Free Shipping And Best Service Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Outlet For You To Choose Buy Now. Air Jordan 11 Low White Black Red Brand New Authentic Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black Lower Price,Panic Buying,Free Shipping Postal Service is moving aggressively this holiday season to start a premium service for the Internet shopper seeking the instant gratification of a store purchase: same day package delivery. Teaming up with major retailers, the post office will begin the expedited service in San Francisco on Dec. 12 at a price similar to its competitors. If things run smoothly, the program will quickly expand next year to other big cities such as Boston, Chicago and New York. The delivery program, called Metro Post, seeks to build on the post office's double digit growth in package volume to help offset steady declines in first class and standard mail. Operating as a limited experiment for the next year, it is projected to generate between $10 million and $50 million in new revenue from deliveries in San Francisco alone, according to postal regulatory filings, or up to $500 million, if expanded to 10 cities. The filings do not reveal the mail agency's anticipated expenses to implement same day service, which can only work profitably if retailers have enough merchandise in stores and warehouses to be quickly delivered to nearby residences in a dense urban area. The projected $500 million in potential revenue, even if fully realized, would represent just fraction of the record $15.9 billion annual loss that the Postal Service reported last week. home could put it in a good position to be viable over the long term. The retail market has been rapidly shifting to Internet shopping, especially among younger adults, and more people are moving from suburb to city, where driving to a store can be less convenient. Postal officials, in interviews with The Associated Press, cast the new offering as "exciting" and potentially "revolutionary." Analysts are apt to agree at least in part, if kinks can be worked out. "There is definitely consumer demand for same day delivery, at the right price," said Matt Nemer, a senior analyst at Wells Fargo Securities in San Francisco. "The culture in retail traditionally has been to get a customer into the store, with the immediacy of enjoying a purchase being the main draw. So same day delivery could be huge for online retailers. The question is whether the economics can work." He and others said that consumers are a fickle lot when it comes to shipping, seeking fast delivery, but also sensitive to its pricing. Many will order online and pick up merchandise at a store if it avoids shipping charges, or will agree to pay a yearly fee of $79 for a service such as Amazon Prime to get unlimited, free two day delivery or even purchase a higher priced item if it comes with "free" shipping. "Customers do like same day delivery when it gets very close to a holiday or it otherwise becomes too late to shop," said Jim Corridore, analyst with S Capital IQ, which tracks the shipping industry. "But while the Postal Service has the ability to deliver to any address, they are not always known for their speed. To increase their speed might prove to be a much more complex offering than they're thinking about." As the Postal Service launches Metro Post and sets pricing, its target consumer is likely to include busy professionals such as Victoria Kuohung, 43. A dermatologist and mother of three young children, Kuohung for years has gone online for virtually all her family's needs, including facial cleansers, books, clothing, toys, diapers and cookware. Kuohung lives in a downtown Boston high rise apartment with her husband, who often travels out of town for work. The couple says they would welcome having more retailers offer same day delivery as an option. Still, at an estimated $10 price, Kuohung acknowledges that she would likely opt to wait an extra day or two for delivery, unless her purchase were a higher priced electronics gadget or a special toy or gift for her son's birthday. "I prefer not to spend my time driving in a car, fighting for parking, worrying about the kids, dealing with traffic and battling crowds for a limited selection in stores," said Kuohung, as her 1 year old twins and 4 year old son squealed in the background. "But right now Amazon delivers in two days since I'm a member of Prime, so it would have to be something I can't get at the corner CVS or the grocery store down the street." Under the plan, the Postal Service is working out agreements with at least eight and as many as 10 national retail chains for same day delivery. The mail agency says nondisclosure agreements don't allow it to reveal the companies. cities to be a postal partner the list is expected to include department stores, sellers of general merchandise, clothiers, even perhaps a major e commerce company or two. to place an online order with a participating retailer, clicking the box that says "same day delivery" and making the payment. that day. In San Francisco, the post office will closely track work hours and travel, which could quickly add to costs depending on traffic, total package volume or the proximity of merchandise in a delivery area. "We're trying to revolutionize shipping; we're not simply trying to get a niche market of consumers," said Gary Reblin, the Postal Service's vice president for domestic products. He believes people of varying ages and income levels young adults who don't own cars, older Americans who are less mobile will welcome avoiding costly or time consuming trips to the store. By targeting big partners, Reblin said, the post office eventually hopes to push pricing down by making same day delivery a standard option on retail web sites..

