's Go Islanders!" There were no signs of empty seats, even in the far reaches of the upper deck that stretch into right center and left center field. Including the Winter Classic and last weekend's game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the combined attendance for outdoor games this season is 259,722.

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