My mom has been rather pushy about my lo having baby shoes on his feet since he has started walking. I argue that I do not see the need for shoes because he realistically is not going to wear them since we're always inside and it's too cold out to go anywhere. He's 12 1/2 months now and has been walking for 1 1/2 months, but I just don't see the point in shoes. I told her that we should wait until the spring/summer time when he'd really get use out of them. Otherwise I don't see it because he's always inside and it's a fight for me to even clothe him most days. It went back and forth for a bit until she finally acted mad at me ad basically hung up because I don't think he needs shoes. He kind of looks like a cat with tape on its foot, when he walks. But come spring when he is outside he will need to wear them, and I think he needs to be good at walking in them so he doesnt face plant in to the concrete. He HATES wearing them, but its a nessesity outside and in public places once he gets older so he has to get used to them sometime. We only put them on him when we go out, and I let him walk around in them for a bit where ever we go, and then when we get home he gets to take them off. Hoping by spring he will have adjusted. We have shoes for when LO is walking outside (although he will happily walk barefoot in our rocks) or in public places. He seems to walk the same whether barefoot or in shoes. Inside he is barefoot, but there was a couple of weeks when it was actually cold here and I had him in shoes inside because the tile is too slippery just in socks. When I was doing research on international adoption I read that in some countries only the poorest of the poor children of any age would go without shoes and barefoot children were looked down on. They advised bringing shoes when you went to get your child in country. So it can be a cultural thing as well. Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black ,Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement Air Jordan 11 Low White Black True Red Air Jordan 5 Premio Black Black Metallic Silver Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Cool Grey Chlorine Blue Air Jordan 2 Infrared Cement Air Jordan 3 Black History Month Black Metallic Gold Air Jordan 11 Ultimate Gift of Flight Air Jordan 7 Retro Bordeaux 2011 Air Jordan 6 Rings Venom Green I am convinced that Simone Rovellini is the greatest man who has ever picked up an editing hammer. Or whatever it is that people use to modify videos. A few of his YouTube videos have broken a million views, but the "Exploding Actress" series definitely needs to be seen by more people. And by "more people," I mean "everyone who has ever lived or will ever live." The idea is simple, but the execution is not. He takes clips from famous movies and picks the absolutely perfect moment for the actress's head to explode. And then he makes it explode right off of her goddamn neck. He explodes Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing . The exploding heads by themselves are pretty funny, but it's the reactions of the people around them that really push it over the edge for me. In the original dance scene from Dirty Dancing, the father angrily gets out of his chair because there's no way he's going to let that filthy dancing asshole touch his daughter, and he's about to start some street shit. But add in the head explosion .and suddenly, his expression reads, "Nobody makes my daughter's head explode, bucko!" I could easily watch these until the end of time, and there is no reason why Simone couldn't make all the money in the entire world doing these videos. This is one of those videos that starts out just kind of chuckleworthy funny but nothing special. It's a novelty singing fish that you can find at any random hunting store or Cracker Barrel, and as it sings, the voice periodically slows down under what appears to be failing batteries or a bad audio device. But watch it all the way through and you will wake up from a devil induced blackout, holding a pair of fabric scissors and questioning the validity of ears. It sings the early 1960s hit "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," and while the fish stays flat and stationary, nothing appears to be wrong. Well, besides the fact that it's a plastic mounted trout that's singing a cheesy '60s pop song. But as it sings, it's also programmed to flop around. And that flopping motion is what causes the vocals to slow to a crawl . and then belt out the longest, darkest, most evil sound ripped directly from the impacted bowels of hell. And let's face it, if demons do exist, they will come exactly in this form. But like most of these videos, there's a kicker. It only sings the famous "do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do" part when it goes back to a resting position. So at the 22 second mark, the fish starts vomiting souls and going full on Linda Blair for 12 full seconds . then cheerfully returns to the bouncy, bubblegum pop song. The abrupt non transition plus the contrast of demon versus innocent goody two shoes singing is the most jarring thing ever, and if I see this video a hundred times, I will laugh every damn time. Oh, as long as we're on the subject of fish and music . It's exactly what it should be in length, style, and content, and it doesn't try to be anything more. And for that, we thank you, person who looked at a goldfish and immediately thought, "This needs some Busta Rhymes." 6. Ultimate Crack Smoking Warlock My biggest love in video games is making the stupidest character possible, and after watching hehu42's video, I realized I still have much room for improvement. He's playing WWE '12, which gives you a pretty healthy amount of room for character creation, including the ability to assign nicknames that the announcer will call out during your intro. In this case, that name is "Ultimate Crack Smoking Warlock." And that's exactly what comes out of the curtains. If that was all there was to it, it wouldn't be in this article. Even if you choose to ignore the fact that there's smoke billowing out of his staff (which is obviously a warlock's version of a crack pipe) and more smoke coming out of his face (because Ultimate Crack Smoking Warlock always exhales crack smoke), when you see this thing walk, all the planets align in an astral, ethereal, crack smoking harmony. Now, I understand that people who smoke crack don't actually walk around like that, but YOU WILL NOT DENY ME THIS PLEASURE! From now on, in my head, that is how all crackheads walk. Especially if they're warlocks. And as long as we're on the subject of video games, we might as well get this out of the way . 5. The Piano Car Mod from GTA IV A car shaped like a piano would be pretty funny. A guy driving around an actual piano would be even funnier. A guy driving around a piano, ramming into taxis and police cars, while simultaneously shooting a handgun and playing Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles," is perfect. If this video was 10 hours long, I would watch every goddamn second of it. Work would have to contact me by clairvoyance because I would shut off my phone and all messaging programs until it was done. Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black,Just 15km inland and a few km from Alicante Airport is the historic town of Elche (Elx in Spanish). Nowadays Elche is a busy industrial town, famous for its leather shoes, olives, dates and other agricultural produce, as well as tourism. Elche was formerly occupied by the Romans, the town is most famous for its palm plantations (Palmeral of Elche), which is the largest palm plantation in Europe. The area covers around 3.5 km/square of palms with over 11,000 palm trees, with many new ones germinating every year. In the centre Elche is the Municipal Park (Parque Municipal) which contains a museum and amazing sub tropical gardens. These gardens are carefully managed, and are very popular with visitors. The hot, dry climate of the Costa Blanca region allows growth of a huge range of sub tropical plants including some very large cactuses which are on display in the gardens. For more information on opening times of the Municipal Park see the Elche Tourism website. From the Municipal Park it is possible to walk to the less managed areas of the plantation, which have not changed much over the last two thousand years. The plantations date back to Roman times, and possibly even prior to this, as the area was developed as early as the 5th century BC by Carthaginians. Some of the individual palm trees are up to 300 years old. Most of the palms are date palms (Phoenix dactylifera), which were harvested for the fruit (the date), which was a staple part of the Roman diet. The date fruit was also used to make wine. Walking through the palm forest of Elche, it is easy to forget that you are in Europe, it is easy to imagine that you have been transported to a sub tropical rain forest. There is a regular bus service from Alicante to Elche, so if you are taking a holiday in the Costa Blanca, and would like to visit a place of outstanding beauty within easy reach of the main resorts, Elche is definitely worth a visit. In summer the temperatures can be warmer inland than on the coast, so take plenty of water, or stop off in one of the many cafes and restaurants that Elche has to offer. Everyone can learn more about traveling. Find out what you don't already know in the article that follows.

70 Off 2014 Cheap Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black,Air Jordan Spizike Challenge Red Mumbai, Jan 19: Evans Ruto led a clean sweep by Kenya in the men's race but missed narrowly in creating a new course record, while pre race favourite Dinknesh Mekash clinched the women's crown with ease in the 11th Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on Sunday. clocked 2 hours, 9 minutes and 33 seconds to miss the course record, set last year by his countryman Jackson Kiprop, by a mere second as well as the bonus fee of USD 15,000. He had to be satisfied with the winner's prize money of USD 41,000 out of the total fund of USD 3,60,000. 30 year old winner was followed in second position by his Kenyan compatriot Lawrence Kimaiyo, who finished 12 seconds adrift of the winner, while the third spot was grabbed by another Kenyan runner Philemon Baaru, in 2:09:58. The men's field included reigning Commonwealth Games champion John Kelei, a two time winner who is also of Kenya who finished outside the top ten, as well as another former champion Kenneth Mungara (Kenya), who finished 10th in 2:14:13 and got USD 1,000. were eight Kenyan runners in the top ten, the remaining spots going to another East African nation Ethiopia. And it was the eighth time in 11 years that a Kenyan stamped his superiority on the 42.195 km race. The No. 2 and 3 finishers received USD 21,000 and USD 15,000 respectively. women's race was comfortably clinched by last year's runner up Mekash in 2:28:08, also off the course record of 2:24:33, set by Kenya's Valentine Kipketer last year. Mekash bagged the top prize of USD 41,000. It was the eighth time that an Ethiopian woman finished on top in the Mumbai event. second place was Kenya's Gladys Kipsoi, on debut, in 2:29:53, while Ethiopia's Bizunesh Urgesa came third in 2:30:00 and the duo received USD 21,000 and 15,000 respectively. Ruto later said but for some "joggers" (amateur runners taking part in the marathon) coming in his way, he would surely have broken the course record set by Kiprop. "Yes (I would have broken the record). were some joggers who came in the way and I had to move away from them. While running you have to feel free, but I will come again and try breaking the record next year," he said. "The weather was fine though it was windy on the bridge (Worli Bandra Sea Link). it became warm towards the end. They should start the race early, by 6:30 am." The full marathon began at 7:30 am. broke away from the lead bunch on the Marine Drive return stretch, and despite increasing his pace a bit, could not dip under the course record. new women's champion Mekash, who broke away from the rest at the 28 km mark, later praised her training stint back home in Addis Ababa, where she practices with a top bunch of distance runners, including London Olympic marathon winner and Ethiopian compatriot Tiki Gelana for her victory. am happy to win the race. I had trained well in Addis Ababa. The weather too helped even though there was some wind. The temperature was not as bad as it was last year. The pacemakers were a great help," she said. She, however, said the slower running amateur participants were not a big hindrance to her. athletes' coordinator Jos Hermens also felt the race organisers need to be a bit more professional next year to enure slow moving runners don't come in the way of the elite field. "The frontrunners are okay as they can see these runners, but for those who are behind things become difficult. needs to be professionalised," said the ex Dutch athlete. full marathon results (top 6 positions): Men: 1. Evans Ruto (Ken) 2:29:33, 2. Lawrence Kimaiyo (Ken) 2:09:45, 3. Philemon Baaru (Ken) 2:09:58, 4. Stephen Chebogut (Ken) 2:10:56, 5. Ishhim Ael Bushendich (Ken) 2:11:18, 6. Julius Chepkwony (Ken) 2:11:37. Women: 1. Dinknesh Mekash (Eth) 2:28:08, 2. Gladys Kipsoi (Ken) 2:29:53, 3. Bizunesh Urgesa (Eth) 2:30:00, 4. Etalem Ahu Kidane (Eth) 2:31:53; 5. Asnakech Mengitsu (Eth) 2:32:42, 6. Aberu Mekuria (Eth) 2:33:21. Air Jordan 11 Low IE White Metallic Silver Black 3 exhibitions of student, faculty artwork to open Dec. 2 SUNY Oswego Tyler Art Gallery will open two new exhibitions on Friday, Dec. 2, and a third will open in a student run gallery upstairs. Tyler north gallery will exhibit the works of master of arts candidate Cala Glatz, a graphic design student, in addition to displaying portfolio pieces by 13 bachelor of fine arts candidates. The exhibition is a requirement for MA and BFA degree aspirants. Tyler south gallery will show recent works of art department faculty members in a wide range of media, from ceramics to digital media and from drawing to photography. The bachelor of arts candidates voluntary exhibition will take place in gallery space in Room 201 of Tyler Hall. Glatz, of Oswego, previously received a bachelor in English literature and a BFA in graphic design from SUNY Oswego. Her master exhibition, titled She Walks, is inspired by the onset of dementia in her grandmother. started to notice that she would sometimes trail off in midsentence, a distant look in her eyes. Suddenly, she was not there anymore, Glatz said. began to imagine where she might be going, and became fascinated with the idea of other spaces that we, the unaffected, don have access to, let alone comprehension of. My work explores these strange spaces and the memories, experiences or possibilities that may be found there. candidates this semester are Melissa Cannizzaro, Marissa Doebert, Carrie Gregg, Beth Mand, Shawn Merlin, Phillip Moore, Rachael Neubauer, Paola Palacios, Giacomo Patti, Chris Russell, Cassandra Tredo, Allison Williams and Guifang Wu.

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